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#641 Tornadus

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trainer of doom
im looking for an tornadus for my pokedex and eventualy getting my landorus

i can trade these pokemon : any final starter, dialga, jirachi (from pokemon channel), cresselia, azelf, darkrai (he's shiny), event pichu (spr2010)

i have a lots more if u dont want theses....


Latias&Latios Fan
looking for a tornadus, offering anything in my signature. PM me


COD Fanboy
I got it.
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New Member

Offering japanese Tornadus, looking for any kind of manaphy
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mew-the original

Looking for Tornadus. I've got all legendary beasts shiny and normal, Celebi, Jolly natured Latios. Plus I can give pokerus to any of them. Pm me with offers!
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Wanderer of Regions
I'm looking for tornados so I can get landorus. I'll be able to trade it back if need be.


Fighting Type Prof.
Need a Tornadus for my dex. I'll give you a Feebas to keep.


New Member
Looking for a Thundurus AND Tornadus, I can offer a UT Beast (Cobalion or the other blue one, I forgot xP) I also have a level 65 Hydreigon, 64 Haxorus and 72 Volcarona and a Zorouark (around level 30-40) that I'd be willing to trade but i'll look at any offer to be honest


New Member
i need any tornadus just for pokedex purposes.....i will give it back...i am willing to trade a zekrom or kyurem for trust


Well-Known Member
looking for Tornadus to unlock Landorus. i promise to give Tornadus right after i catch Landorus(or i can trade you Thunderus for it if you want)

i will trade you Dw female Vulpix DW female Gligar DW female Poliwg or DW female Dratini for that little help. PM if interested


New Member
I'm looking for Tornadus and can offer up the Event Shiny legendary dogs or the event Celebi. Either of them can be used to unlock a Zorua/Zoruark.

PM if you're interested.


New Member
Hey there. I'm new here. In fact, one of the few reasons I joined the forums is so I could get my hands on a Tornadus. PM me if you can. I desperately need one. I'm afraid I don't have much to return. I only need it for a little bit so I can catch Landorus. Thanks in advance!


New Member
tornadussssss please :)


looking for a tornadus, offering:
-ulvl 1 rotom ut
-lvl 60 munchlax with the name gorge (almost ut, isn't lvled up, was ingame trade)
-ulvl 50 snorlax ut
-lvl 59 latias
-lvl 52 dialga
-lvl 1 charmander ut
-lvl 89 mewto
-lvl 50 mesprit ut
-lvl 51 manahpy
-lvl 45 lugia ut

pm me please

looking for something else? feel free to ask in pm


Trading Tornadus with 4 HP EVs and no EVs in any other stat, in retern I would like a Thundurus with 0 EVs in all stats or perfectly EV Trained for a good competitive Special Attacker.


I have a whole box of tornadus's that I don't need anymore and they need to be gone, so I can create more storage space. Pm me if you want one. All I ask for return is to help me evolve a pokemon through trading.
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