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#641 Tornadus

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need a tornadus willing to trade my shiny lvl.72 Gastrodon(F) or shiny lvl.39 snover
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Got a random Tornadus (received over GTS, looks legit) up for trade, looking for any pre-generation legendaries (except Suicune) or Victini (I missed both Victini events... T_T). I don't mind if its gotten over GTS too. PM me if interested


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looking for an UT Timid Tornadus :) Let me know what you'd be willing to trade it for, I have some events and shinies.



Electric Master
Have an UT adamant Toranadus up for trade, looking for any shiny electric types or a thunderus


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Looking to trade out a tornadus so other users can get landorus, as long as I get a chance to get it too. No funny stuff, all pokemon will be returned


New Member
Can I borrow someone's Thundurus so I can get Landorus? I'll let you borrow my Tornadus if you need it too. Thanks in advance! :D


New Member
Looking for a Tornadus for keeps, I can breed any first form of any pokemon and am willing to trade a shiny geodude that I currently have for this pokemon.


New Member
I have a Tornadus im willing to give away. Im looking for any gen 1-3 legendaries (preferably Raikou or Groudon) PM me with offers.


Abstract mind
Looking for a timid Tornadus with good to flawless ivs in speed and sp. Atk. I have quite a few legendaries and dream world pokes to trade. I've only got four shiny pokes (other then event shiny pokes) and are available as well (lillipup, beedrill, zubat, golbat).


looking for a timid or modest Tornadus with flawless spatk, and speed at least. will trade 2 shinies. hit me up yo!!


Active Member
I have a legit flawless modest or Timid Tornadus for trade. I am looking for a DW Lucario. PM me if you are interested.


I like shinies!
I'm still willing to trade my tornadus in return for a shiny. Pm me if you're interested. :)

Easter Egg

i haz gud grammer
I need to borrow a Tornadus to get Landorus. If you let me borrow it, I won't use it in battle if you don't want me to, I just need it to get Landorus.
Tell me what you want in return, but I don't have any shinies/events/flawless.

I got help.
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The trade has done! ;D
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looking to trade Thundurus for Tornadus
I'm willing to trade my level 40 Tornadus. It's Gentle and my sister nicknamed him but I'm willing to trade him. I'm looking for any of the starters I don't have (In my signature). PM me offers.
EDIT: The trade is done, sorry.
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i got a keldeo :3
I need a tornadus
I don't have much to offer
I have an ev trained volcarona at lvl 73 and a lucky egg
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