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#642 Thundurus

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Training since 1987
Looking to borrow a Thundurus so I can get Landorus. I don't have very much to trade for one, which is why I'm asking to borrow, lol.
Thank yoouu!


New Member
I need a Thundurus borrowing or trading just tell me what you want for it


First Male Swiftie
I need a Thundurus borrowing or trading just tell me what you want for it

I got 2 thunderuses I will give you one if you give me a darkrai to keep and let me borrow a tornadus from you so I can get landorus. My friend code is 2623 5759 5216. Pls reply I would really appreciate if you could trade


New Member
have tornadus, need thundurus to get landorus, just want to borrow thundurus and will trade it back after I finish, PM me if interested


Looking for any Thundurus. Just want the dex entry and to get Landerus. I can't offer much at the moment (b/c I don't have a 2nd DS to transfer stuff from Diamond/SoulSilver). Make an offer and I'll see what I can do.


VGC Trainer
looking for UT Timid nature Thundurus to ev train. PM me if u have one. will trade legendary pokemon from any region(including shiny mewtwo, deoxys and palkia), event pokemon, starter pokemon, etc. I have a lot of rare pokemon so if your looking for something particular pm me and i'll see if i have it. Thanks in advanced.

PS: I'm also looking for a shiny TEPIG/PIGNITE/EMBOAR and Female DW Eevee so also feel free to pm me if you have one of those
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New Member
looking for any legit Thunderus for a Dextrade
will offer a tornadus for dextrade or a celebi for perm trade


New Member
hey i'll take that thunderus i have a level 100 darkrai that i'll trade ya, or do you just want a dextrade for darkrai? i just need a dextrade for thunderus so i can GTS it.

Lord Zoroark

Master Tactician
I'm in the market for a Wi-Fi Event Thundurus (which can be obtained over Wi-Fi if you have a Japanese copy of Pokemon Black) with a Timid Nature, and I'm willing to pay handsomely for it. I have TRU Arcus, Modest Reshiram, Hydreigon, Cobalion, level 100 Manaphy, Snarl Zoroark (the actual event), Gamestop Raikou, Gamestop Celebi (both unused), and DW Females: Shuppet, Murkrow, Eevee, Vulpix, and Poliwag.
VM/PM me with details, please.
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Just received a batch of Japanese Milos Islands Thundurus & Tornadus'. I'm not really looking to trade them for much, but if you have any good competitive Pokemon that you have RNG'd youself then I may be interested.

Also giving one away in my sig. :3


Trader and Battler
*Ignoring above offer due to nothing that fits his wants*

im looking for japanese event thundurus and tornadus i have a bunch of stuff to offer in my shop


Dragonite Master
Also looking for Thundurus (and palkia) for my copy of Black. Can trade celebi, deoxys, or jirachi, though they are Action Replay pokemon rather than legitimate. I can also go catch any of the black exclusives if you'd like that.
PM me please and thanks!
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Need Thundurus (and Tornadus and Landorus) just for Pokedex. Am willing to trade right back after I'm done. If not, I have plenty of good Pokemon to offer.


Well-Known Member
I'm looking to borrow a Thundurus so I can catch Landorus. I'll trade back as soon as I catch it, and will lend my Tornadus if you need to borrow it. PM me if interested.

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Active Member
Need Timid, Good IVs, HP Ice Thundurus for VGC.

Will offer anything I have to obtain. If interested in trading me PM me to start negotiations (offering legends, fresh bred pokes (IVs are random) and miscelanious events).


Trader and Battler
i need a timed thundurus for a wifi team. Will trade anything from shop


Thundurus for trade
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