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#642 Thundurus

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looking for ANY thunderus can offer a lvl 78 modest zekrom, lvl 76 jolly kyurem, or an adamant UT level 35 latias


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I need a Thundurus for the dex data and to help catch landorus.

Would anyone be willing to help me out? I don't want to keep thundurus, I just need it to fill my dex up.


Reputable Trader
Offering a dream radar UT thunderus lv40 naughty nature dream ball
a careful Dream Radar tornadus lv19 T originally lv5 in a dream ball
I am also offering these 2 Dream Radar pokemon
UT lv30 dream radar palkia lustrous orb

UT lv40 dialga adamant orb

I am looking for a decent nature Dream Radar Landorus Uncloned only I can offer anything in my shop except for the NFT in my trophy case if you have a Dream Radar Landorus that is uncloned and also preferably UT then post in my shop, VM me, or PM me at this point I don't care which way


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im looking for any kind of thundurus so i can get a landorus
i just need to borrow it
i can give you some of the musketeers if you want
pm me for offers blah blah blah


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Looking for ANY thundurus, can be cloned, not hacked! Offering Latias lvl 100 and Dragonite or Lapras Lvl 100! Trainer name: Jere Friend code:0047-0102-7045


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trade no longer needed.
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Looking for a Thundurus in it's therian form from the pokemon black 2 / white 2 games. Offering a mew or a cresselia for it. Alternatively, offering a shiny kyogre for a shiny thundurus. The pokemon must be UT! PM me if you want to trade. Thanks!

Team Legend's Dragonite

W1nN!n6 you mad o.0?
Looking for a calm ut thunderous with good ivs,I'm offering a Japanese shiny suicune, or a Japanese vcreate victini pm if you have this, benefit as soon as possible


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Anyone looking to borrow a thundurus to get a landorus, PM me. Also, in the case that anyone is willing to help me get a landorus as well, drop me a PM.


Looking to borrow a Thundurus for dex entry + Landorus. I'd be happy to lend out my Tornadus in return.

PM me if you're interested.
I have a shiny timid flawless thundurus for trade. PM/VM me if you're interested :).


Psychic Master
looking for Timid Thundurus with Max Iv in Sp.a and Speed

Offering Adamant Flawless Victini form the event
I need a NF or flawless thunderus please! Timid or modest, therian form or not. Please pm or vm me. Also looking for reflecting mirrors. I can offer well in trades
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