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#642 Thundurus

Discussion in 'Unova Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. heyjerms

    heyjerms New Member

    I'm so down if you still are. message me.
  2. Dillosaur

    Dillosaur Member

    ok if i offer a ut mewtwo will somebody give me a ut brave thundurus they can name Thordrake im desprate ....pm me
  3. heyjerms

    heyjerms New Member

    For some reason not letting me respond to your private msg.

    Anyway my name is jerms, my pal pad ID is 4771 9515 9437
  4. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly

    I need a Thundurus for a tradeback in my White 2 game, and for the Landorus event in my Black version. I'll give you a hand with your Dex in return, and I've also got starters and other things. Please VM/PM me if interested.

    Complete! Thank you, Noblesse Oblige!
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2013
  5. Ryohei

    Ryohei Shiny Hunter

    I have Thundurus. PM me with offers!
  6. g-rex

    g-rex dubstep

    have a level 100 legit shiny thundurus pm me with offers looking for any of these mew, celebi, shiny landorous, shiny latias, arceus, darkrai
  7. Demonslayer492

    Demonslayer492 Got it Memorized?

    Im looking for a Shiny Thunderus if anyone is willing to trade it. I can offer any event that you may want. I can promise the Event pokemon is UT. PM me if you want to know anything. And in the PM, please Include the OT of the event pokemon. So I know which one to look for.
  8. Dillosaur

    Dillosaur Member

    anyone have brave thundurus ut theyd name Thoryu and trade? i offer virizion and a mewtwo ut your nature pref.
  9. FriendlyFeebas

    FriendlyFeebas New Member

    Just looking trade a my Tornadus for a Thundurus I don't care if it has been touched or not. Use my Pokemon White 2 friend code and pm me.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2013
  10. Gametamer03

    Gametamer03 Pokemon Guru

    Looking for Timid Thundurus guys! Tons of lengendary's for trade plus tons of other stuff. Looking for tons of low level legendary's and cool shinys. Look in my sig for what I'm after. Toss me a offer regardless if you have one of them or not you never know. Worst I can say is no. Coincidentally I have a lvl 40 Thundurus with PKRS for trade if anyone has any of the other poke's I'm looking for :D
  11. Eoneo

    Eoneo The Eternal Aeon

    LF: Thundurus (UT and caught in pokeball) can offer shinies: rayquaza, manaphy, dialga(non event one) and palkia (non event one), Flygon, Golem, ninetails, Larvitar. If there is anything you are after let me know.
  12. MondKatzchen

    MondKatzchen New Member

    Have: Sassy lvl40 UT Thundurus
    Want: Any Tornadus (preferably from Black1)
  13. paddyk7

    paddyk7 New Member

    Hi guys,
    I need a Thundurus for dex entry and to get Landorus.
    I'd like to do a temp trade, then i will trade my Tornadus to you so you can get Landorus too.

    PM me if interested
  14. La Mort

    La Mort Well-Known Member

    Ugh I've had a bit of a shocker. I transferred my Thundurus to XY before realising I needed it to catch Landorus in my White1 game. If anyone can do a trade and trade-back for Thundurus so I can get Landorus I'd be extremely grateful. I don't have much left on my white cartridge but I do have an untouched shiny red Gyarados I'd be willing to give as a thank you. I know it's a long shot but if anyone reads this and can help me out, please do pm. Thanks!
  15. iamonly

    iamonly New Member

    Migrating my pokemon to Y forgot to get Landorus.

    Found :)
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2014
  16. Rhith

    Rhith New Member

    Looking to borrow a Tornadus so I can catch Landorus. Will lend my Thundurus if needed.
  17. Thundurus Wanted

    Thundurus Wanted New Member

    Trade completed.
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2014
  18. Blue Yanma

    Blue Yanma New Member

    Hi, help me complete my Black 2 Pokedex before the WIFI gets closed down in May! Please!

    I Want any legit versions of the following:
    Jirachi, Deoxys, Darkrai, Arceus, Victini, Thundurus

    Have For Trade: (All legit, caught myself on Pearl/Black 2, un-used since capture)
    Registeel - Lvl.65 – Timid Nature
    Regirock – Lvl.65 – Rash Nature
    Regigigas – Lvl.68 – Hardy Nature
    Uxie – Lvl.65 – Hasty Nature
    Mesprit – Lvl.65 – Naughty Nature

    Will also throw in a Phione or a couple of any other newly hatched pokemon you need (Including any starters, fossils or version exclusives)!

    Also now have the following up for grabs:
    Cobalion Lvl.42 – Bold Nature
    Terrakion Lvl.42 – Adamant Nature
    Virizion Lvl.42 – Calm Nature
    Kyurem Lvl.70 – Naughty Nature
    Cresselia Lvl.68 – Serious Nature
    Heatran Lvl.68 – Naïve Nature

    Pm me if interested, thanks, Tom.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2014
  19. Sanji07

    Sanji07 New Member

    I am looking for a legit Thundurus. I am willing to do a temp trade with my Tornadus, or a permanent trade for any of my 1st-5th gen starters, Uxie, Heatran, Darkrai, Arceus or Rotom. All of my pokemon are legit.

    Edit: I got a Thundurus. 83
    Last edited: May 7, 2014
  20. 99neil99

    99neil99 Member

    looking for thundurus good nature. NO HACKS NO CLONES.

    offering shiny pokemon (X)

    Shiny Pokemon – Some UT

    Xx Palkia
    Xx Dialga
    Xx Deoxys 6IV
    ^from the GTS

    Xx dratini
    Xx gengar
    Xx pelipper
    Xx gastrodon
    Xx tentacruel
    Xx raichu
    Xx staraptor
    Xx seaking
    Xx crobat 6IV
    Xx kricketune
    Xx pigeot
    Xx golem
    Xx geodude
    Xx haxorus
    Xx gyarados
    Xx event Pikachu VT (SPR2010)

    X2 gyarados
    X1 golduck
    X1 darumaka
    X1 girafarig
    X1 conkledurr
    X1 chandelure
    X1 linoone
    X1 watchog
    X1 arbok
    X1 gigalith
    X1 corsola
    X1 sceptile 6IV
    X1 deino
    X1 druddigon 6IV
    X1 growlithe
    X1 ninetails
    X1 wailord

    X2 clauncher
    X1 conkeldurr
    X1 machamp
    X1 starmie
    X1 relicanth
    X1 absol
    X1 amoonguss
    X1 duosion
    X1 reuniclus
    X1 vileplume
    X1 clawitzer
    X1 barbaracle
    X1 luvdisc
    X1 arcanine
    X1 octillery
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