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#643 Reshiram

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The Fire Menace
ok i have white and like Zekrom but need a reshiram can u hook me up


New Member
I need a Reshiram at level 50 that has no experience. I'm offering a level 100 Zekrom with Bolt Strike, Draco Meteor, Fusion Bolt (all with 8 PP) and Outrage with 16 pp...don't know EVs. PM me to set something up.


Well-Known Member
i have a brave reshiram nicknamed(sacha) i'm not the ot lvl 78 lookin for a shiny or events


Pokeman OG
I have a barely trained (lv 51) Reshiram. Looking for legendaries and shinies! PM me! :)


Hurricane homeruns.
Tempt me with some legends and you can have my reshiram. Pm me.


Well-Known Member
Offer currently not pending, but I no longer need it.
I will sell my soul for a timid Reshiram.

Okay, not really. What I do have to offer:

Gamestop Celebi or shiny Suicune, untouched - except I might have rearranged their moves. I will take requests for the nature of Celebi - It hasn't yet been picked up on one game - or you can take a bold one.

I can also, instead of an above Pokémon, give a masterball. I didn't have to use it on Kyurem.

I would prefer Reshiram to be untouched, but if it was forced to battle and win against N's Zekrom, I will take it if it has not battled and won against anything else. If it has, I will take it if you delete its EVs. I lack the proper berries in-game. I will NOT accept a level 100 Reshiram.
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New Member
I'll give either a shiny gamestop suicune or a shiny gamestop rikou for a reshiram ^_^


New Member
looking for a reshiram willing to trade my celebi or any of the three roaming dogs (all on my white game) or i have hundreds of shinies and event legends and just awesome pokemon on plati

Matt Thorne

Pokémon Collector
I'm looking for any Reshiram.

I can offer a LVL 45 Lugia or I can breed almost any non-legendary.


Dragon Trainer. RAWR
Hi, looking to do a tradeback for my dex: my zekrom for your reshiram then trade back.

PM me if interested! Thanks!


Veteran Breeder
Barely trained lvl 50 reshiram called black not OT lookin for most stuff including good natured Pokemon good natured Pokemon egg moves shinies.

But please feel free to offer what you want


New Member
Looking for a Reshiram.


I. Like. Cereal.
I'm looking for a UT Reshiram. I can offer Moltres, Snorlax, any EV-trained non-legendary, and many others. PM me if you're interested.


Event Hunter
does any one have a shiny reshiram pm me if you do i will trade you


Show me the Munna!
In need of some legendaries...

Hey all,
I'm looking for any versions of the following pokemon. I'm not too picky as they are for a friend. I'm not interested in any cloned or clones of pokemon, hacks, or fakes of any kind. If you have any questions or offers, just let me know.

Looking for:

The 3 Regi's
(Or any shines of any pokemon except the dogs)


3 x Victinis (2 x Lax & 1 x Naughty)
Virizion ~ Quirky
Terrakion ~ Serious
Cobalion ~ Quiet
Kyurem ~ Lonely
Reshiram ~ Careful

These are all real as I have caught each one. I look forward to doing business with you...
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