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#644 Zekrom

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Have LV 100 Zekrom with Outrage/Bolt Strike/Fusion Bolt/Dragon Claw. Looking for shinies (especially UT Zorua)


New Member
Looking for Black version exclusives in exchange for my White exclusives:

I have Rufflett or Solosis which I’ll happily trade for Vullaby or Gothita.

I have Zekrom (L50, untrained, Naïve) which I’ll trade for a L50 UT Reshiram.

I have Thundurus (L40, untrained, Lonely) which I’ll trade for a L40 UT Tornadus.

I’m also happy to breed a Snivy or Oshawott in exchange for Tepig.

PM me to make a trade!


Well-Known Member
i have a hardy nature zekrom nicknamed lucky. i'm not the ot. lookin for a shiny in return like a starter or bird ex swellow/pidove/fearow


I plead the 5th!!
I'm looking for an adamant zekrom, I can breed any starter, and I have plenty of legendaries, almost 4 copies of all trio pokemon, multiple rayquazas, etc. zekrom needs to be untouched (not counting the e4 battle/stuff that can't be helped).

pm me
im offering a hardy zekrom evd in attack, hp, speed, and defense. moves are twave, substitute, dragon claw, and fusion bolt. lv.66

looking for shinies if possible, pm/vm offers.


New Member
Looking for a temporary trade so that I can get a Zekrom Pokedex entry - offering Reshiram in return.

PM offers.


pokemon breeder
need zekrom named Yin dont care about most else just has to be legit
can give all starters and can get most egg moves for fighing type and water type pokemon and can give some ledegndaries just pm with what you want can get dark pusle zoura


New Member
Lv.51 zekrom looking for a shiny mudkip or shiny female bulbasaur. Nature and IV doesnt matter. PM me if your interested.


Looking for:
- Adamant natured Zekrom. I preffer if it is untrained; however, it's fine if it's already trained. Also, I'd prefer if it had good Attack IVs.

I have a bunch of shinies:
- Mewtwo
- Deoxys
- Tyranitar
- Cradily
- Crawdaunt
- Druddigon

- Shiny Suicune
- Celebi
- Jap Arceus (from that movie)

Also, I can get any battle subway item if anyone needs it.


Generous Trainer!
Looking for Adamant Zekrom, look at my sig for stuff i can offer.


New Member
Looking for a Zekrom, let me know what you are looking for in return; I have a range of pokemon and can likely work something out!


New Member
looking for a UT zekrom.willing to trade a UT reshiram.pm me if u have one.


Pokemon Trainer
adamant zekrom

ok i have been looking for a adamant nature zekrom for a long time,i have tried pokebay and yahoo but yet to get one.

if somebody has one please trade me:)
i have
-all the fossil pokemon
-all the starters(from every region)
-baby eevee's(not dream world)
-versions exclusives(i have black and white)
-event shiny crown beasts from game stop and the wifi event(can be used for the event in black and white
-LV 5 male shiny magikarp with pokerus sassy nature
-UT LV 28 shiny magnemite with pokerus timid NATURE
-UT LV 32 shiny ponyta with pokerus lax nature
-LV 83 timid nature dialga
-LV 100 TRU arceus hardy nature
-LV 10 UT MYSTRY mew rash nature
-dark pulse zorua's
-LV 100 channel jirachi
-LV 50 oblivia deoxys
-dw surskit

i have others so just ask

also i have every 4th gen game except for pearl so if there is a pokemon you want from one of them games i can catch them and transfer them

so pm me,I'm sure we can work something out:)

and please no hacking pokemon because none of my pokemon are hacked:);386-a;


?Hu Hsilaciryl
Offering UT Adamant Zekrom with Max Atk IVs, (Though the other IVs that matter, like Speed, suck)

Cobalion, Impish Nature, High Defesne and HP EVs, and preferably Attack / Speed as well.
Latias, Calm Nature, Preferably good IVs in Hp, Def, SDef, and SAtk.
Thundurus, Timid Nature, Max Speed IVs and Preferably Hidden Power Ice (If not, it's OK)

PM Me.

Trade Completed
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New Member
I have a UT Lonely Zekrom up for trade. Looking for either of these(in order of importance):

- UT DW Poliwag (female or timid/modest natured male)
- UT DW Magikarp (female or adamant natured male)
- A Life Orb, Choice Specs and/or Choice Band


New Member
I have a lvl 100 Zekrom that knows Bolt Strike, Draco Meteor, Fusion Bolt (all 8 pp) and Outrage (16 pp)...I don't the EVs, Timid Nature...asking for a UT Reshiram
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