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#644 Zekrom

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New Member
trading a level 34 mew for a fresh caught zekrom
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Everyday Im Shufflin
Offering a Lv 100 Zekrom, Mild natured, EV trained, and caught in a Luxury ball.
Pm me if interested.
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Well-Known Member
i have a lvl 86 zekrom lookin for an event like ut mew mystery or fal2010 or draco meteor jirachi or shiny ut



Seeking: UT Zekrom
Offering: Whats in my profile with a * beside it!
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New Member
Willing to trade mine vs a legit Life orb/choice scarf/focus sash or electric gem.


Expert Trainer
i have a touched (it hasnt levelled up but its touched) lvl 50 zekrom if anyone wants it? pm me


Well-Known Member
Looking for a level 100 Zekrom, offering a level 100 Cresseslia, UT Adamant Psycho/Cut/Sucker Punch Pawniard, shiny Piplup, or shiny Bulbasaur.


Clone my Balls!
For Trade;

Zekrom - Careful, lvl.52
Zekrom - Jolly, lvl.76 (Pokerus)


Jolly or Adamant Zekrom with good IV's (at least a perfect ATK). Make an offer, look at my shop and see if i have something you like =D.


Active Member
Looking for a UT Adamant Zekrom with good IVs (atleast perfect att)

I can trade a level 100 Reshiram with pretty good stats over all (435 sp att). As well as some other level 100s and UT pokes

PM for more details. Prob won't be able to respond until tomorrow


Hello~ :3 I have a legit japanese Mild natured BT lvl 50 Zekrom to trade~ If anyone is interested please send me a PM with offers~ X3 Thank you~ PS: I can also place Pkrs on it If yew want.


I have a touched Zekrom not looking for much,pm me and lets set up a trade


New Member
I have a Zekrom level 100 caught in a Pokeball
Nature: Naughty
Moves: Volt Switch, Outrage, Dragon Claw, Bolt Switch
Stat: hp: 341
att 438
def 276
sp. att 276
sp. def 212
speed 279

If anyone is interested let me know :)


Clone my Balls!

Zekrom - Careful, lvl.52
Zekrom - Jolly, lvl.76 (Pokerus)


Epic & Electric
i dont no if its ok to ask this but could i have a lvl 9 and under zekrom? pm me please


Steve ScizorHands
Looking for an adamant zekrom under lv 99, decent iv's if possible. offering SEVERAL beneficial natured (ev'd or ut) shinies from the previous games (plat, d/p, etc) pm me if you wanna make a trade
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