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#644 Zekrom

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Well-Known Member
i have a lvl 52 zekrom lookin for an event or shiny or ut dws like chatot etc...


New Member
I have a lvl 58 Serious Zekrom I'm willing to trade. Looking primarily for celebi.

Trade Completed! =D
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Breedin' & Trainin'
Okay, I'm a little new to these forums, so please don't hurt me for my fail post.

To the point: I'm looking for a legit Zekrom. Preferably not trained, but oh well if it is. I've searched the GTS over and I cannot find one that doesn't want something twice its level or a Reshiram Lv. 9 and Under. I'm not gifted with Action Replay. So, I come to you Serebii users and the hopes I can finally get my greedy mitts on the Dark Hero Pokemon.

I'm willing to trade ALMOST anything for it. (Sorry, I will not part with my legendaries or event Pokemon.) I can get almost any in-game Pokemon. I can try to cater it to your every whim. -drops to knees, pleading- I just want a Zekrom!

PM, as I don't remember my friend code off the top of my head. D:


Well-Known Member
Hey All

Looking for the Japanese Movie event Reshiram and Zekrom. Must be legit so that I can send them to my dreamworld for the C-Gear.

I can offer the following:

Victini - UK/US Liberty Ticket events - Various natures
DW Pokemon Cafe eevee's (female or male) - Various natures
DW Pokemon Cafe smeargle's, poliwhirl's and burmy's
Lvl 1 bred Zorua's with Snarl (bred from Jap World's fair event)
Bred Deino's with Dark Pulse.

If anyone is interested please PM me :)


Well-Known Member
I'm looking for Movie zekrom. Can offer several shinies, BW events and DW females.

Uber Pichu

New Member
Want a lv50 Zekrom ask for which poke you want


looking for any kind of legit zekrom.
Trading shinies for it.


Everyday Im Shufflin

All must be UT. UT means NOT ALTERED AT ALL

Events I don't have!!
Film11 Shaymin
10 ANIV Pokemon that I don't have
"Trade For Evolution!" Electabuzz, Haunter, Slowpoke, Machoke, Karrablast and Shelmet (Jap)
CoroCoro Croagunk
DW Bulbasaur (not bred)
Saikyou (Strongest Pokemon) Events (Not Salamence)
Shiny Azumarill

I have a 2:1 ratio. Meaning you trade me 2 pokemon for the Zekrom


Expert Trainer
desperate for movie zekrom and reshiram. i have movie victini, pokesmash zoroark and cubchoo, smr2011 zoroark, dw event eeveelutions, dw croagunk, dw mamoswine, events from previous gens too.

please vm me

Excitable Boy

is a metaphor
Offering a Lv. 50 Zekrom, as well as other legendaries.

PM me with offers. Not interested in other legendaries, hence why I'm trying to get rid of it.


Well-Known Member
i'm tradin 2 touched zekroms lvl 52 and 86 lookin for an event or a couple dws


i have an adamant movie zekrom and looking for a modest reshiram. pm me with offers


Epic Trainer
Lvl. 60 Zekrom (Hasty) Jap* up for trade, PM me offers


New Member

movie zekrom

TCGWC pikachu UT
ALAMOS Darkrai UT (ID 10308)
Attack Oblivia Deoxys UT (with move set Psycho Boost, Meteor Mash, Superpower, Hyper Beam)
Defence Oblivia Deoxys UT (with move set Psycho Boost, Detect, Counter, Mirror Coat)
DOEL Deoxys UT
DW arceus UT (OT not MAT)

pm me if interested. thanks a lot
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New Member
Level 53 Zekrom. DragonBreath, Slash, Zen Headbutt, Fusion Bolt. In game. Nature: Sassy
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