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#644 Zekrom

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I have a White version Zekrom I'm looking to trade for a Reshiram! PM me if interested. :)


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Looking for a lonely or naughty Zekrom, ut preferably but if it's been ev'd and is not level 100 that's fine. Please pm me with trade offers; I'm willing to ev train 2 pokemon for this, or trade pokes in my signature, or trade items. Pm me if you have other ideas too!


New Member
Looking for lonely / naughty preferably untrained Zekrom, if it's level 100 and you'd like to trade pm me. I'm offering a 75 Japanese Kyurem or an ut calm 70 (I think) Zekrom. If you see something you'd like in my signature or want a poke ev trained, I'm willing to negotiate. Also willing to trade pp items and power items.
I have an event Zekrom to trade and am looking for a Genesect. I might even throw in an event Reshiram or a baby Phione as well because I am really desperate to get Genesect before I can transfer to Pokemon X. PM if interested.


Looking for a legit UT lvl 50 Zekrom caught in white. I have all kinds of shiny, event and legendary pokemon for trade.


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Have: Zekrom lvl51 (defeated 2 or 3 of Ghetsis pokemon)
Want: Any Reshiram

Needs a Deoxys

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Looking for Spring 2012 Zekrom. I have an extremely long list of events and shinies that I can offer in exchange. PM me if interested!


a flying steel cat
looking for any fully legit (no RNG, AR, or whatever) zekrom

i dont care about UT or lvl, IVs, nature or anything else, just need ANY zekrom

i have a few legends to offer but i mainly have IV bred pokies and can breed up anything you wish for competitive (not shinies yet)

EDIT:got my zekrom
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