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#645 Landorus

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Active Member
looking for Therian forme Landorus I can offer events shiny flawless many pokemon


An old soul
I'm looking for Therian Landorus. I just need it so I can get the mirror, then I'll return it ASAP. I can offer a shiny flawless Naive DW♀ Bagon w/Dragon Dance & Hydro Pump.


Eeveelution trainer
Hey all, I just wanted to know if anyone can trade me a Forretress with highest special def and def and huge hp, with spikes, stealth rocks, u-turn and rapid spin, or a Female Kirlia - Shiny, Ability: Trace and any nice move set, hopefully with Calm nature, or Bold. to borrow my Landorus-T

White2 FC: 1163 7639 8614

Just PM me if you want to setup a trade.
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Just Monika
looking to borrow a t-form landorus

i can offer
latios w/soul dew
shiny gible
shiny haxorus
dw females from hidden grotto:liepard,golduck,pachirisu
dw male ":bagon,foongus,zangoose,seviper
dw mandibuzz
all ingame legendaries barring reshiram,meloetta,genesect,and the kami trio,and regice/gigas
dw metang
modest ditto with everstone
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Elite Trainer
LF Landorus-T Timid/Modest willing to offer shiny, legend or any Flawless Pokemon.


New Member
i am looking for Landhaus in his therian form just to get the Reveal Glass. I would give you my Space C Deoxys as a gift

Chloe Cassandra

Long time no see.
I would like to borrow a Landorus Therian Forme from the Dream Radar so I can get the Reflecting Mirror. I'll give it back ASAP.


Event Collector
just posting this to let people know. to get the reflecting mirror you have to use the landorus caught from YOUR OWN dream radar


King of TM87
Looking for an Adamant Landorus! Pm me !


New Member
Have almost every pokemon. I need therian landlorus to get reveal glass. Willing to trade any pokemon have a few shinies.


Magically Delicious!
looking for a Timid Landorus-T with good IVs especially in speed and special attack. Will offer any of the events in the spoiler for one. PM me with offers

Famitsu DW Lucario
Flawless Timid JP Keldeo event
SMR2012 Keldeo
Poke Center Shaymin
Poke Center Snivy
Christmas Blissey
Milos Island Thundurus
Event Pidove
Event Pansage
Event Axew
Milos Island Tornadus
BW Anniversary Mewtwo Flawless Timid
DW Arceus
Festa Electabuzz
TFE Magmar
TFE Haunter
TFE Scyther
Japanese Oblivia Heatran
Spa Land Axew
Shiny Ageto Celebi
Shiny WSHMKR Jirachi
Pokesmash Zoroark
Tokyo Skitty
SAPHIRE Zigzagoon
AAA Sing Pikachu
English Movie14 Victini Rash
Japanese Movie 14 Victini Rash
Almia Darkrai Serious
Alamos Darkrai Modest
Birth Island Deoxys
Enigma Stone Latias and Latios
Satoshi Scraggy
Shiny Carlita Hydreigon Japanese and Korean
Shiny Janta Golurk Japanese and Korean
World11 Srafty
World10 Crobat
FAL2010 Mew
SMR 2010 Jirachi
Japanese Movie Arceus
Japanese Movie Darkrai Modest and Quirky
World Hobby Fair Manaphy Naive
Gold and Silver 10ANIV Mew Jolly and Calm
VGC10 Eevee Hardy
Tanabata (ID 07077) Jirachi Quirky
Gamestp Deoxys Brave
JBHF Manaphy
TRU Arceus
Strongest Dragonite
Strongest Salamence
WORLD08 Lucario Adamant
NoK Shaymin Careful
NoK Deoxys
NoK Mew Careful
NoK Rayquaza
E4ALL Manaphy Calm
PALCITY Lucario Modest
PALCITY Mew Quirky
PALCITY Manaphy Hardy
NWS Manaphy Quiet
VGC09 Milotic Timid
WCS Milotic
Kyle Riolu Serious
Birthday Charmander (ID 07207) Mild
Liberty Island Victini Jolly
Oak's Letter Shaymin
Wish Absol
Pokesmash Zoroark
WORLD09 Weavile
English DW Togekiss
English DW Croagunk
English DW Banette
English DW Mamoswine
English DW Espeon
Korean Nintendo Jirachi
Shiny Korean Crown Beast Entei
Shiny Korean Crown Beast Suicune
Shiny Korean Crown Beast Raikou
SSG Feebas
SSG Munchlax
Korean Celebi (Used for Zorua and Unused)
Korean Battle Series Arcanine
Korean Station Zoroark
Korean Event Manaphy
Korean Event Electivire
Korean Event Regigigas
Korean DW Flareon
Korean DW Espeon
Korean DW Jolteon
Korean DW Glaceon
Korean DW Banette
Korean DW Togekiss
Korean DW Croagunk
Korean DW Piplup
Korean DW Chimchar
Korean DW Squirtle
Korean DW Turtwig
Korean DW Charmander
Japanese DW Torchic
Japanese DW Chimchar
Japanese DW Squirtle
Japanese DW Mudkip
Japanese DW Piplup
Japanese DW Bulbasaur


New Member
Need a therian ladorus to get the reveal glass, I will return it ASAP. I have a few shiny legendaries I can lend. PM if interested

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Everyone! Therians can't be traded in therian form! You can't borrow one its impossible! Go buy a dream radar cause that's the ONLY way you can get therian forms. I have all therians because I bought the dream radar and caught my own lando. Just last night i got the reveal mirror and changed my shiny thunderus into its therian form. It's worth it ppl! Get the dream radar


Sexy Trainer
Looking for a Landorus, any form


Magus lover
I forget who wanted landorus off me...but I couldn't trade it to them due to it being in therian form. I now have a level 70 naive one...looking for nicknameable shiny mesprit from B/W II or shiny nicknameable latias from B/W II plus a bunch more wants I'm adding to my tradethread after this post.


Ace Trainer
Looking to borrow a Dream Radar Captured "Therian Forme Landorus" I need it to get the "Reveal Glass" to turn my own pokes into their respective Therian formes. Will trade it back to you in less than 15 minutes or quicker, depends on how quick I can get to the shrine. Please PM me if anyone is interested.
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