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#645 Landorus

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I'm half way through the game. I don't use or collect legendaries I battle. These legendaries will be legit, but i don't care if the pokes you give me are, I would actually prefer action replay pokes, because i want each poke in a specific poke ball. But if you have legit pokes that fine to.what I want is:
All untrained.
1. extreme speed dratini with ability marvel scale and adamant nature. (if action replay cherish ball)

2. scyther traded holding metal coat technician ability adamant nature.(nest ball)

3. porygon-z with ability adaptability and timid nature.(luxury ball)

4. arcanine with intimidate ability and rash nature.(quick ball)

5.gengar timid nature.(if action replay caught with dusk ball)

6.staryu natural cure ability and timid nature.(if action replay caught with dive ball)

If you want the pokes caught with master balls of yours or any kind of poke balls pm and i can have them caught with those just trade them to me. Also for the extra trouble of catching them with specific balls i will give nuggets and anything worth alot of money as well. Pm if interested.


New Member
LF anu untouched Landorus. I can offer everything breedable and some other legends.

Team Legend's Dragonite

W1nN!n6 you mad o.0?
Lf jolly dwf Landorus pm fi r my trade offer


Rare collector
Looking for a Landorus. Can't catch one in game because neither the Thunderus or Tornadus that I have are my own, so the event won't trigger. Will offer a shiny Pachirisu or shiny Phione for a normal Landorus, or both for either a shiny Landorus or a Dream Radar Landorus. PM me if interested.


New Member
EDIT: Sorry, doesn't matter.
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Hello, looking for someone to help me get the dex entries for this flying trio. Trade-trade back. I have black 2, so I can't get these pokemon. Eventually, in about a few days, i'm going to be buying the dream radar but for now, I just want their entries. Thanks! :)


Need a Dream Radar Laandorous
Many shinies pm me if strikes your fancy


Human Pokedex
looking for any dw landorus. dont really care if i keep it or not i just want to get the reveal glass. offers in spoiler, pm or email if interested

i also have quite a few of each genie so if anyone needs one ill help you out for a small price

i may not have a few because the last time i was trading was a year ago

EUSMR09 regigigas (rash ut lv 100)
WISHMKR jirachi (sassy ut lv5)
hayleys mew (modest ut lv 50)
dw arceus hardy (ut lv 100)
alamos naughty darkrai (ut lv 50)
10th deoxys (gentle ut lv 50)
jap manaphy (hardy ut lv 50, not exactly sure which event but i have checked it at some point)
gamestp suicune (relaxed t lv 48, event used)
french vgc09 milotic (timid lv t lv 51, only exp is from daycare so basically ut)
palcity lucario (modest t lv 51)
jantas golurk (bold ut lv 70, shiny)
carlitas hydreigon (timid ut lv 70, shiny)
movie14 victini (hasty ut lv 50)
liberty pass victini (relaxed ut lv 15)
spr2012 reshiram (modest/jolly ut lv 100)
spr2012 zekrom (adamant/jolly ut lv 100)
win2011 celebi (hardy ut lv 50, event used)

kyurem (lax t lv 100, low evs, obtained in gts)
vibrava (quirky t lv 100)
gyarados (naughty t lv 31)
crobat (lax t lv 100, obtained in gts)
electrike (timid ut lv 1)
druddigon (gentle ut lv 1, obtained in gts)
salamence (timid t lv 62)
deino (serious ut lv 1, obtained in gts)
charmander (timid ut lv 1, flawless)
litwick (jolly ut lv 26, semi flawless, obtained in gts)
ferroseed (relaxed ut lv 1, semi flawless)
bagon (modest ut lv 1, flawless, obtained in gts)
terrakion (jolly ut lv 42, semi flawless)
verizion (jolly ut lv 42, semi flawless)
cobalion (jolly ut lv 42, semi flawless)
shiny dratini given by alders grandson.
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Event Collector
People read my message
The only way to get the glass is by taking YOUR therian landorus from YOUR DREAM RADAR to the abundant shrine, no exceptions. therian forms can't be traded. so if you don't have a 3ds and dream radar you can't get it


Kinda reminiscing
Looking for a Timid, HP Ice, Sheer Force Landorus. Have a few shinies and event pokemon I can offer. PM me if you have one and hopefully we can work something out
Have Therian Landorus, legit, never been used. Willing to do full trade for Meoletta, or dex trade for Meoletta, torchic, or chimchar.


Just your Sleepy FIzzy Mod
I'm looking for a Landorus for Dex Completion, I can offer the Creation Trio for Dex entries. Please PM me if you are interested.

EDIT: Nvm, I have obtained one.
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Rainy Bluefoxie

New Member
Have a dream radar landorus untrained for trade. PM me if you want it.


New Member
Looking for a Landorus with the Reveal Glass, preferably a competitive one with a Jolly or Adamant nature, but if not I can negotiate.

Can offer: Darkrai, Shiny Throh UT, Shiny Thundurus (RNG'd), Japanese Bagon Lv 1 with great IV's, etc. PM if interested.
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T.E.G Member.
Thanks Croze. Complete
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New Member
hi guys need a thunduus landorus and tornadus for dex completion, to trade back straight away i can hope on most unova pokemon at the mo and other unova ledgandarys


I love Mew!
I was wondering how you would get Landorus on SS? And no I don't have a 3ds...

Also what does he look like in Soul Silver? I mean in his Therian Form or regular form.
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Someone has to win..
I'm looking to borrow a therian landorus so that I can acquire the revealing glass.
I'm in dire need of someone to RNG me a Landorus-T for upcoming VGC this year (I am currently unable to acquire a 3DS)- and I am perfectly willing to do quite a lot of RNG work in exchange. PM me with details. Seriously guys, help me, I'm desperate...
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