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#645 Landorus

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I was wondering how you would get Landorus on SS? And no I don't have a 3ds...

Also what does he look like in Soul Silver? I mean in his Therian Form or regular form.

You do realize SoulSilver's Pokedex has 493 Pokemon ranging from 1st to 4th generation? Therefore you wouldn't even be able to access Landorus since it's a generation 5 pokemon.

I'm looking to borrow a therian landorus so that I can acquire the revealing glass.

I'm in dire need of someone to RNG me a Landorus-T for upcoming VGC this year (I am currently unable to acquire a 3DS)- and I am perfectly willing to do quite a lot of RNG work in exchange. PM me with details. Seriously guys, help me, I'm desperate...

If you don't have a 3DS, you won't be able to access Landorus-T (Reveal Glass can only be triggered if you have a Landorus-T AND used the Dream Radar app). Also, you can't trade Therian Formes.


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In need of a Adamant/Jolly Landorus preferably untouched.

I can offer a Shiny Exeggutor - Modest - Chlorophyll and I have some DWF's.

PM me.
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It's taking ages for me to get through Pokemon Dream Radar, so I'm looking for Landorus purely for the Dex entry.

Can trade many pokemon, just PM me.


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Looking for a Modest/Timid Landorus with DW Ability.


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Looking for this guy


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looking for a DW landorus, so when I get my W2 game I can transfer it and get the mirror glass. pm me if you have one

Marinda H

Trainer Law Frost
I would love just for someone to trade Landorus to me and I would trade them back. I will send in my Celebi for collateral. I will then trade back. PM ASAP!


New Member
Have an bashful Landorus lv 72 for trade. Relaxed Nature. Looking for Shinies that I do not have so PM with offers.

I also have a LV 100 brave Entei. Lv 68 Docile heatran. Lv 68 Rash Latias. Lv 100 Lonely Zekrom and a Timid Lv 81 Lugia with PKRS.

I am also looking for a Mew in which I would trade multiple legendary pokemon for.


I need a competitive Landorus. It MUST have at least 31 IV's in speed, and 25+ in attack and special attack, with a positive nature for speed, preferably one that is either Naive, Hasty, Jolly, Adamant, Lonely, or Naughty, preference in that order. I know its a tall order for this sort of Landorus, and I am offering the following.
If you need a perfect IV in an egg group, let me know and I can get it for you. I have all 6 IV's in the Bug egg group and several others scattered around so we can work it out.
-DWF: Eeevee, gligar

PM if interested. The eevee also has 1 or 2 perfect IV's
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Funkmaster C

Hidden Abilities!
I am willing to do dex entry trading with my Landorus for most other legendaries I can't get in black 2 (besides those from generation 1).
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Just looking for a Quick trade and trade back only want it for dex entry thanks!


New Member
Looking for a Landorus - either for a trade or just a lend so I can get my own on GTS. Please let me know in a PM! Thank you. :)


New Member
Hey guys! I am looking for Thundurus, Tornadus, and Landorus. I am still trying to complete my UnOva pokedex and I'm ALMOST THERE! So please if you have any you're willing to trade, let me know! I have every starter and can breed them and a (few) legendaries. My white 2 FC is 2667 2934 5795!


New Member
does anybody haves a landorus they wanna trade?
PM me with a list of pokemon you want in return and I can look if we can arenge something :) idontcare if you cloned it but it has to have a english name
I can offer alomst everyone from emerald , diamond , pokemon XD gale of darkness and games like that


Sand Team Master

I need a Landorus. Doesn't matter about nature etc, just need to finish off my Pokedex.
I have a Deoxys I'm happy to trade.


I have 2 landorus (a level 70 and a level 5) These are not hacks the level 5 was gained by poke Radar
I am looking for Meloetta, Event Arceus, Event Shaymin, Event Darkrai, Deoxys, Jirachi, Mew, Celebi, Cresselia, Manaphy.
I will not take any hacked pokemons, I also prefer meloetta the best so i'll wait for the best offer. (I will usually take the lowest level pokemon)


Unknown Trainer
EDIT: Done
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I need to barrow a Landorus in Therian Forme To get the Reveal Glass. I will put my Landorus up for collateral. Please help.
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