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#645 Landorus

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New Member
I really need a Landorus. Willing to offer more than one regular pokémon with DW ability.


Pokemon Legend
i have landorous, would like anythign im looking for in sig or pm me an offer


Well-Known Member
Have a DW jolly flawless Landorus. Seeking any (legit) DW charmander or torchic


event & shiny maniac
I have a landorous almost untouched (lv. 71). I want a darkrai or melloetta or victini. Pm me if interested.


New Member
I really need a Landorus. I can offer a Haxorus (shiny), a Gyarados (shiny), Regirock, Regice, Heatran, Cresselia, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Latias, Lugia, Kyogre Rotom, Zoroark, or any other breedable pokémon :)
PM me if interested!
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Shiny Hunter
Looking for a DW Landorus for the reveal glass. I might have something that interests you.
PM me for trades


Trade complete
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Magus lover
Guys, you can't trade therian form pokemon, and it doesn't need to be a special form to get the glass. On topic, I have a random landorus grabbed on the GTS.


Shiny Hunter
Then how do you get the glass? You need a DW landorus at the abundant shrine. Or does a normal landorus work as well?


Event Collector
the only way to get the reveal glass is by taking landorus from your dream radar to the shrine. if you don't have a 3ds and dream radar then you can't get the glass


New Member
I'm looking for a Landorus, I can offer a Thunderus. PM if interested.


Well-Known Member
Offering Dream Radar Landorus lv. 40 Bold nature. Looking for Arceus, Manaphy, or Jirachi.


New Member
Have a dw landorus willing to offer. It's level 8 so you can do most of the EV's how you want your choice of physical or special. Pm me with offers.


New Member
Could someone please lend me a landorus? I only need it to fill my pokédex so I'll give it back instantly. If you can help me, contact me via my tumblr/gmail (in my biography) or in a pm. Thank you!


Well-Known Member
Edit: Trade finito :3
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Berry Master
Looking for an Adamant or Jolly Landorus-T. Message me with offers


Offering my DW legendaries.

Tornadus, Male Standard
Lv5, Timid, Capable Of Taking Hits
Moves: Uproar, Astonish, Gust

Landorus, Male Standard
Lv5, Hasty, Hates To Lose
Sheer Force
Moves: Block, Mud Shot, Rock Tomb

Thundurus, Male Standard
Lv5, Lonely, Quick To Flee
Moves: Uproar, Astonish, ThunderShock

Lv5, Jolly, Capable Of Taking Hits
Moves: DragonBreath, Scary Face

My wants are indicated in my trade shop. I will not update this post so if you found out that it is not listed in my trade shop, that means they are traded away.
Send me a private message for this!
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