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#646 Kyurem

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Archangel Azazel

Fallen Angel
Offering a Kyurem. Looking for a shiny Tepig, Turtwig, Bulbasaur, Cyndaquil, OR Chikorita. PM me.


New Member
have 2 Kyurem (Lax/Brave).
Lf: PPmax, masterball & lightball
I have a normal Kyurem for trade. PM me offers? :D


Well-Known Member
offering UT modest Kyurem, looking for shines and Milotic with sleep talk and a magic bounce timid espeon(UT) pm me with your offers if your intersted


Active Member
Offering a shiny Kyurem for a shiny Golem or shiny Flareon


New Member
I'm looking for a Shiny Kyurem.
FT: Event Celebi, Event Shiny Suicune, Shiny lvl 100 Spiritomb, Shiny lvl 31 Dodrio, Shiny lvl 32 Gliscor, and a Shiny lvl 41 Noctowl


Informed Casual
Blah blah blah ut kyurem up for trade. Pm me for details :)


New Member
i will trade any of my shiny legendaries for a shiny kyurem, pm me if interested


Well-Known Member
I'm looking for a UT Hasty Kyurem with a good hidden power fire.
right now im Sring for one, so if you have the one i want i can SR one for you with a nature that you want and maybe something else

pm me if interested ^^

EDIT: nevermind i got one ^^ not the best iv's but at least i got a HP Fire 60
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ultimate trainer
anyone have a kyurem with 300+ speed and 420+ hp offering shiny mewtwo level 100 respond asap with friend code . 0948-8777-6582 is my friend code my trainer name for pokemon black is andrew


Reputable Trader
Looking for EV properly trained flawless lv100 shiny kyurem must be timid, mild, rash, calm, bold, hasty, naive, timid, modest, relaxed, sassy, adamant, jolly, or lonely or even naughty these are the other conditions
Must be flawless, properly EV trained in the state its best in for its nature and MUST BE LEGIT I can offer shinies and events in my shop for this a big offer I have is UT adamant shiny nobunaga rayquaza flawless I really need this for my a hail team I am making I can trade up to 2 shinies and 1 event depending on what lv and nature and EV's it has I also accept any nature shiny kyurem but mainly what I asked for first thanks
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Looking for a Kyurem
Don't care about nature etc.
Offers in sig
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