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#646 Kyurem

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Pokeman OG
Have an UT Kyurem. Jolly nature. Looking for Legendaries and shinies! PM me!


Pokemon Trainer
i have a ut timid nature Kyurem up for trade

looking for a event manaphy as long its not a egg one or is hacked,cloned,or anything like that

pm me for offers

Wan Hidayat

New Member
Hi fellow trainers, i have a UT Kyurem.
Willing to trade for a Reshiram, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Moltres or Entei
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Hello~ !! Just passing by to say that I'll soon get yet another japanese UT Kyurem that I'll be willing to offer~ If your looking for one PM me~ :3 I can get it for you with any nature of your choice it might just take a little while~ PM me with offers~ <3 Thank you~ Also I will only accept purely legit Pokemon's no hacks or anything of the sort~ If your not willing to trade fair than dun come to me. X3


Clone my Balls!
I have several Kyurem for trade, including a Shiny one. PM ME OFFERS!


Show me the Munna!
In need of some legendaries...

Hey all,
I'm looking for any versions of the following pokemon. I'm not too picky as they are for a friend. I'm not interested in any cloned or clones of pokemon, hacks, or fakes of any kind. If you have any questions or offers, just let me know.

Looking for:

The 3 Regi's
(Or any shines of any pokemon except the dogs)


3 x Victinis (2 x Lax & 1 x Naughty)
Virizion ~ Quirky
Terrakion ~ Serious
Cobalion ~ Quiet
Kyurem ~ Lonely
Reshiram ~ Careful

These are all real as I have caught each one. I look forward to doing business with you...


Aipom Maniac
Hey guys I have a few shiny kyurems all level 100 from various trades. I am ideally looking for a shiny celebi named CHERRY, but I am flexible and will consider all reasonable offers! PM me
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Hey all!
gUeSs WhAt? I caught my latest shiny, SHINY KYRUEM! 10 sr, 20 min! Thats GOTTA be a RECORD!
In case u don't know what it looks like, here's a sprite!


New Member
im Looking for shiny Kyurem :D

lf shiny evd :Druddigon simpour Simisage Simisear Audino Stunfisk Braviary Kyurem :)
also lf those ^
The kyurem should be ut with good nature or evd ill offer good amount of evds and shinys :)


Clone my Balls!
Gen V Legends for trade!

Shiny Kyurem - Timid, lvl.75, UT
Kyurem - Lonely, lvl.78 (Pokerus)
Kyurem - Sassy, lvl.77 (Japanese)
Kyurem - Mild, lvl.75, UT
Zekrom - Careful, lvl.52
Zekrom - Jolly, lvl.76 (Pokerus)
Reshiram - Hardy, lvl.59
Terrakion - Brave, lvl.42 UT
Terrakion - Bashful, lvl.42 UT
Cobalion - Relaxed, lvl.42 UT
Cobalion - Bashful, lvl.42 UT
Virizion - Lax, lvl.42, UT
Shiny Thundurus - Timid, lvl.40, UT
Shiny Thundurus - Sassy, lvl.40, UT (Japanese)

PM me :)
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