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#647 Keldeo

Discussion in 'Unova Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. needforspeed

    needforspeed New Member

    Hi, can I trade Kyogre with a Keldeo, please.
  2. Nuhji

    Nuhji New Member

    looking for legit keldeo either to keep or just trade back so i can have it in my dex
  3. Zombie Gun

    Zombie Gun New Member

    Yo haha. Can anyone give me a Keldeo? XD I dont have very many pokemon on my white 2 yet so i cant offer anything, but if you can haha that'd be awesome. PM me if you do or VM i guess XD
  4. Moodbeam

    Moodbeam Member

    Looking for a legit Keldeo, can offer most Pokemon in return, just name what you would like! :) (Pm me please)
  5. Smog125

    Smog125 New Member

    Offering Timid or Hardy SMR2012 Keldeo w/PP Max.
    Looking for legit ;251;, ;385;, ;386;, ;490;, ;492;,

    PM with offers. I might be able to trade against others type of pokemon if I need them.

    Trades done! No more Keldeo's to offer.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2012
  6. dark_murasame

    dark_murasame OG Trainer

    looking for adamant brave, or lonely SMR2012 keldeo

    sneasel w/ice punch
    carvanha w/ speedboost ability
    suicune (japanese)

    please pm asap.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2012
  7. Osada

    Osada Pokemon lover

    hi,, wanna ask something, since the hack check thread in gen IV is close, I wanna ask where can I check if my keldeo is hacked or cloned? or is there any method I can use? thx.
  8. Gnarzard

    Gnarzard New Member

    Looking for SMR2012 Keldeo.

    What I can offer (all are touched because I am a noob):
    GAMESTP shiny entei, raikou and suicune. All of which have been touched, and raikou has pokerus (active).
    WIN2011 Celebi
    2012MAY Darkrai
    Liberty Garden Victini
    SMR2010 Jirachi
    Plasma Genesect
    PM me for details
    I will only trade these if you can clone because I like having them since they are awesome, but would like to share the wealth as well :p
  9. montagneian

    montagneian New Member

    Traded! Thank you!
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2012
  10. Aggrotek

    Aggrotek Shine for me!

    Looking to trade and trade back. I really want to fill up the pokedex in Black 2.
  11. CraigPitt

    CraigPitt Active Member

    Looking for a Keldeo. Have Genosects for trade. However I am more than happy to trade and trade back. Please PM me if you can help :)
  12. Sunbright07

    Sunbright07 SCIENTIST

    I have 2 Gamestop Keldeos on my white version(Redeemed and traded over from my black) I'm looking for shinies. Send me a tell!
  13. tynerds37

    tynerds37 Veteran player

    Looking for a gamestop Keldeo. I got some legendaries i can trade for it, including a few events
    PM me if you are interested
  14. LadyMiir

    LadyMiir Nat. Dex COMPLETE!!!

    Seeking Keldeo just for the dex entry. Please let me know!
  15. !jirachi!

    !jirachi! 3/4 dead...

    looking for keldeo pm me your wants. fc in the signature
  16. Brechnor

    Brechnor New Member

    Hi, first post i'm new here :)
    Looking for a keldo (and meloetta too)

    I can offer:
    Tornadus (on cloud)
    Thundurus (on cloud)

    Shiny Milotic w/ mystic water

    For perma trade or dex trade :)
  17. tailmister

    tailmister Well-Known Member

    Hello, interested in a legit Keldoi.

    Can offer most legendaries from gen 1-4. PM me if interested.
  18. Sunbright07

    Sunbright07 SCIENTIST

    I Have another Keldeo up for trade. PM me if you've gt something rare or shiny I might like!
  19. Lrb1996

    Lrb1996 New Member

    Looking for a Keldeo, can trade a shiny Salamance.
  20. riche606

    riche606 New Member

    Anyone have a spare Untrained Keldeo from the GAME/Gamestop event, i have a Darkrai or Shiny Empoleon to trade
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