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#647 Keldeo

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Sea Swampert

being piratey
Looking for any legit Keldeo, can offer generic legendaries inc Cobalion, Virizion, Terrakion, Thundurus, Palkia, Mewtwo, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Ho-oh, Dialga, Latias, Lugia. Also able to offer shiny dogs or a UK FAL2010 Mew. Only a couple of shiny pokemon which are Staravia and a Sneasel. PM me if interested.
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Event Hunter
im looking for a legit keldeo pm me :)


Crescendo Cuty
Looking for ANY legit keldeo :)

I have tons of national dex pokes, almost all of them.

Shiny Pokemon: Lvl 62 Piloswine.

Lengedaries: the three gnomes, level 50 and level 15 event Victinis, Level 100 event Zekrom, Cresselia, Latios.

PM if interested please, I really need a Keldeo :D


Hi I'm looking for a Keldeo for a tradeback, just for Dex entry, if anyone is interested.

I can breed a DWF for you for your troubles.

Please PM me if interested.

Champion Cynthia108

Sinnoh's Champion
Looking for any Legit Keldeo, preferably Resolute Forme. Can trade a Shiny Lugia for it.


New Member
Update: I have a Keldeo now, this trade request has been completed already.
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Wandering Trainer
Looking for any legit Keldeo. I have a DWF Poliwag if you're interested, PM me :)
Looking for Keldeo to borrow. Will trade back. Unfortunately I do not have anything to offer, but I sincerely promise I am not a scammer. If I was, you would have enough evidence to get me banned from here.

Sea Swampert

being piratey
Looking for a legit Keldeo either for permanent trade or just a dex trade. Have a lot of legendaries to trade and a few shinies including the event dogs and a sneasel or staravia. PM if interested!


Just an empty shell
Looking for a Keldeo. My nearest EB Games (Canadian) is four hours away, so...
I'm not fussy on natures or competitive stats, so long as it's a Keldeo.

PM to work out a deal. Thanks!

~Master K


New Member
Looking for any legit Keldeo.
I have (legit): Darkrai (UT), Cressellia (UT, 4th and 5th gen), Azelf (UT, 4th and 5th gen), Mesprit (UT, 4th and 5th gen), Uxie (UT, 4th and 5th gen), Mewtwo (UT), Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Arceus (UT TRU and in-game event I think) Regigigas (UT, possibly TRU and in-game event), Regirock (UT), Registee (UT), Regice (UT, not from 5th gen games), Manaphy (UT), Phione (UT), Flawless Moltres (UT, not sure on nature), Jirachi (WISHMKR, lvl 100), Dialga (UT), Shiny Palkia, Shaymin (UT), and Possibly a couple others. May still have a shiny UT shaymin, depending on if another person backs out of a trade.
PM if interested :]


New Member
Greetings all,

I'm back in on trading again (now in Black 2), looking for Keldeo as this is one of the last pokemon I need to complete my dex. Obviously a permanent trade is preferred, but data would be good too :)

See sig for what I have to offer currently, PM if interested/wanting details!


Just Monika
offering my japanese movie keldeo

looking for
nobunaga's rayquaza
masuda's deoxys
shiny legendaries
pm offers


Crank it up to 11!!
EDIT: Complete
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