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#647 Keldeo

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teenage grandpa
have a UT keldeo from the 2013 wifi event if anyone wants it. pm me with offers


Human Pokedex
looking for some keldeos. offers in spoiler

currently organizing my events and transferring things so there might be a few things i dont have anymore

.EUSMR09 regigigas (rash ut lv 100)
WISHMKR jirachi (sassy ut lv5)
hayleys mew (modest ut lv 50)
dw arceus hardy (ut lv 100)
alamos naughty darkrai (ut lv 50)
10th deoxys (gentle ut lv 50)
jap manaphy (hardy ut lv 50, not exactly sure which event but i have checked it at some point)
gamestp suicune (relaxed t lv 48, event used)
french vgc09 milotic (timid lv t lv 51, only exp is from daycare so basically ut)
palcity lucario (modest t lv 51)
jantas golurk (bold ut lv 70, shiny)
carlitas hydreigon (timid ut lv 70, shiny)
movie14 victini (hasty ut lv 50)
liberty pass victini (relaxed ut lv 15)
spr2012 reshiram (modest/jolly ut lv 100)
spr2012 zekrom (adamant/jolly ut lv 100)
win2011 celebi (hardy ut lv 50, event used)
win2013 keldeo (UT quiet lv 50, resolute form)
win2013 keldeo (UT quirky lv 50)
2012may darkrai (UT hasty lv 50)
2012may darkrai (UT brave lv 50)x2
feb2012 mewtwo (rash lv 100, ev trained in spa and speed)
nobunagas rayquaza

kyurem (lax t lv 100, low evs, obtained in gts)
vibrava (quirky t lv 100)
gyarados (naughty t lv 31)
crobat (lax t lv 100, obtained in gts)
electrike (timid ut lv 1)
druddigon (gentle ut lv 1, obtained in gts)
salamence (timid t lv 62)
deino (serious ut lv 1, obtained in gts)
charmander (timid ut lv 1, flawless)
litwick (jolly ut lv 26, semi flawless, obtained in gts)
ferroseed (relaxed ut lv 1, semi flawless)
bagon (modest ut lv 1, flawless, obtained in gts)
terrakion (jolly ut lv 42, semi flawless)
verizion (jolly ut lv 42, semi flawless)
cobalion (jolly ut lv 42, semi flawless)
nature preserve haxorus (UT naughty lv 60)
Willing to trade up one of two Keldeo's acquired in the previous 2 WiFi events. Looking for either a legit or clone of a legit Genesect from the BW2 event back in November 2012. PM me if interested.


New Member
I have a level 15 Keldeo for trade. I need a Porygon 2 or a Porygon holding an upgrade. Please help!


Veteran Trainer
I have several Keldeos of varying natures for trade (all legit). Looking for shinies or legendaries I already have.


New Member
I have a 2013 Keldeo with sassy nature for trade, looking for a fal2010 mew (on level 5, doesn't matter if it's cloned or not, I just wanted it to be legit!D: )! Send me a message!


Active Member
Have kaldeo willing to trade for some google play points if possible


What do I do now?
Lvl 15 Keldeo (English) for trade

PM if interested; first come first served (unless the offer is absolutely outrageous XD lol no Bidoofs please)


Have an untouched level 15 Keldeo. I'm after an English Mew, Deoxys, Shaymin, Jirachi or Darkrai.

PM me so we can work out a time.
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The Master Mew
Looking for an UT Keldeo's. Offering various pokemon in return. Look in my signature for details.


Veteran Trainer
Hey Blitro! I left a message on your wall. Your PM folder is full.
After the level 15 event Keldeo.Got B/W events I can offer.

Hailstorm Metagross

Steel-Type Trainer
Hi,Im new here.Anyways.Would anyone be able to trade me a (legit)english Darkrai or Arceus.Im willing to trade Keldeo for either one.Its lv 50 and timid nature.I already have a Keldeo,so I'm trying to get pokemon I don't have.I would trade my Keldeo I recieved from gamestop but Its lv 55 and its already been trained.If anyone has a darkrai or arceus to trade,your help would be greatly appreciated.=)


New Member
Greetings. Apparently my timing is awful since I missed the first Keldeo by a week and this one by two days. I'd like to trade for either one, preferably untouched. I can offer event Suicune or Celebi that I obtained myself in the Gen 4 games. I have an extra event Victini and Darkrai from the Gen 5 games. Also have some cloned legit event PKMN that I might be willing to part with. Shoot me a PM if you can help me out. Thanks!
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lol at you
Hey, I'm looking for a 2013 event Keldeo, willing to trade any of my shinies ( geodude, floatzel, noctowl, starly, shinx, golduck and ponyta).

I'm also after a legit deoxys, jirachi, arceus, darkrai, shaymin and genesect. Hit me up! =)


T.E.G Member.
Offering an Adamant SMR2012 Keldeo. Looking for Event Shaymin, or other events not in my sig...Also not a WISHMKR Jirachi. PM or VM me. Thanks! =]


I have an extra Keldeo from the recently ended event that I'm willing to trade. I haven't picked it up from the delivery man yet, so I can SR for the nature you want. I'm looking for other uncloned events or shinies. PM me with offers.


Well-Known Member
have few Keldeo's to trade (both level 15 event and level 50 event)

seeking Modest DW Bulbasaur
Timid DW Charmader


I'm Toxic.
I can offer you a DW F Sableye for your keldeo.


Speed Trainer
Hello im looking for a timid keldeo i would like it to be flawless or near flawless but doesnt have to be im offering gamestop event raikou lvl 30 evd 252 speed 252 speciall attack and 4hp, a gamestop jirachi flawless if the keldeo is near flawless or flaWless, i am willing to give both for it
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