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#647 Keldeo

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Det. John Kimble
I have a trained Lvl 62 keldeo for trade. Not looking for anything specific, preferably an event, just shoot me a PM if interested.


New Member
I have an untouched lvl 50 Keldeo foe trade.

I would like a lvl 1 chamander, dratini, or pikachu



IV Breeder
I'll take it :3


Pokemon Master
3 UT event Keldeo; two lv 15 and one lv 50. PM me offers if interested


Win2013 Keldeo with superior IV's and SMR2012 Keldeo uft. Looking for Deoxys or Celebi.

Legit trades only please. UT Preferably.


New Member
Sorry to everyone about the keldeo mesgs

Trade Complete


New Member
If anybody has a keldeo up for trade i need it i have many pokemon i can offer message me please with who you would like and hopefully can work something out


Nibelung Valesti
Looking for a Keldeo, preferably under level 50. I have many legendaries and shinies to offer. Pm me if interested.


Trade Completed
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Well-Known Member
Have a lvl 15 Keldeo up for trade; looking for any of the event Pokemon in my sig.


Keldeo for trade

trade complete.
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New Member
I have 2 keldeos
The one with secret sword is lvl 15 which has a docile nature
and my other one is lvl 50 with a brave nature
Both from events and are legit
I'm willing to trade ONE
I'm looking for shinies
PM if your interested


New Member
I have a level 15 Keldeo up for trade, looking for either a Deoxys or a Manaphy. Any levels, stats etc
PM me :)


Offering shiny Palkia for shiny Keldeo
Shiny Muk/Swalot/Untouched Meditite for regular Keldeo
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Looking for any keldeo. Willing to trade DWF Poliwag, gligar, eevee, vulpix, murkrow, shaymin(shiny) shiny gallade, Deoxys, Zekrom, palkia, deoxys, and about any other legendary you can name. PM with offers. FC Black: 5200 2269 2159
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