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#647 Keldeo

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trade complete.
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Crazy Artist
I just got a Meloetta from Gamestop (Untouched with item) and am dying to trade it for a legit Keldeo since I barely missed the last promotion for it. PM me if interested.


Someone has to win..
I'm looking for a legit mild keldeo. Willing to trade ev-trained legendaries and an any-nature event genesect.


Veteran Breeder
Looking for an UT Keldeo In return I can offer any pokemon freshly hatched with any egg moves and ability can nickname to anything you want and if necessary I can also get the gender of your choice


Mega Victini?
I have 2 keldeos! check out my newly opened shop! more than 70 shiny pokemon too! its in my sig!


New Member
Looking for a Keldeo. The legendary pokémon that I can offer is Cobalion, Terrakion, Regiice, Registeel, Regirock, Uxie, Kyurem and Zekrom. Also have many more but only have one of those.

Can also trade you some items like Rare Candy.

PM me if interested!


New Member
Looking for a Timid Keldeo.

I can offer anything from my sig, and the legendaries not in it ;)
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Well-Known Member
Looking for ÉTÉ2012 and VER2012 Keldeo
PM me for my offers.



Mega Victini?
Im getting a 3rd Keldeo!!! Where!?!??!?! Check below!
Check out my shop! its in my sig! with over 70 shinies and so much more! including an upcoming daily giveaway!!!!


Shiny Hunter
have 2 Keldeos, both timid, one HP Ice flawless, one HP Ghost flawless, let me know what you can offer. Looking for rare events, preferably flawless, mainly deoxys, jirachi, celebi


New Member
looking for a keldeos for poke dex can breed pokemon and have extra legendary pokemon pm really need it


Pokemon Master
Have an UT Keldeo up for trade. PM me with offers of interested.


Shiny Collector
I have an UT Keldeo Adamant Nature from the last Gamestop Give-a-way. I'm looking for shinies I don't have. Just Pm me if interested. Thanks in advance.
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