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#647 Keldeo

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Dragon Tamer
EDIT: Trades completed. Thank you.
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Looking for a keldeo I have three shiny legendary dogs not touched and a shiny altaria pm me


New Member
LF Timid Keldeo.

Offering Brave Melloetta.

175 HP
93 Atk
88 Def
136 Sp Atk
141 Sp Def
90 Spe

Untouched from the Spring UK event.


Pokemon Master
Jolly, lvl 50 WIN2013 Keldeo UT up for trade

Looking for a legit Arceus


Poison fan
Offering a Win2013 Keldeo, looking for other event poke:

Mew, Jirachi, Deoxys, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus.


Bird Brain
Edit: Trade complete.
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I just need a Keldeo for dex entry and I SWEAR to TRADE IT BACK!! please?!


New Member
Looking for Keldeo,
trade for:
- Lugia
- Ho-Oh
- Jirachi
- Shiny Electabuzz, Poochyena and Electrike

PM if interested!
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Have a legit Keldeo, will trade for any event/legends no listed in my signature
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New Member
Offering a legit event Keldeo. I want a Shaymin in return :)
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Aspiring Trainer

I'm looking for Keldeo! Missed the chance to get it by a long shot. :(

I'm offering a couple rare pokemon I'm come across:
-Shiny Muk (hatched from egg in Pearl). lv38 mild nature, female.
-Shiny Emboar (hatched from egg on 10/10/11), in White. lv72. quiet nature, male.*
-Shiny Tangrowth
-Shiny Nosepass (caught in Pearl during swarm) lv 23. careful nature, male.*

* are my favorite shinies but I am willing to part for a Keldeo, which I cannot get on my own. Anyhow, I can definitely do an all starter pokemon package or whatever. Just PM me. Thanks! :D


Looking to trade my untouched Keldeo for a shiny Lapras or a Celebi. Shiny Lapras is preferred though!


New Member
Keldeo from WIN2013 available. Untouched at Lv. 50. Relaxed nature. Looking for legit Mew, Celebi, Jirachi or Shaymin - please no hacks. PM if interested, thanks!


Sexy Trainer
Looking for Keldeo, pm if you wanna work out a trade

Hayate Ayasaki

Active Member
Offering Flawless Timid SMR2012 Keldeo

LF: shiny flawless I don't have, 2 events I dont have check out my sig for more


Well-Known Member
to marcd824
I have a keldeo you can have
I am looking for anything in my sig and Darkrai (will take mew)
I can only let you borrow it as my friend needs everything in my sig and darkrai once our trade is complete I can give the pokemon back to you and you give me keldeo back
Are you alright with this? Pm me if you are interested
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