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#647 Keldeo

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I'm looking for a Keldeo just for a dex entry.


looking for any keldeo, can trade almost anything, trying to complete dex entries, pm me for negotiations :)


New Member
Could someone please lend me a keldeo? I only need it to fill my pokédex so I'll give it back instantly. If you can help me, contact me via my tumblr/gmail (in my biography) or in a pm. Thank you!


I have a WIN2013 Keldeo for trade. Looking for a Mew or a Genesect! PM me if interested.


New Member
Hey guys its been awhile since I started playing my Pokemon Black again recently,
I noticed that I needed a Keldeo for completing my dex
So if anyone could willingly trade it to me T.T
Don't worry I've got lots to offer XD


just looking for a keldeo to trade for the dex or for keeps (that parts up to you) i'm offering phione or anything else that i have, pm me if your interested


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Have UT timid summer 2012 keldeo lvl 15, looking for shaymin victini or meloerta


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Looking for Keldeo, ideally with neutral natures, or natures favouring SpATK or SPD.

Have a Japanese, shiny Genesect from the new movie and Jirachi (Japanese and English) up for trade. Also have every starter and pretty much any other breedable pokemon you want. PM anytime if you're interested :)


Poison fan
Offering Keldeo, looking for Burn drive and Shock drive.

Imma Agito

Outplay Man
Looking for UT Timid Keldeo. Willing to trade UT Meloetta


Dragon Tamer
Have a Kelseo for trade, mainly looking for shinys in my sig but I'm open to all offers, I'm not interested in dw Pokemon


Legendary Hunter
looking for any keldeo. need it for dex entry. can trade basically any poekmon have many legendaries and also have shiny and event pokemon

Emperor Empoleon

Honor of Kalos
I have an extra Event Keldeo that I can trade. WIN2013 with Gentle Nature. Looking for a Mew.

Please PM if interested :]

EDIT: Trade complete
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Blasting Toise

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I am looking for any legit Keldeo. I can offer Kanto's 3 legendary birds, Kyogre, Azelf, Cresselia, Lugia and Giratina or shinies Zigzagoon, Houndoom, Stoutland, Drowzee, Beldum and Slakoth. PM offers


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Seeking some Legendary Pokemon to wrap up my current White 2 Pokedex. Keldeo is one of them, I have a number of spare legendaries and some shinies that I'll add to my signature later. If anyone can help PM me, thanks


Link Jokers!
Looking for a Keldeo. Can trade tons of Pokemon, but I cannot, unfortunately, trade my events. I can offer 2 Masterballs and almost any In-game Legends you can think of. PM me if you're interested!
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