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#648 Meloetta Aria Forme / Pirouette Forme

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suga britchzz

pokemon trainer
looking for a dex entry. will give back and trade something for your help and time. dont have much atm but pm me to work something out thanks


New Member
I have meloetta and keldeo and vicitini up for trade......
theses is a list of pokemon I'm like for

With Flawless IV'sfully Ev trained:

Mienshao (innerfocus) Adamant

Bisharp (Defiant) female Adamant

Sandile (Intimidate) female Adamant

Mamoswine with the move (Ancient power) female Adamant


If u have whats on the list plz pm me thank u.
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Looking for any kind of Meloetta Willing to trade Event Win 2011 Celebi Sassy Natured. Uncured Pokerus Pm me if interested


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Have another Meloe available. Seeking a good-natured Registeel (must be nicknameable and from BW2)


I'll give anything in my signature (that I'm offering) for a meloetta, in addition to some rare items like the "power" items, heart scales, a light ball, an absorb bulb, a focus sash and more! Please pm me if you are interested!!! :)


Aura Guardian
It's all in the sig
Looking for Meloetta, legit is better, willing to do either a dex trade/trade-back or regular trade*. I have a Latios lvl. 50 for trade, barely used (caught in SS @ 50), will have either evo. stone attached of your choice. Also, Latios is pokerus cured.

PM me to work it out!

*offering Latios, but I do have other decent trades for either Dex trade or regular. I have a bit of a Pokerus farm going on so most all will have pokerus or cured.
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Mega Victini?
Looking For Melloetta Offering: Shiny Legit Darkrai (i caught in sinnoh took exactly 6,382 soft resets), shiny shielder, shiny Milotic, or my Kyurem. :)


New Member
Hi, I'm looking for a legit Meloetta (even if it's just for the pokedex entry). I can offer nearly every Pokemon including most event Pokemon (feel free to ask about which ones I have). PM me for offers. Thanks :)
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Looking for a Meloetta! I can offer many events and shinies, just ask! PM if interested. Please and thank you!


Trades complete for now
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Looking for a legit Meloetta too. Don't care about natures etc. I have many event Pokémon to trade like Celebi, Legendary Dogs, Jirachi, Darkrai, Victini and Keldeo. As well as other legendaries like Reshiram and Zekrom, Lugia, Mewtwo, Regis and the birds.

If you don't have one to trade, then I would really appreciate a trade-trade back for the Dex entry.
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Blink Kid
I will trade shiny foreign pokemon for a meloetta, pm me what pokemon you are looking for and we'll sort something out, must be legit


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Only interested in the Pokédex entry, I'll give your Meloetta back as soon as I've got that. PM if you're willing to help me :)


Ace Trainer

So I'm looking for a Meloetta, preferably to keep but also happy to just get the data with a tradeback. Not concerned about natures, IV's or anything, just want the Pokemon.

If anyone is interested in trading, this is what I have to offer: Any non legendary Pokemon from any generation, including all starters. Shiny Shiny Azumarill or Tranquili. Not the greatest selection, but shinies none the less. Legends Zapdos, Cresselia (Quirky/Naive), Latios, Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Regigigas, Phioine, Kyurem, Keldeo, Genesect. All legit, all untouched. I can also infect any of the above Pokemon with Pokerus and attach a Masterball or Rare Candy or whatever you want.

If this isn't a good enough offer then you can pick three of the above to keep just for the one Meloetta, that's fine by me.

Meloetta is the last Pokemon I need to complete my dex, so please PM me if you're interested and we'll sort out a trade asap.

Thanks very much,

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