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#648 Meloetta Aria Forme / Pirouette Forme

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I have a UT timid meloetta from the japanese event from a while ago. I'm looking for what's in my sig, but I also open to other offers.


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I just got a Meloetta from Gamestop (Untouched with item) and am dying to trade it for a legit Keldeo since I barely missed the last promotion for it. PM me if interested.


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I have two Meloetta from the recent GameStop event (Mild natured and Quiet natured). I'm willing to trade either one for a legit, untouched English Wi-Fi Genesect. PM me if interested.


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I have 3 legit UT Meloetta, looking for other legit UT event legendaries. I have a particular interest in Victini, Mew, Jirachi, or Manaphy, but I'll consider other offers. I already have Keldeo though, so don't offer that.

1) Quiet - Relatively Superior - 31 Attack - 30 Special Attack (TRADE COMPLETED)

2) Modest - Above Average - 30 Special Attack (TRADE COMPLETED)

3) Mild - Decent - 31 Special Attack (TRADE COMPLETED)

Message me offers if you want one.
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Patience is Virtue
I have an UT Meloetta (Japanese Movie event), Naive nature. Willing to trade for Glameow/Purugly or Carnivine. PM me!


G-Rank Hunter
I'm looking for a UT Meloetta, Clones are fine as long as they're copies of a Legit one. The event it's from doesn't matter to me either.

(Isn't it great that they would make distribution exclusive to places not everyone has access too?)


New Member
I have a legit Meloetta I just got at gamestop. I'm looking for shinies or other sick legendaries. Please PM me if you are interested.


Well-Known Member
Have a couple Gamestop Event Meloettas, one Rash(Likes to thrash about), one Naive(Often lost in thought); looking for any of the Event Pokemon in my sig.


New Member
offering SPR2013 Meloetta (havent picked up so i can get any nature) LF flawless ditto, DW Bulbasaur, DW Torchic or any UT event celebi. All must be legit PM if interested


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meloetta, slightly used. hardy, proud of its power. looking for rayquazaa, or event mythic-rares.


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i'm tradin the event meleotta i got one on my white 1 already so i'm tradin one i just picked up at gstop. pm me with offers


Active Member
I've got a Melloetta for trade, however I'm more interested in pokemon for my soul silver, so if someone has any of the pokemon I'm looking for in a compatible version with soul silver and wants to trade to my soul silver and then trade Melloetta to your black/white/2 let me know!
I'm looking for: Mew, Jirachi, Celebi, Arceus, Shaymin, Darkrai, Deoxys


Pika Pika Pikachu
//Got two Meloettas now//
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Looking for a Meloetta. The legendary pokémon that I can offer is Cobalion, Terrakion, Regiice, Registeel, Regirock, Uxie, Kyurem and Zekrom. Also have many more but only have one of those.

Can also trade you some items like Rare Candy.

PM me if interested!
I have two legit and untouched Meloetta's. I am looking for two legit and america pokemon: dexoys and shaymin. PM if interested.

white 2 friend code: 5329 8717 8853
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