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#648 Meloetta Aria Forme / Pirouette Forme

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New Member
Have 3 UT legeit Game Stop moloetta looking for shiny charmander Deoxy Shaymin


Active Member
I've got 3 Melloettas, timid, quirky and careful, I'm looking for the following pokemon

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A Mix Of Everything
Looking for LV 100 Meloetta & i can offer A bit touched Genesect or any event pokemon? Pm me :D
Looking for any Meloetta. Can offer any of the Gamestop shiny beast trio (Entei, Suicune, Raikou), lv.100 event Regigigas, UT shiny Charmander and Torchic, as well as a couple other Pokemon that may be laying around in my boxes somewhere.


New Member
I have event Meloetta to trade. Looking for another event exclusive besdies Keldeo.

Preferably Adamant, Modest, Timid or Jolly Genesect.

edit: I believe the meloetta are careful & quiet.


New Member
Hey guys I have an extra legit UT GameStop event meloetta.

I'm looking for a legit UT event Celebi. PM me ASAP :) thanks guys!


New Member
Offering a UT Keldeo (Win2013) looking for a UT Gamestop Meloetta


New Member
i am offering an UT meloetta. i can soft reset to get nature of choice. PM if interested.
i am looking for shiny modest charmander preferably or DW torchic but open to any other offers as well.
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almighty umbreon

Fear the Darkness
So, I was a blockhead and thought the event lasted longer. When I realized today was the last day, I rushed to GameStop after work. They'd already closed and I missed it. So, I'm looking for one of these just to have it. I don't care about nature or stats or IVs. Admittedly though there's not a whole lot I can offer... But, if anyone has an extra one lying around PM me and I'll see what I can do.


keeper of elements
Keldeo ut
Meloetta ut
Genesect t
Haze zekrom ut
Kings rock mewtwo

Shiny or regular shaymin
Alamos darkrai
Shiny manaphy
Or all if them


New Member
LF Feb Event Mewtwo, have a few a UT Meloetta from GameStop


Shiny Hunter
5 UT Meloetta:
Modest Flawless
Timid Flawless
Naive Flawless
Naive HP Ice Flawless
Calm Flawless

All are up for trade for good offers such as flawless events and shiny flawless pokemon I want, PM me if interested


Blue Ace Trainer
I would really love a Meloetta.
I guess alot of people are after them but I don't have the same opportunities here in New Zealand to get some of those rare pokemon.


New Member

Have shinys , legendarys , and other events for trade
I have about everything else you would be looking for please message me if interested
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