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#648 Meloetta Aria Forme / Pirouette Forme

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Hey, does anyone still have any GameStop meloetta that they can trade away? I have a ton of shinies, legendaries, other event pokemon, etc. if you name it, I probably have it. (Including starters, Lucario, Zoroark, and. tons and tons more). I just missed out on the meloetta event at GameStop by like a day and I want to get it.

Thanks in advance!
I have a Timid meloetta
looking for a jolly rayquaza


New Member
meloetta up for trade pm me if interested

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I have 3 for trade all legit


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Offering: I have three extra Meloettas, check my sig for what I'm looking for. (Genesect or Mew first) All are UT and legit.
Looking for Meloetta. Have a UT Shiny Mesprit for whoever has one.


New Member
I'm looking for a legit UT event Meloetta any nature. I have a UT Movie14 Victini Quiet nature Highly curious to trade for one. The Victini doesn't have the held item though, not sure if that matters. Pm me if you are interested.

Trade complete.
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Spirit of the Desert
Looking for Meloeta, dextrade or personal use. I would prefer personal but am open to either.

Available to trade
Shiny Entei Lvl 100 Shiny swampert lvl 37 , shiny sceptile lvl 50, shiny Blaziken lvl 38, or Shiny Charizard lvl 50. Open to offers


New Member
Searching for SPR3013 Meloetta (untouched if possible) don´t need PP Max

Offering an untouched WIN2013 Keldeo with PP Max Impish nature

PM me if interrested :)

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Offering a UT Meleotta, any nature you want. Will also throw in pokerus for the event legendaries/other legendaries/item of my choice.

PM if interested. Looking for: Shiny Latios (As if) Shiny Kyogre, a selection of DW female pokemon, event legendaries. These legendaries MUST be legitimate. You can also PM me with your own offer if you feel it's good enough that I haven't specified.


New Member
looking for the newly released Spring meloetta. can offer some legendaries and some other even pokes. pm me with offers


Able Breeder
I have an UT SPR2013 Meloettas, still with held item, looking for shiny Rayquaza, must be legitimate. Although open to offers!


New Member
Looking for Keldeo or Meloetta, I can trade Regice, Regirock, and a pokemon with pokerus. Just getting in to the games, so I don't have event ones to offer, sorry :/

PM me if there are other legendaries from White 2 you would want. Besides Reshiram and Kyurem, I am pretty open.


Looking for ANY meloetta
Willing to trade UT shiny regice from emerald
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i have two UT gamestop meloetta for trade im looking for other evnts but i REALLY want tcg online codes pm me
Looking for an UT Meloetta from the Recent (and ongoing) GAME events willing to trade any 4th gen or older legendary (including events) + a few shinies. Including Houndour (blue), Magneton, Electabuzz, Gastly and a couple of others...

Hope you can help :)
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