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#648 Meloetta Aria Forme / Pirouette Forme

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Looking for any Meloetta, offering a number of event pokemon, as well as flawless and/or shiny pokemon for it.
Willing to accept clones, please PM me with exactly what you'd like in exchange.


Experienced Trainer
I'm looking for any Meloetta. I can offer a few legendaries I have like Thundurus, Tornadus, and Reshiram. I can also transfer a Darkrai or Mew from my 4th generation games if necessary. Will accept clones.
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Lillipup Trainer
looking for a movie event meloetta.
not to keep, just to clone. then i can return it to you
you can have any pokemon in my thread that is not on hold.

Archangel Azazel

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Have movie Hasty Meloetta. Look at my shop for my wants or just post offers ^_^ Thank you :3
Looking for a Melotta. Don't care about nature etc. Offers in sig


Connoisseur of Cool
Looking for a movie event Meloetta. PM me for offers.


I am trying to completely fill my pc with one of every Pokemon. I need help getting a meoletta in both formes.

if you have one you're willing to give up, please pm me. I have a few legendaries I can trade, and can offer a freshly bred Pokemon of any other type.


Well-Known Member
Looking for any legit Meloeta, doesn't need to be special, I just need it for a dex. PM me with offers, I have shinies.


Wanna trade
im offerin a meoletta all i want for it is a dw,dwf,event,or shiny

Shiny Arcanine Trainer

Well-Known Member
i have UT F Naive Meloetta, only looking for Shiny Flawless with good natures, Flawless or rare Events, or Dream Radfar Legendaries. PM me for offers!


Novice Breeder
Looking for any nature Meloetta, legitimate preferred but I will take exact clones of legitimate pokemon. I can offer a wide variety of dreamworld pokemon as well as a small number of shiny pokemon. Some legendaries are also available. Please message me =)


Active Member
Japanese Meloetta and keldeo, UT, available for trade. Since its rare, i'm wanting three pokemon in exchange that can be bred. none need to be shiny.
Swinub, Adamant/Jolly, LvL 1, with icicle crash
Elekid, Adamant/Jolly, LvL 1, with cross chop and ice punch
Vulpix, DW (with drought) Timid, LvL 1, with a fire stone


New Member
im looking for meloetta as it is 1 of the last few pokemon i need to complete my national dex so if any could help that would be awesome.if you need a dex entry of something i probally have it so we could do a quick back n forth if its to kepp i can offer DWF vulpix,poliwag,dratini,magikarp,smeargle. regular offers any starter,dark pulse zorua & deino,ice punch elekid,
magby,snover,snorunt,lapras,eevee, or i can try to get you any pokemon off the gts i also have pokerus i can give. if your intrested in helping me get this dex entry send me a pm
Looking for an UT Event Meloetta, I have a lot to trade so PM me for offers


Old School Breeder
Looking for event meloetta.

Will trade vent darkrai, victini, or genesect

PM me for trades must be legit


Wanna trade
i have naive meoletta clones for trade pm me offers


Hey, I'm looking for a Meloetta

This is what i have to offer:
All the 646 different pokemon
Charmander (named POP)
Thundurus (Japanese)
Ho-Oh (Japanese)
Lugia (Japanese)

I can also give all the pokemon Pokerus if you want.
I can also offer:
Vulpix with Drought Ability

Please PM me
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