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#648 Meloetta Aria Forme / Pirouette Forme

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lookinh for a meloetta, can offer basically any legendary, have many shinys and basically every pokemon


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I'm looking for both Meloetta and Keldeo (obviously) can you tell me what you want in return?


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Seeking some Legendary Pokemon to wrap up my current White 2 Pokedex. Meloetta is one of them, I have a number of spare legendaries and some shinies that I'll add to my signature later. If anyone can help PM me, thanks


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Looking for a Meloetta so that I can complete the Unova Dex. I can offer some shiny Pokemon and some others (for the Unova Dex). :)


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Will give ut plasma deoxys for meloetta or can ev train deoxys(has + sp attack) for ut legit meloetta


Pokemon Legend
have meloetta for trade looking for shinies i dont already have! pm me


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Looking for any Meleotta.

Willing to offer:
- Shiny beasts
- Giratina
- Articuno
- Moltres
- Prankster Riolu
- Lugia
- Registeel
- Contrary Shuckle
- Regenerator Slowpoke
- Any non legendary Pokemon


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Looking for a ut legit meloetta.
Offering one of the shiny beasts (raikou or entei), pkrs, victini, jirachi, phione. Pm me


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Other than my plasma deoxys I'm still offering, another option is my dw giratina ev trained, that giratina cost me $55 so you can kinda see I really want meloetta


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Hi I am looking for a nonhack/uncloned Meloetta

Willing to trade my shiny Tranquill, shiny stayu or shiny girafarig, plus attached item (lucky egg or Max revive etc)

Please PM me
I have a spare UT legit meloetta.
Either naive or timid.
Would like latios, mew, celebi, or jirachi. Legit only please.
Pm me :)


I have a Meloetta not going to use as i have the Dex entry already.
Looking for Mew and or Shaymin. Shaymin i would prefer to be untouched.


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have an extra movie14 victini(naughty lvl 50), will trade it for a legit meloetta with a good nature(please proof T.T im so sick of getting rng's clones and hacks)
Edit: got it <3
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in need of meloetta for dex, have shiny and legemds dont care about the nature or anything. PM me


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Looking for a Meloetta, I can offer pretty much any pokemon + some rare berries and pkrus.

Also have a few shinies on offer, pm me if interested.


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Will trade for UT NAIVE MEOLETTA (can be cloned, I dont mind), offering one of the 3 pokemons given by Pokemon Battle Revolution which are: UT lvl10 Pikachu (hardy) with Volt Tackle, Surf, Thail Whip and Thunder Wave, UT lvl50 Elecktravire (adamant) with Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Cross Chop and Earthquake, UT lvl50 Magmortar (modest) with Flamethrower, Psychic, Hyper Beam and Solar Beam. These are pretty unique. I can also trade you Shiny Event Suicune (I belive its shiny lol) and Deoxys EVs trained, level 50. PM me with your offer and game details.
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