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#648 Meloetta Aria Forme / Pirouette Forme

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Legend collector
Looking for a UT Legit Event Meloetta, preferably with Adamant nature.

Offering ONE of:

TRU Dragonite: UT, Lv 50, Mild Nature

(Japansese) Sumasu Mew: UT, Lv5 Adamant Nature

(Japansese) Sumasu Mew: UT, Lv5 Hardy Nature

MYSTRY Mew: UT, Lv10, Timid Nature

(Japanese) Shokotan Pikachu-colored Pichu: UT, Lv 30, Jolly Nature

GameStop Pikachu-colored Pichu: UT, Lv 30, Jolly Nature

SPR2010 Pikachu-colored Pichu: UT, Lv 30, Jolly Nature

10 ANIV Raikou: UT, Lv70, Hasty Nature

10 ANIV Entei: UT, Lv 70, Brave Nature

10 ANIV Suicune: UT, Lv 70, Lax Nature

10 ANIV Celebi: UT, Lv 70, Sassy Nature

(Japanese) Saikyou Milotic: UT, Lv 50, Bold Nature

(Japansese) Nintendo Zone Jirachi: UT, Lv 5, Timid Nature

SMR2010 Jirachi: UT, Lv 5, Adamant Nature

Toys "R" Us Darkrai: UT, Lv 50, Docile Nature, OT: ALAMOS, ID no: 05318

European Alamos Darkrai: UT, Lv 50, Timid Nature, OT: ALAMOS, ID no: 07038

Australian Alamos Darkrai: UT, Lv 50, Brave Nature, OT: ALAMOS, ID no: 10308

Toys "R" Us Shaymin: UT, Lv 50, Modest Nature

Movie 11 Shaymin: UT, Lv 50, Docile Nature

(Japanese) Movie Arceus: UT, Lv 100, Brave Nature

x3 PKTOPIA Electivire: UT, Lv 50, Adamant Nature


i am willing to trade away the gen 4 shinies given through gamestop
darkrai (not shiny) for meloetta
I am looking for a meloetta, hoping to get it before I can transfer to x and y. I have some event legendaries like darkrai, phione, shiny giratina, shiny dialga, shiny palkia, and some others I think. PM if interested in these or want to know what else I might have to offer for meloetta.


Looking for a Meloetta, nature doesn't matter, preferably untouched.

I can offer the following shinies:

-shiny charmander, lvl. 1, timid nature
-shiny swablu, lvl. 18, sassy nature
-shiny golem, hasty nature, lvl. 54
-shiny gabite, serious nature, lvl. 42
-shiny Ho-oh, gentle nature, lvl 100
-movie 08 event regigigas
-TRU regigigas
-channel Jirachi, one UT and one lvl. 100
-MYSTRY mew, aura mew and 10 anniv celebi


Pokemon Master


Minecraft YouTuber
ATTENTION! if you have a meloetta, I have all pokemon besides it. I will offer almost any pokemon. I have a shiny event Giritina and will trade 6 starters for it. Please pm me with offers.


New Member
Hello everyone!

I am currently in the possession of 2 shiny event gigatinas, 2 event keldos, one event meloneta, one shiny event suicen, and one eevent plasma deoxys.

Looking for legit pokemon only. I am Currently on the search for event mew, shiny cindaquel, and shiny kyogre. Might be interested in other events too, so please pm me iif you are interested.


Erron Black

The Outlaw
Looking for a Legit Meloetta (can be cloned) I can offer these-
Shiny Tentacool
Shiny Mismagius
Shiny Budew
Shiny Medicham

PLEASE PM ME!!! I need Meloetta since I already have Genesect and Keldeo. Willing to trade 2 of the following for her.


New Member
I need a Meloletta for my collection. Can only offer a Shiny Bulbasaur or Shiny Eevee in exchange for one (I am currently in the process of shiny farming with Masuda method). I have every single Unova Pokemon except for the event Pokemon Victini and Meloletta, so if you were looking to trade one away, i'll be more than happy to have it. Pokerus and/or pre-EV'd (Smogon standards minus the perfect IVs) is also optional, as I have already collected tons of EV wings on Driftveil Drawbridge. The current gameplan is to transfer my Pokemon over to Y version using Pokemon Bank as soon as the servers go online-- The Unova region marks the first game in the series that I've gotten all the Pokemon associated with that region. (Perfect natures may be harder for me to get, but I'll do my best! Please PM if interested.)
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I need a Meloletta... I can offer a Oblivia Shaymin, Plasma Deoxys, Movie14 Victini, FAL2010 Mew, Plasma Genesect, FEB2012 Mewtwo, TRU Arceus and SMR2010 Jirachi... PM if interested... ;)
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New Member
I am in need of a Meloetta. I have a shiny Giratina that I am willing to trade. This is the ONLY Pokemon I need for my Gen 5 Pokedex. Please PM me. Willing to negotiate.


Virizion Collector
Looking for Timid/Modest/Naive/Calm Meloetta. Must be perfect in all stats (except Attack if it's Timid or Modest). Can offer anything in-game as I RNG. I also have a number of shiny, perfect legendaries.


El Psy Congroo
Looking for any legitimate Meloetta. I can offer:

Careful natured GAME shiny Dialga
Careful natured GAME shiny Giratina
Timid natured GAME shiny Palkia
Adamant natured Keldeo (level 15)
Timid natured Keldeo (level 50)

PM me if interested!


Legendary Trainer
Seeking a legit event Meloetta. Can offer Lv. 50 UT HG Kyogre, Lv. 30 UT Oblivia Shaymin, Oblivia Heatran, Multiple Phione of various natures and Yellow Forest Volt Tackle Pikachu.
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