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#649 Genesect

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Magus lover
I want another genesect, any will do. Have modest moltres with 29 spatk, celebi, thundurus, ask or check my tradethread.


Shiny Collector
Hey everyone! Look at this great shop! It's in my signature! Check it out! Over 70 shinies and tons of other pokemon!I even got a FREE POKEMON!
It may have that Genesect you're looking for!


New Member
looking for genesect :)

Message me, I can offer you some nice stuff ;)


Shiny Hunter
have 2 UT flawless genesect, one hardy, one naive (so both the best natures competitively for it). want good offers for them, rare events, flawless shinies etc :) pm me offers


Looking for any Genesect (preferably UT or barely touched)
I can offer you Mew, Manaphy, shiny Golduck, shiny Muk, shiny Meditite, shiny Medicham or shiny Swalot.


New Member
looking for a genesect any genesect can trade what's in my Siggy pm me
give it to me or else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Breeder And Trainer
looking for any genesect can offer anything in sig or if theres something else you want I can try an work it out pm me


New Member
looking for a Plasma Genesect, can offer
-WIN2011 Modest UT Celebi,
-GAMESTP Naive UT Jirachi,
-Gamestp Bold UT Deoxys,
-Impish Pokemon Ranger egg caught lvl 10 Manaphy (has exp because i bred it for Phione),
-ALAMOS Naughty Darkrai,
-MYSTRY Bold Mew (he's lvl 33 cause i used him in Ruby),
-WISHMKR Careful UT Jirachi,
-TRU Mild UT Shaymin,
-2012MAY Calm UT Darkrai,
-Shiny SPR2010 Jolly UT Pichu (maybe spiky ear'd, i dunno, ears look spiky in the animation ^_^)
and i have tons more of Legendaries and EV trained normal pokemon with good natures! Please PM!
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Active Member
Looking for a genesect, I've got a couple Melloetta to trade as well as other rare and event pokemon, message me if you have one!


New Member
Looking for a Genesect I've got a Meloetta I can trade and I can breed a few dream world female if your interested.


New Member
hi i need a geneeect and meloteta pleaee. have a few things to trade including a shiny charizard legit.



Need a Genesect for dex entry can trade right back.


Well-Known Member
Have 3 Genesects up for trade.
One Modest, One Bashful and one unclaimed. All 3 are untouched

Only thing I still need is a V-Create Vicitini (Adamant or Jolly).
After that the remaning 2 Genesects are up for any decent event or shiny

Alex Dj

New Member
Looking for a Genesect, offering an event, Lv. 10 Aura Mew, but I can do pretty much anything else if you want as Genesect is the only one I don't have.
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