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#649 Genesect

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New Member
Looking for any Genesect, don't care about nature or if UT or not
Can offer Lugia, Ho-oh, Kyogre,Groudon,Rayquaza,Dialga,Palkia,Giratina,Tornadus,Thundurus and Kyurem.
PM me if interested

Eternal Darkness

Eternal Evil
Looking for legit Genesect don't really care about anything else

Can offer Mew, Celebi, Shaymin, or Victini in return.

PM me if interested


True Love Never Dies
I'm looking for Genesect--legitimate, unhacked, uncloned, etc. I have to offer:

-Shiny creation trio (Gamestop events)
-HA Lugia, Ho-oh, and Giratina
-Keldeo (two of varying levels, natures, and IVs)

If interested, please PM me. Cheers.


Playing since 1998

I've got a shiny Charizard I'd be willing to part with in exchange for some fashion of legit Genesect. It can be cloned, as long as it's not hacked.

PM me if you're interested!
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Draco rex
Looking for any genesect

can offer multiple legendaries and shinies including a legit celebi with nasty plot and a shiny adamant dratini
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Red Genesect, level 100 with Pokerus. Offers?

Blasting Toise

Well-Known Member
I need Genesect- any legit will do and I can trade in both gens 5 or 6. I have shiny sinnoh Beasts (Giratina, Palkia and Dialga) to offer plus japanese Lugia and some shinies as well.


Looking for an event genesect that's legit. Can trade perfect shiny rng pokemon for one. Please let me know if interested.

Needs a Deoxys

Well-Known Member
Looking for a Genesect. I have loads of events and shinies I can offer. PM me if interested.

EDIT: 2/22/13 Got a Plasma Genesect, but still looking for a shiny, Japanese Movie13 Genesect.
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New Member
Looking for shiny genesect.
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looking for genesect. preferably shiny but regular is fine as well.

I have these pokemon for trade

All on pokemon X


Palkia / jolly - gts
Dialga / sassy – gts JPN
Gyarados / relaxed impish modest
Geodude / hasty
Golem / relaxed
Pidgeot / serious
Kricketune / jolly
Seaking / docile
Crobat / timid
Raichu / lonely non-event
Pikachu / jolly event
Staraptor / brave
Tentacruel / lax
Pelipper / calm
Gastrodon pink/ timid
Gengar / quiet
Dratini / mild
deoxys / modest - gts

something good for >
luvdisc / lonely SPA
ponyta / serious JPN
noivern / lonely
eevee / impish
dunsparce / brave JPN
chrizard / timid
torterra / hasty
litwick / modest


I have all except for landerous trio. I never got around to getting those. I have all other legends non-event. Natures vary.


darkrai / naughty
jirachi / careful relaxed
shiny deoxys / modest
manaphy / brave careful – can breed phione

gts pokemon - not sure if theyre legit or not. I obtained on the gts and transferred them to x. So don’t ask.


I have all starters in basic form. I have some trained ones for trade as well.

Other Pokemon

You name it and I most likely have it. Natures and ability will vary obviously.

HAVE POKERUS – contracted it myself. Can infect pokemon for you

Looking for:

Pokemon y mega held items
Any legit event pokemon people are willing to trade
Any shiny pokemon


Well-Known Member
Looking for Genesect. Will trade Mew or Arceus... if needed. I have extra of each.
Have event genesect, looking for meoletta, happy for dex trade or permanent trade.
PM me if interested


New Member
It's just occurred to me that with time running out for internet capacity on this Gen I'm running out of time to complete my entire collection of legends - I have an Arceus for trade and I'm looking for my last missing Legendary: Genesect - normal will do, but obviously anyone with a shiny will get priority - don't care about name, moves nature or anything, I just want that steel bug!


PKMN Master Chad
I'm looking for a Genesect so I have a variety of trades up.

Dancing Togekiss

Well-Known Member
I am looking for genesect/meloetta/keldeo/celebi for to complete the national dex. I have most other pokemon. I will do both permanent and dex info trades.


Ray Tracer
Looking for a Genesect! I only need one for the Pokedex but I would like to keep a clone.

I have a number of event Pokemon in my Diamond I can trade in return: various Manaphy, Arceus, Shaymin, Jirachi, Mew, Celebi, Deoxys and possibly a few more hidden gems.


Дми́трий Дми́триевич
looking for a genesect to complete my original white cartridge pokedex. i have some event pokemon i can trade back. have lots of event mews from gamestop. also the event dogs suicune raikou etc i think those were shiney. have a couple darkrais and shayamins. have a shiney japanese rayquaza and deoxys i think i got from serebii forums years ago. i have other stuff too. hopefully can work out a deal. i have every legendary in the game through white. i think i have the 10th anniversary raikou i got randomly from the global trade station on platinum.


New Member
Only started playing Pokemon Black a few months ago and as such obviously had no chance of catching any events. I'm after Keldeo, Meloetta and Genesect. If anybody can trade me there's just so I can log it on pokedex and I'd be most grateful and of course tradeback.

P.S. Also with your permission I would like to clone them by copying my save file with my via my R4 flash card however if this makes you uncomfortable I will respect your wishes not to.
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