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6shinyblastoise's trade shop!!!!

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by 6shinyblastoise, Jun 8, 2011.


which game did you pick black or white

Poll closed Sep 23, 2011.
  1. Pokemon White

    11 vote(s)
  2. Pokemon Black

    17 vote(s)
  3. both Pokemon Black And Pokemon White

    8 vote(s)
  1. 6shinyblastoise

    6shinyblastoise kitty sneeze!!

    First a few ground rules...

    NO HACKING i will not trade hacked pokemon to you and in return will not trade for them

    only trading through gen 5 (black and white) right now but have some gen 4 and back pokemon.
    .no spaming EVER

    May not have the best pokemon but hope for your business all the same.

    all sppf rules

    I don't know about the iv's of any of my pokemon.

    looking for someone to rng for me!!!!!!

    New user points system the legend is below

    trade completion - 1 point plus pokemon points. (shiny pokemon will give u more points

    People with points
    Beastlyboi he has---8 points for trading me a shiny beldum shiny charmander.
    th@t guy has--- 12 points for trading me a shiny squirtle and flawless shiny riolu.
    dareso has --- 6 points for trading me a shiny squirtle
    Shinyhaxourus1--- 4 points for trading with me

    what you can reedem points for
    5 points lv 7 NOCTOWL (caught in soul silver so it is not hacked).
    10 points=Pachirisu lv 47
    15 points for a dw kanghaskin
    20 points lv 1 ut riolu (for 25 points I can evolve it for u)

    I have all starters and can give egg moves

    Axew lv 1 any nature you want don't know about iv's
    Zorua lv 1 Nature: Bashful Relaxed Hardy: don't know about iv's
    chimchar lv 1 Nature:Bold don't know about iv's
    Charmander lv 1 any nature you want
    cyndaquil lv 1 Nature Sassy dont know about iv's
    snivy lv 1 Nature: quite Docile docile naughty hasty Careful adamant:
    riolu lv 1 nature serious
    piplup lv 1 nature timid
    Gligar lv 1 nature bashful (with egg moves--dig--uturn--poison jab---steelwing)

    victini lv 15 nature hardy
    WIN2011 celebi lv 50 nature serious (already used to get zorua)
    GAMESTP 2 shiny suicune lv 30 (one already used to get zoroark one not)
    japanese darkri don't know what event. (dont know if it is hacked or not)
    oblivia deoxys ut lv 50 can not know what nature but if you want a spacific one just ask. Also if you want a special move one I can do any one but attack form.
    WIN2011 celebi nature adement (not used to get zorua)
    lv 30 UT GAMESTP suicune nature relaxed not used to get zoroark
    lv 30 UT WIN2011 Enti nature adament not used to get zoroark
    GAMESTP jirachi lv 6 nature Quirky
    Ash's pikachu lv 50 UT nature naughty

    Cobalion lv 43 nature jolly
    Cobalion UT lv 42 nature mild
    terrakion UT lv 42 nature mild
    virizion lv 42 nature modest
    virizion UT lv 42 nature mild
    kyurem lv 78 nature quirky
    heatran lv 50 nature bashful
    lv 50 UT zapdos nature lax
    giratina lv 48 nature gentle (caught in master ball but non hacked as far as I can see)(from the game platinum)
    lv 50 uxie nature bashful
    azelf lv 51 nature brave

    Eevee lv 20 nature gentle
    emboar lv 43 nature Brave
    Fraxure lv 48 nature naive
    ditto lv 52 nature timid
    larvitar lv 42 nature brave
    elektross lv 48 nature impish
    unfezent lv 44 nature mild
    gigalith lv 54 nature rash
    emolga lv 25 nature quiet
    gible lv 22 nature timid
    bagon lv 28 nature docile
    dratini lv 40 nature naughty
    magby lv 29 nature mild
    pansear lv 21 nature calm
    growlithe lv 2 nature hasty
    gligar lv 1 nature mild
    vullaby lv 34 nature relaxed
    rufflet lv 48 nature calm
    Musharna lv 42 nature mild
    solrock lv 50 nature relaxed
    galade lv 21 nature naive
    kingdra lv 41 nature bashful
    ninjask lv 34 nature impish
    magnazone lv 42 nature jolly
    lv 42 tangrowth nature hasty
    lv 46 victreebel nature naughty
    lv 34 gliscor nature bold
    furret lv 42 gentle
    lv 41 perasect nature impish
    lv 18 roselia nature brave
    lv 51 hippodon nature adament
    oddish lv 5 nature timid
    thank you all

    almia darkri or any just not jap and NOT lv 100 must be in the 50's.
    any shiny's that are not hacked perferably not cloned although i am fine with RNG'd
    Any flawless or near flawless that are not hacked and perferably not cloned although i am fine with RNG'd

    closed on all holidays;225;
    will take requests but some i might not be able to do if so i will reply to you.
    will not clone hack or use any out side divices

    this is set on a first come first sever bases and please if you see three requests or trade offers for that day try not to post unless you HAVE!! to
    I will ev train on request.
    I will breed for nature on request.

    if you do not get an instant reply don't freak out and send me 20 pms/vms I will get to you eventually but it may take a while.
    thank you for you business

    when we arange a trade I will give you my friend code


    Beastlyboi- great trader the interaction was smooth and fast- Thanks Beastlyboi!
    Th@t guy - great trader nice and fast trade.


    none right now keep it that way or else!!! ;)

    Last edited: Jan 2, 2012
  2. 6shinyblastoise

    6shinyblastoise kitty sneeze!!

    Got aproved now please offer on my pokes !!!!!
  3. Regiultima

    Regiultima Rises with Magnetism

    You're asking for a Gracadia Shaymin, but your Oblivia one can get it for you just like any event one can (I know because I used my Oblivia Shyamin).
  4. Afwan

    Afwan <---Shiny Hunt!

    do you have any shinies u have?
    if u have some Check my trade shop. in my sig
  5. Razor_Claw99

    Razor_Claw99 Dragon Master Traine

    I am looking for;

    PCNY Altaria (English Version) UT
    PCNY Kingdra (English Version) UT

    got either of these?
  6. 6shinyblastoise

    6shinyblastoise kitty sneeze!!

    You're asking for a Gracadia Shaymin, but your Oblivia one can get it for you just like any event one can (I know because I used my Oblivia Shyamin). get what???

    do you have any shinies u have?
    if u have some Check my trade shop. in my sig
    no sorry but I have the worst luck with finding shinys no matter how many times i MM or SR it never works.

    I am looking for;

    PCNY Altaria (English Version) UT
    PCNY Kingdra (English Version) UT

    got either of these?

    sorry but I do not have either of these
  7. ShinyHaxorus1

    ShinyHaxorus1 Dragon Trainer

    Congrats on getting your trade shop approved.
  8. 6shinyblastoise

    6shinyblastoise kitty sneeze!!

    Thanks Shinyhaxorus1
    Come on guys please trade with me PLEASE!!!!
    list updated
  9. Matt36

    Matt36 Clone my Balls!

    Try tidying it up and making it more presentable and friendly on the eye and people will trade. At the moment its a mess. Just a heads up.
  10. cheeselord

    cheeselord Largely Inactive

    Also no offence but good luck getting flawless pokemon that aren't hacked or RNGed. Realy I see nothing wrong with RNGed pokemon...
  11. 6shinyblastoise

    6shinyblastoise kitty sneeze!!

    No offence Chesslord But I said I would PERFERABLY not trade for a RNG'd pokemon so yea....:surfpika:
  12. 6shinyblastoise

    6shinyblastoise kitty sneeze!!

    come on guys please post PLEASE.....!
  13. craig87

    craig87 New Member

    hi would you trade your oblivia deoxy or vgc eevee for a event shaymin or jirachi?
  14. 6shinyblastoise

    6shinyblastoise kitty sneeze!!

    Sorry but I already have both of those do you have anything else
  15. craig87

    craig87 New Member

    i have a fall2010 mew an event arceus and darkrai and i have the sinjoh ruins legends aswel.
  16. anferneee

    anferneee New Member

    I think I mentioned in the pm I sent you, but Shiny Swadloon (UT) for Ash's Pikachu? :)
  17. 6shinyblastoise

    6shinyblastoise kitty sneeze!!

    who do you want for the darkri
  18. 6shinyblastoise

    6shinyblastoise kitty sneeze!!

    no thank you
  19. craig87

    craig87 New Member

    would you trade it for your oblivia deoxy or shaymin?
  20. 6shinyblastoise

    6shinyblastoise kitty sneeze!!


    sure I can trade the oblivia deoxys:386-s: for it(also is it cloned or RNG'd and is it shiny because I really don't want it shiny)( I don't mind if it is RNG'd but don't want it cloned if you are going to clone it then may I have the original)

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