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6th Gen Challenge Ideas

Discussion in 'Pokémon Challenge Forum' started by Zekrom2525, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. Zekrom2525

    Zekrom2525 Well-Known Member

    i know we still have to wait to play pokemon x/y but we could post challenge ideas ( for example: Nuzlocke, solo run,etc )

    please post challenges for the 6th generation pokemon games

    i was thinking maybe on day 1 start by doing a Nuzlocke maybe.
  2. InVicta

    InVicta Kakuna Matata!!

    How about the usual, plus things like; Wedlockes, Egglocke (Although I dont know what this is)
  3. Zekrom2525

    Zekrom2525 Well-Known Member

    this thread is for ideas of different challenges to do in the pokemon X & Y games
  4. Storm Surge

    Storm Surge Bird of Jesus

    Maybe a challenge where you could only use pokemon, from, say, the Costal Region? I dunno...
  5. PokemonXY

    PokemonXY #PokemonXY

    Maybe something where you can get 6 Pokemon for the whole game from route 1 and your starter.
  6. Chandelurefan1

    Chandelurefan1 Well-Known Member

    Here is an idea... All Generation Challenge

    Since there would be six generations of Pokémon as of Pokémon X and Y, how about a challenge where you run through the game with a team consisting of Pokémon from each of the six generations

    Dragonite- Generation 1
    Ampharos- Generation 2
    Absol- Generation 3
    Gallade- Generation 4
    Chandelure- Generation 5
    Gogoat- Generation 6
  7. Z-nogyroP

    Z-nogyroP whoa whats that

    That would actually be really neat. I'd play that.

    Maybe a JobLocke? Basically, you'd pretend you had a certain kind of occupation, and would have a bane and a boon based on that. Example- if you were a chef, your bane could be that you could only catch Pokemon that can hold berries in the wild, but your boon could be that you can revive Pokemon with a Revival Herb when the die (but you'd probably need something else- maybe you have to release a boxed Pokemon when you do it?).
  8. dirkac

    dirkac I smash your Boxes.

    Is this thread... Approved?

    Anyway, how aout a Dex Challenge?

    Where you can only use Pokémon from a certain partof the Dex?

    Eg. Mountain Kalos, no. 1-50, etc.
  9. Storm Surge

    Storm Surge Bird of Jesus

    ^What I meant.

    What about a GiftLocke, where you can use only Gift Pokémon, including your starter? I've seen someone do it with SS before.
  10. dirkac

    dirkac I smash your Boxes.

    Oh, sorry :p

    Oh, Giftlockes are rather fun to do, IMO, so that would be great to have here.

    Uh, Statlocke?
    Where the Pok'emon you use must all have one specific Stat better than the rest (eg, Magcargo, Steelix, Dusknoir, Defense, etc.)
    I did this and it was quite fun.
  11. Storm Surge

    Storm Surge Bird of Jesus

    Ah, I don't really care~ I wasn't being very specific.

    Statlocke sounds cool.
  12. Blackjack the Titan

    Blackjack the Titan Gay Yveltal

    So… Dexlocke, or DistrictLocke (the three regional districts)?

    How about a Dual type challenge?
    Only Pokémon of the two types chosen by the user may be used.
    Pokémon allowed: All monotyped Water types and monotyped Fairy types, and Marill and Azumarill (both Water/Fairy)

    If there is a Pokémon with a type combo with those two types, it may be used.
    However, if one picks Steel & Bug
    They can't use Scizor because it must start as a Bug/Flying. They can, however, use Pineco because it is Mono Bug and evolves into Bug/Steel.
  13. telivisionhead

    telivisionhead Well-Known Member

    Gym leader challenge:
    Before going to beat the gym leader of the town your pokemon must not be higher leveled than the gym leaders highest pokemon (Unless there is a gym leader that randomly has a pokemon that is higher leveled than the gym leader after that)
    Only use the pokemon the gym leader has. If they have double of that pokemon you can too.
    Have the same moveset
    Change your team to the next gym leader of the town when you battle them
    At the elite four choose any of there teams or team flares teams OR even some pokemon you used before but the level limit it still ON. Yup, a bummer
    Seeing X and Y have many pokemon and a new type this would be awesome. A bit like a character challenge but changing pokemon and only gym leaders. In Kalos region there is alot of pokemon, old faces in new places but also new Kalos pokemon. This would probably be best in X and Y.
  14. Vikings

    Vikings Oracle

    Fire only team? Since you're able to get 3 starters (including the Game Stop event Torchic), you could limit yourself to only using fire types, since you'll already have Torchic, Fennekin, and Charmander.
    You can only use basic Pokemon. No Pokemon that are able to evolve.
    You can only use Pokemon that have the letter X or Y in their name? :s
  15. gabric

    gabric Well-Known Member

    I had an idea for an extremely hard challenge. the wondertrader challenge. you can only use the first 6 pokemon you get from wonder trading excluding repeats. so you would catch a few pokemon then immediately trade them for something random. chances are you will get 6 random early game commons. one mercy rule I think would be good would be that you can have 10 wonder trades total and you can pick any 6 pokemon from them. and to make it harder. any pokemon you receive higher than lvl 20 you must wait until you face a gym leader with a pokemon of higher lvl before you can use it. if you receive a pokemon of higher lvl then the last gym leader you cannot use it even for the elite four
  16. crobatman

    crobatman Well-Known Member

    Since there is so much variety, a Scramble Challenge x 2 would be good. You have to raise 12 pokemon and defeat the elite 4 twice with them. Use 6 of your scramble pokemon the first time fighting the elite 4, and then the other 6 during the second time, but you have to keep them all around the same level throughout the game.
  17. Blackjack the Titan

    Blackjack the Titan Gay Yveltal

    If we drop the letter clause and basic-mon clause then it's perfect. Having a Fire/Flying, Fire/Fighting, and Fire/Psychic would be really easy, and that's what I'm doing right now on my Y version.

    So could a normal 6th gen Scramble, Nuzlocke, Monotype challenge thread be posted?
  18. Räven Velish

    Räven Velish black lives matter

    What about a challenge where no items can be used? Nothing, no potions or anything. It just came from the top of my head.

    Or a challenge where you can only use a first-rate Rattatta.
  19. Shiny Swalot

    Shiny Swalot Shiny Swalot Powerz!

    maybe a ''now you will''-challenge?

    where there is a special topic for it. You would start like this:

    member 1: I have just resetted pokemon X. Now I will....
    member 2: Walk a hundred steps
    member 1: Done! Now I will....
    member 3: save 10 times
    member 1: Done! Now I will

    of course the same member could give more rules, or harder restrictions, such as switch to your Y game and make 100 froakie eggs

    of course you could also deny some hard things, but do not deny that many. preferably choose 1 not per 10 options or something
  20. mew 2000

    mew 2000 Shiny Celebi

    a wonder locke, its a nuzlocke but you wonder trade the pokemon caught on each route whatever you get from wonder trade is the pokemon from that route you get to use

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