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6th Gen Challenge Ideas

Discussion in 'Pokémon Challenge Forum' started by Zekrom2525, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. Joth

    Joth Back from the Dead


    You could make it work in 3rd gen by having two of each, in 4th gen by having two of two gens of your choice, and so on.
  2. Rotom Router

    Rotom Router Just Won't Stay Dead

  3. EagleEye

    EagleEye Well-Known Member

    I'm currently playing a run through on my Pokémon X game with a challenge I used in Heartgold. The rules are you can only battle the gym leader's with two pokemon and every gym you must use a different two pokemon. so by the end you will have defeated the gyms with 16 different pokemon. I caught all my pokemon in-game with only trading to evolve pokemon. Then once you get to the E4 you randomly pick 6 pokemon(I just drew their names out of a hat) and try to defeat the E4. If you fail you pick a new 6 pokemon and go again. It took me about 10 tries to beat E4 in Heartgold but then it was a lot harder to grind 16 pokemon in HG then in XY.
  4. Crash & Charm

    Crash & Charm Change is coming!

    How about an altered perceptions challange where you get both versions of the game and do both play throughts at the same time. After every route or major play mark you switch versions getting to the same point. At the end you have the two teams battle each other and see which one is stronger.
  5. rusty-cooksie

    rusty-cooksie Dragon Trainer

    What about an ash run. Could be quite challenging. You start with a Pikachu and can only catch the regional bird (Pidgey, Fletchling, etc) before the first gym, then after the first gym get a starter, after the 2nd gym the next starter and after the third you get the final starter.

    You can't evolve Pikachu, and must fully evolve one starter, keep one at it's second stage and one in its first stage. Pikachu must be used in every gym battle and when you can, you should use the same type (Or a type weak to) the gyms type.

    You can't EV train or use tms, hms are allowed though.
  6. Honchkrow1996

    Honchkrow1996 Member

    I'm trying to do an Egglocke Challenge for my Pokemon Y but it's really difficult when you're not widely known like youtubers. It'd b super appreciated if you guys could send me a lot of random eggs from different generations, species, etc.
    I can't post a new thread either so my best bet was to post here in hope people would see :c
  7. IndigoEmber

    IndigoEmber Cosmic Nomad

    I created this challenge just a little while back. You can't use the poke centers to heal but you can still enter them if you wish. Each time you are defeated you have to release a pokemon on your current team. You may only catch the first pokemon in an area excluding duplicates of course. Finally, I think nicknaming would be an optional rule but recommended rule as I truly believe it helps create a better playing experience.

    I call this challenge the Odyssey Challenge.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2014
  8. JackD334

    JackD334 Well-Known Member

    Team swap idea

    Hi all, I was directed here after posting the below questions.

    "I've been here a while now but haven't posted a huge amount, so hav limited experience using the forums still.
    I've had an idea and am not sure where or how to post it in the appropriate forum.
    So I thought I'll share my idea here, and if anyone wants to adopt it their welcome.

    I always put a lot of thoughts into building a teamfor myself before I start a new game. I usually base my teams on my own favourites or those which will create a good balance, though I have recently been experimenting with monotype playthroughs aswell.
    My idea is to at the start of a play through, with the help of pokemon bank build a team of five level five pokemon, plus your chosen starter.
    Then, pairing up with another person doing the same, trade all but your starter pokemon over with them so you end up with a team of five random pokes plus your starter of choice.
    It's a very raw idea, I'm not sure of pokemon bank can be used I erase the issue of traded pokemon not 'listening' in battle, if it did then I'd prefer to trade starters aswell for a completely random start to the game.
    What do you guys think? Does anyone want to pair up with me?
    And is there anywhere more appropriate that I could post this?
    Cheers for your time, hope this idea can be fun for a lot of people,
  9. PrinceOfFacade

    PrinceOfFacade Ghost-Type Master

    I have created a very interesting challenge, known as Destinylocke.

    The challenge was inspired by the Game of Thrones franchise. The rules are in the link below.

    Last edited: Sep 28, 2014
  10. Hi guys i've been on here for quite a while but never posted much and haven't been on in years.

    Anyway I just created a new challenge that is preferable for gen 6, because the exp.share really comes in handy.

    I call it the Dodeca Challenge.

    Hopefully it's never been done but whatever even if it has ill share anyway.

    Here are the rules;

    1. You have a team of 12 Pokémon instead of 6 throughout your journey.

    2. You must have ALL TYPES in your team, so basically 6 Pokémon need to have dual typing, however you may have as many of one type as possible, so long as you can fit in the rest.

    i.e. You can have Kingdra, Ludicolo and Sharpedo, because they all have another type.

    3. When facing a gym leader, you can only use as many Pokémon as they have, and your Pokémon's levels may not exceed their highest.

    i.e. If you're facing off Roxanne in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, you may only use 2 Pokémon, and neither can exceed level 14.

    4. You can't use any Pokémon you used in the last 2 gym battles against the next gym leader.

    i.e. If you use Treecko against Roxanne, you can't use it against Brawly or Wattson, but you can against Flannery (not that you'd want to)

    5. No soft-resets in the Elite Four. If you black out against them, you have to switch over to your other 6 Pokémon and keep doing that until you win.

    Hopefully you guys have fun with it. Let me know what you think/how it goes. Cheers.
  11. AmethystLeslie

    AmethystLeslie Well-Known Member

    Earlier this year, I did a challenge called a Banklocke, although there are no set rules for this challenge, so I made my own. I did this in X, and successfully finished it. The rules I used were:

    -Only pokemon pulled from Pokemon Bank can be used, and gift pokemon recieved ingame/required catches count as part of your pool. You cannot catch Pokemon unless it is required by the plot.
    -No duplicates.
    -No one in your pool of Pokemon must surpass level 60 (or maybe you could lower it in ORAS, because of the lower level curve).
    -Gift pokemon/required catches must be named.
    -For XY, i made the rule: based on the last digit of your Trainer ID, pick your Kalos starter, pick the Kanto starter super effective against it, and 0-4 pick the Jaw Fossil, and 5-9 pick the Sail Fossil.

    I made this challenge because I had a lot of Pokemon in my Bank that I got from Wonder Trade or stuff that I bred and I wanted to use them but I didn't know for what. I didn't know what to call this challenge for the longest time, so I dubbed it "Banklocke" sometime after i finished my challenge. It was a lot of fun, and I definitely wanna do it again in a different game.
  12. nuzlockerman

    nuzlockerman New Member

    what about a challenge where you cant use any healing items and you can only use 1 pokemon
  13. Mega Ampharos the Dragon

    Mega Ampharos the Dragon Electric type Enthusiast

    I have a challenge that is quite based on someones thread in the Gen 6 Hit Me With Your Best Shot I think. But I call it the Nature Challenge where each pokemon nature hinders gameplay a little. I also am making the Characteristics that you get from your highest IV have something that hinders you too, but that's incomplete. But, here are the Nature Modifiers:
    Lonely - Must have only STAB moves and no one of its type in its party
    e.g. If you had a Lonely Lucario, it can only learn fighting and steel type moves and no one of fighting and steel in the party
    Adamant - Must keep the first 4 moves it knows once in party
    e.g. If you have an Adamant Tyrunt, it must keep all moves throughout the game once you unfossilize it. Another example is an Adamant Zigzagoon. You can still teach it moves in the empty slots but once all the slots are full, you can't change any of the moves
    Naughty - Never use Poke-Amie or Refresh and if not in Single battles, must attack partner(s) first and roll a d20 everytime you choose a move, if 1, the Naughty pokemon doesn't accept your command and you must choose a different move
    e.g. If you have a Naughty Crobat in a Double Battle with your Hippowdon in, he'll have to attack your Hippowdon first before your opponents. Also, when that Crobat uses a move like Poison Fang and you wanna use it, and you get one on your d20, you must choose a different move it knows like Sky Attack. While if you rolled a 14, then you can use Poison Fang.
    Brave - Once in battle, it can't be returned until fainted or a nature forces a Pokemon to swap with this one
    e.g. If you had a Brave Braviary, lets say you're fighting a Ludicolo and your Talonflame went down and you wanna use flying types, it can't be returned to swap out with another pokemon like Greninja until Braviary faints. Although, if you had a lets say Docile Greninja and its your first tyrn and the Brave Braviary was in the front of the party, it'll be switched out with Greninja
    Bold - Shall always be in the front of the party at all times
    e.g. you have a Bold Magmortar, it shall always take the first slot of the party when it is in your party
    Impish - It has to be a ghost or dark type, and if none of those types, it has to be released plus when you're switching out a pokemon, roll a d6, if 6, you must switch out with the Impish pokemon
    e.g. If you have an Impish Banette in your party and your Talonflame is in the red for HPs and you wanna switch it out, and you roll a 6, you must switch out with Banette. While on a 4, you can switch out with anything
    Lax - Cannot ever hold Items
    e.g. lets say you love Charizard's mega evolution so you choose Charmander from Sycamore and if its a Lax Charmander, you can't use the Charizardite X on it once it fully evolves into Charizard
    Relaxed - Must know a sleep move or yawn
    e.g. Lets say the Snorlax you caught on Route 7 has the relaxed nature, it must know a self sleep move like rest or it can learn yawn and if it can't, you can't use it in battles until it does
    Modest - Can only learn Attack moves that doesn't have a more than 50% chance of activating their second effect
    e.g. A Modest Dusknoir can't learn moves like Will-O-Wisp since it is a status move, plus, it cant use Phantom Force thanks to making the opponent waist some PP while also being a Priority move (correct me if I am wrong)
    Mild - No Restrictions
    e.g. A Mild Greninja does nothing to hinder gameplay and can be used almost as normally as in a regular play through
    Rash - Can only learn attack moves and Defence shall always be its lowest stat
    e.g. A Rash Talonflame can only learn attack moves and it must have a lower defence than its SpD or HP
    Quiet - Can't attack sleeping pokemon and can never learn noise moves
    e.g. If you have a Quiet Xerneas, it'll never wanna attack sleeping pokemon like a resting Snorlax plus it won't wanna learn moves that deal with sound like Uproar. Also you have to release Quiet Whismurs, Loudreds, and Explouds since they can never be quiet
    Calm - Can never learn Frustration or any of the rage moves and is always a last resort
    e.g. A Calm Espeon can only be used when all your party members have fainted plus it can't learn Frustration or moves like Rage or Bide
    Gentle - Can only learn moves with a power of 60 or less
    e.g. A Gentle Scraggy cannot learn moves like High Jump Kick which is above 60 power while it can learn moves like Feint Attack with a power lower than 60
    Careful - Shall never make the Final Blow and when in red HPs, shall always be returned
    e.g. A Careful Flabebe can never use a move like Fairy Wind on those pokemon with HPs in the yellow or red and plus when its HPs is in the red, it has to switch out
    Sassy - If capable, shall always know a fire type move and shall be switched into the first time you switch your pokemon during a battle, overriding Impish
    e.g. Lets say you have a Sassy Shiny Skiddo and your Bold Magmortar is dying, so you wanna switch. Switch in your Sassy Shiny Skiddo if its your first pokemon returned, even if there is an Impish Banette in your party that rolled a 6
    Timid - Once hit, it shall always switch out no matter what
    e.g. You have a Timid Talonflame in a battle with a Ludicolo. Once that Ludicolo hits you with lets say Water Gun, the next turn, Talonflame has to be returned even if it didn't faint
    Hasty - Shall always know a Priority move and if the pokemon can't learn one till Lv40, you must release it
    e.g. If you have a Hasty Scizor, it must know a move like Bullet Punch before LV40. Maybe you might have a Hasty Ferroseed which has to be released thanks to it not able to learn a Priority move before LV40
    Jolly - Shall always have a Happiness above 150 and can only be used in the daytime
    e.g. Lets say you just got a Jolly Happiny, it has to have happiness over 150 at all times and can only be used when its daytime in-game (so, in M,UM, it is only used in Nightime in real life)
    Naive - Can't learn any Psychic type moves and Clever Contest moves and can't level above LV50
    e.g. If you have a Naive Dragonair, it can't ever learn Psychic moves and Clever contest moves (like Fly). Plus because of level restrictions, it can never evolve into Dragonite
    Hardy - Shall always have a stay boosting move and if there is a hazardous weather, it'll stay in battle no matter what
    e.g. A Hardy Hoppip you have has to have a stat boisting move like Cotton Guard and even if there is a Sandstorm going on, it'll stay out in battle
    Docile - Shall always be switched in during first turn of battle
    e.g. Lets say you got a Docile Diggersby, in every first turn, if not already out, has to be sent out and it trumps all other natures while doing so
    Bashful - Can only be used if only one left overriding calm
    e.g. You have A Bashful Heliolisk, it can only be used as last resort no matter if you have a pokemon with calm or not
    Quirky - roll a d4 everytime you attack, your roll will correspond to a move your Pokemon knows (top to bottom)
    e.g. You have a Quirky Sawk with the moves Knock Off, Brick Break, High Jump Kick, and Bulk Up, if you roll a 4, it uses Bulk Up. 3 HJK, 2, Brick Break and so on
    Serious - Shall always have a GOOD moves and a held item
    e.g. A Serious Froslass shall have a moveset that can be use to its max (like Destiny Bond mixed with Hail and Blizzard, plus it knows Double Team) and it has to have a held item it can use (like the Icy Rock)
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2019 at 1:21 AM
  14. Mega Ampharos the Dragon

    Mega Ampharos the Dragon Electric type Enthusiast

    I know I'm double posting but this just doesn't feel right putting into my other post. But anyways...
    This really only works in Alpha Sapphire (because Treecko and Lotad) but try out this combined challenge called the Grass Mono Speedlocke. Basically a Nuzlocke and a speed run mixed together while also having to only use grass types. This is why you'll need both Treecko and Lotad.

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