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6th Gen Scramble Challenge Thread!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Challenge Forum' started by bobandbill, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    6th Gen Scramble Challenge Thread!

    Games in this gen: X&Y

    What is a "Scramble Challenge"?

    The Scramble Challenge involves playing through the storyline and beating the game seeing the credits) with a team of six Pokemon which are assigned to you by other people on this forum. You may also be given certain guidelines, limitations, and restrictions concerning the Pokemon, usually by the person who suggested the Pokemon themselves. However, you may also create limitations for yourself.

    The goal of the Scramble Challenge is to be able to complete the game without using the most powerful Pokemon, or your own favorites. It encourages you to think outside the box and make the most of what you are given.

    Example Posts:

    Scramble Challenge Rules:

    • Please read the Challenge Forum rules before posting.
    • Always mention your planned team (based on others' responses) when you ask for more team members, so others know what has already been suggested.
    • You may create your own set of (minor) restrictions concerning gameplay - just be sure to mention those as well. If you have a lot of/and or major restrictions though consider using the 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot!' threads instead.
    • Just because of the fact that not everyone is on the same level experience-wise, you may reject team suggestions. However, please don't abuse this. If you feel that you need a really easy challenge, say so.
    • Typically, no Legendaries and no duplicates are allowed. Apparently, trading in any form (except for evolution) is discouraged, as well as post-Nat. Dex Pokémon, but if you wish to use a traded Pokemon you may,
    • Note that it's your game, and you can change the difficulty, limitations, and pretty much anything else, to suit your playing style. For example, if you want to breed in one game and send things over.
    • Please limit your suggestions to one per team (if it's rejected, you may suggest again), so that everyone can contribute. If the challenger's team goes two or more pages without a suggestion, you may suggest a maximum of an extra one, but no more.
    • Purposely giving challengers blatantly terrible choices (Weedle that may not evolve at all, etc.) is against the spirit of the game and will not be tolerated.
    • Make sure all your suggestions are directed clearly. Using "@" is encouraged.
    • Enjoy! It's a game, after all!

    Scramble Challenge Rules originally by Monochromatic from a previous thread with minor changes.
  2. Charoshi

    Charoshi Charmander is best

    Hmm... Guess I'll be the 1st person to request one of these.

    I'd like a scramble team for my Y play through when I eventually do it. No restrictions please. I want new Pokemon (or at the very least mega evolvers)
    Delphox, Florges, Aegislash, Helliolisk, Hawlucha and Clawiter are off limits. I'm using Greninja and Talonflame for sure. Please try not to repeat types too. :)


    Thanks in advance! :)
  3. Drummerdude

    Drummerdude Well-Known Member

    Charoshi, take a Meowstic.
  4. Charoshi

    Charoshi Charmander is best


    Decent choice. Probably use the female version for the in-game run! :)
  5. Crimson Impact

    Crimson Impact Active Member

    No restrictions? No fun ;) Anyway: Use Vivillion
  6. Petza

    Petza Member

    Charoshi, get a Dragalge.
  7. Charoshi, take a Gogoat.

    No restrictions and giving yourself two Pokemon from the start? You are no fun good sir, no fun at all.
  8. Charoshi

    Charoshi Charmander is best

    Normally I'm down on some good restrictions... but this is for my first playthrough of pokemon y, so I really just needed help finishing my team xD Sorry guys


    2 flying types... but I'll take it. I'll start going sometime soon. Thanks guys.. and sorry about such lame rules i just needed help team building xD
  9. Räven Velish

    Räven Velish black lives matter

    Okay... no redoing types. No heavy restrictions. Nicknames too. One Kalos Starter, one Kanto Starter. Yeah! Let's get this show on the road!
  10. Charoshi

    Charoshi Charmander is best

    Raven... take a Charmander. It may not mega evolve until it has at least reached level 50.
  11. Petza

    Petza Member

    Räven, take a Croagunk. It can't use physical moves, only status and special. To evolve, it has to solo the Fairy type gym leader. (I hope these restrictions aren't too heavy, based on its moveset I think it should be ok)
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2013
  12. dirkac

    dirkac I smash your Boxes.

    Take a Chinchou.

    In order to Evolve, it must solo Ramos and all of Laverre City Gym's Trainers (excluding Valerie).

    After Evolving, it must solo Wulfric, Malva's Talonflame, and Siebold's Barbaracle.

    It must be nicknamed Shine.
  13. KyuremFreeze

    KyuremFreeze Hello, b0ss

    Raven, take a luvdisc. it must solo 1 trainer in ramos' gym.
  14. Shiny Swalot

    Shiny Swalot Shiny Swalot Powerz!

    well, with all the other pokes, that leaves you tu using chesnaught, but that is not possible because of croagunk...

    eh error
  15. Alright then, Raven, take a Quilladin. Name it Fatty. It may never evolve from its Quilladin state. However, it may hold Eviolite. I think the evo restriction is enough, so no other restrictions.
  16. Räven Velish

    Räven Velish black lives matter

    Maybe we should just redo this... It got really messed up. Btw, the restriction about never evolving Quilladin is too heavy. So no redoing types, one Kanto starter, one Kalos starter, no MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR restrictions, you know the drill.
  17. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    Räven, take a Solosis. It can evolve into Duosion freely but must defeat three Carbink before evolving into Reuniclus.
  18. Charoshi

    Charoshi Charmander is best

    Yeah that did kinda get screwy a little bit...

    Raven... Keep the Charmander (er Charizard I guess for typing reasons) I gave you. Same restrictions. No Mega Evolution till at least level 50.
  19. dirkac

    dirkac I smash your Boxes.

    Just retake the Cinchou, with that, you could still ake a lot of Pokémon that aren't Fire, Flying, Psychic, Electric, or Water.
  20. Alright now, take a Chestnaught. It may only know Power-Up-Punch as Fighting STAB.

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