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whats will-o-wisp do?




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I got pearl and have misdreavaus

but seriously.. Idk about what you're suggesting >_>;


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I mean that sounds good and everything but the way I battle pokemon and have in the past mostly just consist of killing them before they get a chance to do any real damage to me

I mean... they typically aren't councious long enough for a burn to hurt them more than once .........

hmmm... just hatched a mild female gastly but I think I'm going to aim for a Modest one since I'd rather have -atk than -def when a pokemon is a sp atk sweeper
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So you are one of those AOA types huh. While i totally disagree with this form of thinking i can adjust the sets if that's what your after.

First off the Burn is not for the damage ~ It's for the 1/2 Attack power.

A well placed BURN can cripple a Physical Sweeper making your life a lot easier. But if AOA is what you are after than use...

Mismagius w/Choice Specs
'Levitate' : Immune to (Ground) attacks.
<Timid : +Spd / -Att>
* Shadow Ball
* Thunderbolt
* Energy Ball
* Psychic / * Focus Blast

(If you don't like restriction items than just use Leftovers or whatever.)

This makes her a perfect compliment to Infernape. It gives you a SE hit against any type he's weak too...

(Psychic) ~ *Shadow Ball
(Flying) ~ *Thunderbolt
(Water) ~ *Thunderbolt / *Energy Ball
(Ground) ~ *Energy Ball

Gengar can do the same thing if you want more fragile harder hitting version. I still say that support moves work better.

My *Calm Mind + *Pain Split Misdreavus is wrecking shop and i haven't even gotten a Dusk Stone to evolve her yet. So far she's out preformed my Infernape and he's no slouch.


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ok theres a problem

I bred a zillion gastlys for the preffered nature and finally got it

and then I find out it doesnt have hypnosis at lvl 1 like its supposed to

Will it attempt to learn hypnosis when it attempts to learn dream eater like they used to in the old games?

why the hell does night shade never work?

If I cant get hypnosis ever then yeah I probably will just do
Will o wisp
Dark pulse
Shadow ball

or I might just say forget it and not raise gengar till after E4


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well there goes that whole idea...........

where do you find will o wisp anyway


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I give up I'm just gonna keep Luxray