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7 Deadly Sins

Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by James Bondage, Sep 6, 2012.

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  1. http://i42.*******.com/20sep0m.png


    ;487-o; ;249; ;442; ;143; ;428; ;015; ;053; ;289;

    Clan War Record
    2 wins - 0 losses - 0 ties

    ;487-o; Updated Rules ;487-o;

    ;487-o; Clan Ranks ;487-o;

    Here follows the ranks of the sinners. Each member shall have a need to achieve a greater sin. There are, of course, Seven Ranks.


    Sloth (Rank #1) - Envy (Rank #2) - Anger (Rank #3) - Lust (Rank #4)
    Gluttony (Rank #5) - Greed (Rank #6) - Pride (Rank #7)

    Abandon Hope
    (Divine Comedy)


    ;487-o; Sinner's Creed ;487-o;

    We wake destruction with every step we take,
    Its our duty to instill fear in the hearts of many,
    No opposing soul is left undefeated,
    no mercy will be given to the meek,
    Together we are the 7 Deadly Sins.

    ;487-o; How to Join ;487-o;

    Sign Up Form:
    Who are you? (IGN):
    What is your friend code?
    What is your name on Pokemon Online?
    What is your name on Pokemon Showdown?
    What timezone are you in?
    Why did you chose this clan?
    Who referred you to us?
    What tier(s)/battle formats do you specialize in?

    Member Sweeps: This will happen once a week, every Sunday. If you have not posted on at least two days of the week, or given a good reason as to why you have not, you will be removed from the members list, this will be enforced.


    ;487-o; Member Ranks: ;487-o;
    -Sloth Rank-
    JB (PO2 / WiFi)
    Cy3o (WiFi)
    Comebhax (Showdown)

    -Envy Rank-
    Dr. Chaos (PO2 / Showdown)

    -Anger Rank-
    Terrakium (PO2 / Showdown)
    Nelson-X (PO2 / Showdown)
    MasterKojondo (PO2 / Showdown)
    the3rdH0kage (PO2 / WiFi)
    Earthworm (Showdown)

    -Lust Rank-

    -Gluttony Rank-

    -Greed Rank-

    -Pride Rank-

    -Devine Comedy-
    jeyre80 (PO2 / Showdown / WiFi)

    -Horsemen of the Apocalypse-
    (War Managers)
    the3rdH0kage (PO2 / WiFi)

    ;487-o; Ranking System ;487-o;

    Due to lack of cooperation in the past, I will monitor progress/participation and will give rank ups when deemed appropriate by myself, based on activity, skills, and participation. Asking me if you can rank up will result in a warning/rank down.

    What will get someone removed from the clan?
    1) Be inactive without letting the clan leader know why for more than a week.
    2) Posting something about another clan members team in this thread during a war. (Keep convos about teams in PM's, please)
    3) Breaking the rules listed in Serebii's main forums, or clans section.

    What will get you permanently banned from the clan?
    1) Leaving the clan. All are welcome, but if you leave, you may never return.

    ;487-o; Hell's Marketplace ;487-o;
    ~*Clan Shop*~

    Once the clan gets off the ground I will be opening a Social Group, called "Hell's Marketplace", this will contain Auction's, Pokemon Shops, and Item Shops, as well as a pokemon/item exchange shop.

    The currency will be a simple one to understand: Gold Coins, or just Gold for short.

    ;487-o; Weekly Updates ;487-o;
    Every Sunday I will post a log of things like who ranked up/down, who received gold for what reasons, new/removed members etc.









    [spoiler="Misc Clan sigbars/banners][/spoiler][spoiler="Misc Clan sigbars/banners]





    ;487-o; Credits and Thanks ;487-o;
    shipwrecks: For creating excellent Sin Rank sig bars.
    ivanreal: For becoming the first member after this clans creation.
    sealboyno1 from Pe2k: For creating our flashing sig bar, and war managers sig bar.
    Zapdogre: For all of the animations (not including sealboyno1's flashing sig bar)
    Wassay: For creating the clans new Sig Bars.
    FenixFox: For creating the clans old top banner.
    SRTHIZZ: For creating the "Are you a Sinner" banner.
    HyperChibiAbsol: For the new clan top banner.
    Jb: For re-creating the "7" banner.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2012
  2. Blinky the Mew

    Blinky the Mew Clever Idiot

    Hey good luck man, this is where im going if TSS goes under.
  3. the3rdH0kage

    the3rdH0kage Turn my Swag on!

    Yeah good luck!!!
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2012
  4. Thank you both, kindly. At one point, this was the premier clan on Serebii. I want to see if this clan has it in it to be the very best one more time.
  5. the3rdH0kage

    the3rdH0kage Turn my Swag on!

    I guess I'll be the first to join.

    Who are you? (IGN):the3rdH0kage(obviously)
    What is your friend code?in sig
    What is your name on Pokemon Online?the3rdH0kage, masta swag
    What is your name on Pokemon Showdown?N/a
    What timezone are you in?-4 (East Coast)
    Why did you chose this clan? I really like the idea around this clan
    Who referred you to us?Nobody
    What tier(s)/battle formats do you specialize in? Ubers, OU, and NU

    and can I do War team.
  6. Welcome to the clan. I hope you enjoy your stay.

    I will be a little inactive for a couple of days though, possibly. I am staying in the hospital with my g/f. She had a heart attack on Monday, so if I post, I am probably limited to using my 3DS most of the stay here.

    Don't worry though. I will be back soon.


    Also, I finally got around to converting my best PS/PO2 team over to wifi, so I can battle, and test via all three formats now.

    Until I get back home though, I will be wifi only.

    *Edit 2*

    My g/f, and I plan on being back home by the end of today. I will be back to normal here by tomorrow, at the latest.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2012
  7. the3rdH0kage

    the3rdH0kage Turn my Swag on!

    Bunch of edits but okay then it's fine. I give my wishes to your g/f and hope for the best!!! :)
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2012
  8. Thank you. We are both back home now, and she is doing as well as can be expected after what she went through.

    I did get home litterally about an hour ago though, so I did sort of just get back.
  9. the3rdH0kage

    the3rdH0kage Turn my Swag on!

    It's fine and I should be able to battle tomorrow and if not then most of the day Saturday Over wi-fi, and can I do war team?
  10. Yes, you can, but we do need a minimum of five active members before we go to war with anybody.

    And I am free for battles pretty much whenever up until Sunday. If you see me on, just ask. If you don't see me on, leave me a VM letting me know when is best for you.

    I am fine with all three main battling formats, as well (PO2/PS/wifi).
  11. the3rdH0kage

    the3rdH0kage Turn my Swag on!

    okz. and I might be able to battle frday night (HighSchool football and band at Half-time is my normal Friday night) but 3rd quarter we have off so I may be ble to battle then but no promises. and I have my ranks UB in my sig and pln on advertising in mysig a bit more bout the cln. Get some more members.
  12. I remember how highschool band goes. I was largest bass drum in marching band, and trumet in concert and jazz band. I know how all of that probably goes for you. The scheduals can get a bit hectic.

    And if you want to advertise, there is no rule saying you have to use the rank sig bar. You could use any one of the alternate sig bars, or banners. My large "7" in my sig actually has a hidden link in it that links the the clans front page.

    Not saying you have to do it that way, but it could be one possible easy way to always advertise without breaking any rules here on Serebii.
  13. the3rdH0kage

    the3rdH0kage Turn my Swag on!

    I do Trombone in marching. Baritone, Tuba, Trombone in Concert and Bass Guitar in Jazz.
  14. LilPrinnyDood

    LilPrinnyDood Flat chest huh?

    Sign Up Form:
    Who are you? (IGN): Touko
    What is your friend code? unsure atm
    What is your name on Pokemon Online? Lilprinnydood (soon to be [7ds]Masterkojondo
    What is your name on Pokemon Showdown? N/A
    What timezone are you in? EST
    Why did you chose this clan? um duh lol
    Who referred you to us? Me
    What tier(s)/battle formats do you specialize in? lol better question is, what dont i specialize in.

    Btw J-man if you need help with the clan Id be glad to help in any way i can. Ima rattle JBs cage.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2012
  15. Jb

    Jb Tsun in the streets

    Who are you? (IGN):Torika(or whatever I put on Black2)
    What is your friend code? I'll post it when I dig out my game
    What is your name on Pokemon Online? jb08045
    What is your name on Pokemon Showdown? What's that lol
    What timezone are you in? EST -5
    Why did you chose this clan? I was in the first, and the one after so what the hell. ~_^
    Who referred you to us? TUM/KM 0-0'
    What tier(s)/battle formats do you specialize in? UU though whatever I use to used have probably changed tier by now.

    I won't be doing any serious battling until after i'm done with BW2. That's mainly because I'm in that phase where you honestly stop caring about Pokemon for months at a time. I mean the last time I played Black was like back in October. In the mean time I help out with banners, custom text, and things of that like. =D
  16. the3rdH0kage

    the3rdH0kage Turn my Swag on!

    Theres 4 active members and these 2 are veterans of the origanal 7DS so thats good.
  17. Welcome back, you two. This is starting to feel like my home here on Serebii again.

    And JB, all I have now for the clan is the old banners and userbars we had. If you want to throw any ideals out there, and create some fresher looks for us, feel free.

    I'll add you two to the OP now.

    *EDIT* Also, I'm around for battles on PO2, PS, and WiFi for at least the next hour. Maybe longer.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2012
  18. the3rdH0kage

    the3rdH0kage Turn my Swag on!

    Anybody got an Xbox and Xbox Live if you do send me a friend request my GT is the3rdH0kage
  19. I only have a 3DS. Probably setting up to pre-order the Wii U so I can get it by Christmas time. No other gaming systems for me though.

    And my newest team is amazing. I dropped Scizor from my team, replaced it with a Poke from the RU tier (not telling my secret weapon though), and my team actually got better.

    No steel types, no auto-weather inducers, and it wins at least 8 out of 10 battles still.
  20. LilPrinnyDood

    LilPrinnyDood Flat chest huh?

    I have ps3 cuz ps3 > xbox :3 and thank you J-man. Ill be on Po2 for a bit. Any tier you had in mind?

    edit: btw i just made a showdown account, got to 1635 in like 10 mins, what a sad bunch thats on there. (its LilPrinnyDood)

    edit2: for the record I just made a 7ds channel on PO2 so be sure have it on autojoin
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2012
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