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720 New Avatars!


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Thanks for the new avatars Serebii!! I wonder which one I should pick first...I love the Slacking one though (he really is picking his nose)


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I went through 21 pages to find Raikou, and its backsprite is terrible imo. I'm going to use Slaking for a little while =D


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Hmm, i might think about using one of these, *waits for D/P ranks*
Those sprites are awesome! Joe, you rock! :D


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Awsome avatars! I am still trying tell the diffrence between the boy and girl pokemon.(I know some)


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Weird, earlier today I saw the back sprites for the past genos, and I thought where is Floatzel? But now I guess it wasn't uploaded yet...


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Shiny Venusaur

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wow kool thanks serebii

and i cant wait for the Ranks
*hopes for one with Darkrai*


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Awesome job, Joe! I'll be using these for a while...

Thank you!
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