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8th Gen Regional Variants


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I don't know about you but the glimpse of Galarian Slowking's cape and part of his helmet that I did see gives me Phantom of the Opera vibes.


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Can someone tell me where exactly it was stated that these birds are regional variants of the legendary birds?
Nowhere, but they look way too uncanny like the bird trio to not be regional variants of them. Eye Laser Bird looks like Articuno wearing shades, bird of dark flames resembles Moltres, and Chocodos is just Zapdos but on the ground.


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The Dragonite and Salamence lines are now the only Pseudo-legendaries unaccounted for in SwSh and the DLC, it could be that they will remain unavailable but what if one or both of them receives a Galarian form? (Unlikely I know)

I mean I'm still hoping for a welsh red dragon pokemon, which could easily be a Galarian form of either of these pokemon. Dragon-Fire would be a cool typing for such a pokemon. Or maybe they could give both of them a regional form one as the English white dragon and the other as the welsh red dragon. If they did do that though they might make one exclusive to the sword expansion pass and the other exclusive to the shield expansion pass.
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Am I gonna finally get my long awaited Electric/Fighting type?

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The hard part for me is knowing we'll likely have to wait until fall to find out just what the bird trio are.

For what it's worth, someone on tumblr reported an attempted translation of the notes on some of the concept art pages for the galarian birds. https://jadeazora.tumblr.com/post/190196104970/so-galarian-articuno-is-probably-gonna-be

While they speculate this could imply a Psychic typing for Articuno, it could simply mean it has Levitate (or that its like any of the pokemon that float despite not being Flying type or having Levitate). The part about Zapdos being able to "fly" with the momentum of its legs gives me Dodrio vibes, i.e. how it's jumping ability is apparently what justifies its Flying typing.
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I don't know about you but the glimpse of Galarian Slowking's cape and part of his helmet that I did see gives me Phantom of the Opera vibes.

Yeah i noticed that too! ,also i'm really intrigued by galarian Slowbro, since he didn't have a shellder on his tail, let's see.

Do you think we are going to get more galarian forms besides slowpoke/bro/king and the birds(if they are indeed regional forms)?


TwilightBlade said:
Galarian Slowpoke looks okay-ish I guess? It's nothing special but I'm really excited to get the reveal of Galarian Slowking's design since the teaser image looks so good. :]

The dark collar on the Galarian Yadoking (Slowking) looks interesting, I'll admit. It reminds me of something that you'd see in The Phantom of the Opera, or on a vampire. I wonder if Galarian Yadoking will be Psychic/Dark.


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I'll agree with you there, for me its a bit similar to in a way to Alolan Diglett. On its own its not that exciting but more a set up to the evolution.
Yeah, the lore (so to speak) for Galarian Slowpoke seems to be setup for how Galarian Slowbro / Slowking became different.

Specifically, it seems that Shellder no longer wants to bite onto Slowpoke's head/tail, because of the spice that has accumulated in those parts over generations. This makes it so Galarian Slowbro / Slowking never develope a symbiotic relationship with Shellder, which was the main factor of their evolution before.

At least this is what I assume from the glimpses we saw of Galarian Slowbro / Slowking. Galarian Slowbro doesn't have a Shellder on its tail anymore, and while Galarian Slowking still seems to have something clamping onto its head, it might be another pokémon instead, that likes its new taste.

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The Galarian Legendary Birds are very interesting. Assuming they'll keep the trend of changing at least one type for all regional variants, I'm going to have to guess that they're all part Dark or Ghost-type. They all have a very sinister, almost evil look to them. Galarian Zapdos appears to be flightless or at least prefers to run on the ground, similar to an emu or an ostrich, both birds known for being dangerous fighters if provoked. If they're not all the same type, I could see Articuno being Ice/Dark, Zapdos being Electric/Fighting, and Moltres being Fire/Ghost. All 3 are rare typings (Electric/Fighting currently being completely unused).


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Galarian Dustox would be grand, if Klara’s headband is any indication. That must mean Beautifly would get one too, yeah? If Dustox does get a regional form it looks to keep the Poison typing since that is Klara’s specialty. Poison/Ice would be interesting, or maybe Poison/Ghost based on the tendrilly frills of her headband.

In that case maybe Beautifly keeps its secondary typing as well so Flying/Psychic? Flying/Ghost? I’m curious to see what forms they come up with but it’d be nice to spread the wealth to some forgotten Pokémon like these guys.


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Still holding out for Galarian Pachirisu which is a fire type and then a Galarian Dragonite or Salamance which would be based on The Welsh dragon


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I'd like to see more Johto pokemon get regional variants. Corsola (and Slowking) was a good start but I feel like there's still a bunch of Johto mons that could do with a new lease of life.

I was thinking an Ice/Psychic variant for Stantler would be cool....and maybe a regional evolution to go with it?

The Sunkern/Sunflora line feel like they could do with something as well. Regional variants for the Hoppip line could be another interesting one.

(and of course there's also Dunsparce)


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Did they confirm if we’re getting more regional variants than just what was shown during the Direct?

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Did they confirm if we’re getting more regional variants than just what was shown during the Direct?
Not exactly. I took it as a vague statement that more never before seen variants would be part of the DLC. I’ve seen theories that Dustox may be getting one based on Klara’s hair bow but not much else.


Did they confirm if we’re getting more regional variants than just what was shown during the Direct?

Not at the moment, but in the official page it says;
Many Pokémon that didn’t appear in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield make their homes on the Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra. Get ready to meet a lively array of diverse Pokémon, from newly discovered Legendary Pokémon and new regional forms to familiar Pokémon that have been seen living in other regions!

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Of course that line will still be true regardless of whether they reveal more forms or not, but I would be surprised if they showed everything already as far as new pokemon/regional forms go.