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9 Team Members, Who Goes?

Discussion in '4th Gen RMT' started by Marill, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Marill

    Marill Boulder Trainer

    I need some help defeating the E4, well the champion really. I've battled them three times. The first two times I got to Bronzong and it finished me off pretty quickly, I didn't have any fire moves to help me and other moves barely did anything. I went to the Move Tutor after my second loss and taught Drapion Fire Fang.

    Third time round I got to the Champion. My levels were between 49 and 52. Long story short, she owned my butt several times (I saved b4 it). Thanks to help over at BulbaGardens I decided to change my team since I now had the National Dex. I'm now torn between 9 perfectly ok (in my eyes) team members.

    Please help me choose who to keep and/or change move wise. Their moveset's been altered since my defeat, thanks again to other peoples suggestions. The bottom three are my newbies, hence the low level and movesets :p

    Torterra @Big Root (51) (m)
    - Earthquake
    - Giga Drain
    - Synthesis
    - Wood Hammer

    Gastrodon @Wise Glasses (50) (f)
    - Surf
    - Mud Bomb
    - Waterfall
    - Water Pulse

    Drapion @Black Glasses (50) (f)
    - Poison Fang
    - Crunch
    - Dark Pulse
    - Fire Fang

    Staraptor @Sky Plate (52) (m)
    - Fly
    - Aerial Ace
    - Endeavor
    - Close Combat

    Luxray @Quick Claw (50) (f)
    - Thunder Fang
    - Shock Wave
    - Crunch
    - (empty due to forgetting Strength)

    Lucario @Fist Plate (50) (m)
    - Dragon Pulse
    - Close Combat
    - Aura Sphere
    - Drain Punch

    Glaceon @Icicle Spear (23) (m)
    - Avalanche
    - Icy Wind
    - Quick Attack
    - Sand Attack/ going to replace with Hail, I don't plan on it getting to 60's anytime soon

    Kirlia @Odd Incense (23) (f/ was after a male for Gallade)
    - Confusion
    - Magical Leaf
    - Double Team
    - Lucky Chant

    Quilava @Heat Rock? (23) (m)
    - Flame Wheel
    - Ember
    - Dig (egg move)
    - Sunny Day

    Staraptor and Torterra are definites as they were the most useful against the champ. The others were pretty good against the E4 itself, but tend to not last long against the champ. Out of the new three I'm thinking Gardevoir/Kirlia to go, unless I teach it some special attacks. I still have Reflect/Light Screen TM's unused, not sure who's the best one to teach it to. Any suggestions? :)
  2. darthpichu

    darthpichu Active Member

    you definitly need quilava beacuse that will save you some pokemon on the 4th eletie 4
  3. Prominence

    Prominence Well-Known Member

    Level up your Pokémon some more.
  4. LonesomeDiamond

    LonesomeDiamond Oh! Yeah

    Wood Hammer
    Stone Edge
    Curse/Leech Seed/Synthesis

    Mud Bomb
    Ice Beam

    All these are scary bad!

    Cross Poison
    Crunch/Night Slash
    Ice fang
    Swords Dance

    all of your 10% increase items need to go(black glasses, plates and such....wise glasses are the best i see here....)

    Brave Bird
    Close Combat

    Ice Fang
    Fire Fang/Thunderwave

    Aura Sphere
    Shadow Ball
    Dragon Pulse
    Calm Mind

    Close Combat
    Stone Edge/EQ
    Swords Dance

    No glaceon....its very meh...

    Shadow Ball/Thunderbolt/Energy Ball
    Shadow Ball/Thunderbolt/Energy Ball
    Calm Mind

    Focus Blast
    Sunny Day
    ^use this.
  5. Marill

    Marill Boulder Trainer

    Thanks for the replies everyone. Its took me so long to reply as Serebiiforums keep timing out on this computer. Weird.

    I've followed some of the earlier advice. Brave Bird is back on Staraptor, and Gastrodon has Muddy Water. Not so sure about giving a poison move to a ground type, I'll have to find another special move for it.

    Do you mean Drapion's moveset, or the rest of the team lol.

    What do you suggest instead?

    I've got way too many items :s

    Doesn't Luxray need to be bred to get those fang moves?

    I do like Glaceon so far to be honest. I need an ice type against Garchomp, I don't want to risk a dragon cos it'll never be trained to be a higher level than it before this match. I do need a fire type yes. Staraptor and Torterra are musts. I'm just not sure who to get rid of after that: Gastrodon, Lucario, Kirlia/Gardevoir. Drapion might go, unless I really improve her moveset.

    I put it on Luxray for a reason, she's so slow. I badly need two Quick Claws :/ I don't know who would need it the most.

    Already on it. It's just hard to find good training spots. All I have is the last cave before the E4, the level 25's have the Exp Share swapped constantly (lucky Quilava's a traded one). Might do a search to see where the best training spots are. I just need to pick my team before going all out.
    Current: Torterra, Staraptor, Glaceon, Quilava, Luxray... (last one undecided)

    Again thanks for the suggestions, they're very helpful. Especially with Gastrodon and Staraptor.

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