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(-_.::Ipod Shop::._-)


Unify To Thrive
Hello! Whazzup!

I'm Weavile and this is obviously my Ipod shop. All you need to do is tell me what color of Ipod you want your pokemon to hear and what color of background to go behind your pokemon!
Here is an example:Here are the Ipods and their colors:

Sorry that the pictures look like they're saved as Jpeg. They're Png and I think My photobucket is what's causing this... Hmm...Oh Well!


Unify To Thrive
Yeah, I'll fix it right now...

EDIT: I think It's fixed... Not sure..
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I-Pod Lugia Please
I-Pod Color: Blue
Background Color: Black
And could you make Lugia completely white instead of completly black cause the background's black ^^;;