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A 100% scratched sprite.


I'm Mega Man!!!
Here is my page for all my scratched sprites. I will add more and more as I do them. NO ONE is allowed to use these unless they pm me explaining what its for.

http://i28.*******.com/6sap2w.png http://i27.*******.com/33dcah3.png


No one has permission to use these!
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Rather Odd...
Thats pretty good I guess
The reason I say that is because I have no clue what it is
But it looks similar to the picture, and that's what matters I guess
Good job!


Rather Odd...
I think I saw it in the store once
Almost bought it too, I forget why I didn't...
But you should try somemore scratch sprites
I'm sure they would turn out good, like this one :)


Well-Known Member
Nice sprite .... Keep it up


I'm Mega Man!!!
You meen around the legs? Cuz the upper body's outline is fine. The outline looks light because i have too much highlight. And where there is hightlights its gotta be a lighter outline.


Sennen Goroshi! XD
The outline is too light. I can barely make out what it is, especially around the head and shoulders. The position is a little awkward as well. The anatomy is fine, and you did a good job with the drawing part. Nice and smooth. The shading, although also a bit too light, is decent. Keep it up!


Spirit Channeler
Very good! But uhh...isn't the original one a guy? I know it doesn't make any difference to the sprite, but I just thought it was kinda funny. In a good way, of course! ^_^


I'm Mega Man!!!
Actually in the original game I think the gender was never really told, and people asumed it was a guy. In the GBA version its a girl I think thats how it goes. Lol pretty funny though.

EDIT: I'm also gonna try snake from MGS and Dante from DMC.


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Nice work i can't wait to see more


They look alright, but Snake appears a bit awkward in his pose and neither has a very defined outline.

Sacred Fire Blaziken

Brotherly Gattai!
Shading is off, proportions are off... But a good start.