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A 12 Year Old: Too Old For Pokemon?

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Seriously? Too old?

Nah, you can play it if you want to, whether you're young or old. It's all in the mind...


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If you have a passion, no one can do anything, same goes here. Be passionate about Pokémon, 'cause that's what life is all about. I'm very passionate about Pokémon and I feel my day is not complete without playing it. But I also think that you should not be Ash, 'cause he is a Poké Boy, which we are not.
Pokémon is probably more mature than even Halo and shoothing games and stuff like GTA.
'cause Pokemon reqiures Strategy and the power of mind, unlike some stuff where you watch people drenched in blood from the bullets you just shot at them with a joystick.


I usually have a snappy comeback up my sleeves, like when I asked my dad to buy me a used copy of Diamond, he starts in with the "You're too old for Pokémon." ****, so I just told him that he's too old for Facebook in front of the young female clerk in the store.

I got that copy of Diamond, damnit. >:D


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Well, I'm pretty lucky since only a few boys in my class hate pokemon( all the rest of the boys like it.).
Another guy who really likes nintendo makes me feel safe to like it in school.

Though my friend makes fun of it in front of me and when were in the computer room at recess, he shouts '' hey look. he's looking on pokemon!''
one time he made fun of it just cause I wouldn't help him in a lesson.

Nowdays, I beat up or insult back at those who make fun of me because of what I like. But some times, I calmly reply back and explain ''so what?''

~ Terry;munchlax;


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Seriously? Too old?

Nah, you can play it if you want to, whether you're young or old. It's all in the mind...
I cant agree more!

sure people can bad mouth you about it but what does their word have to matter? your doing nothing but having good honest fun and in my eyes that is never a problem. I have been playing Pokemon since i was in 3rd Grade ALONG time ago. Now Im out of highschool@age 19(on dec 26)&i still love it to death w/ D/P of course.
Heh, the real childish kids are those who judge people just for wich games they like, not those who play all ages games.

Seriously, why would we only play games that are nothing but blood and gore flying around, sure, those are really great when you're having dinner, but why no Pokémon games?

Oh noez, pogemanz iz for babies!!!!

Then Mario would be too, and Kirby, Pikmin, DK, and almost all of the nintendo games.
But teh moviez are childish!!

Have you ever seen the Mario movies?????


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So many people have gone through this...I have too. What I see myself as is a person who enjoys life, enjoying things that I like...these things might not be what others like, but still it is my choice.

I am 20, so I am old on the subject. I do attend a University right now, but what is funny, is that I see people playing pokemon right now that are around my age...It just depends on the person. I like it...unfortunately my stepmother curses me for liking "child-like" things as well, but I get over it. My mother and her friend support me on it, saying that you should be able to do what you want...

These people who criticize you for playing the game have either:
a) Not tried the game
b) Are too busy being old
c) Just trying to be bullies

Take for instance the PC game WOW (World of Warcraft)...Some of my professors even (them being in there late 30's 40's) are playing it...They admit it...sure, some people think of it as a waste of time, but true gamers see it as relaxing and having fun with other people.

Key thing: Don't think you are too old for something you like...Enjoy it, just shun the "non-believers" and Enjoy.


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12? Hehe nowhere enar old..

But really playing video games in general at any age is fine. Its a hobbie none should care what your hobbies are.


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yeah...too old,what about me?i'm 22 and i still play pokemon(ironically i started to play them at the first years of high-school once i learnt about the games)


Tell 'em to f off and die. =^_~=

Anywho, I wouldn't expect much from other 12 year olds. Do what you want, and play what you want. Do whatever makes you happy.

Wait a few years for you and your peers to mature a bit, and maybe they'll accept the fact that you play Pokemon. I'm 20, and all of my co-workers know that I'm still very much into Pokemon(my keychains, and cell phone strap). They don't make fun of me, and sometimes they even ask about it. We all have things that we like, and our own hobbies. Everyone respects that, and doesn't make fun of each other for those things.

I wouldn't worry about it. It's a phase that will pass, eventually.



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I had troubles like this.(In a way...) Pokemon Special Vol. 21- What do young kids know about love? And the violence?? The blood??? Pokemon special has many good examples, too many to list. The internal stats, I never understood.(I still don't...) If you can't seem to get through to them, thery're just bieng bullies. Either ignore them, or, if all else fails, get an adult to help. Remember, you won't be a tattletale, you'll just need help.(In a good way...)

Shayman255 out.


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I've played pokemon since I was 10, now I'm 16 and I was only made fun of once. Now, I sometimes get asked about it. I just find it funny that they only remember the kanto starters and pikachu. You don't need to play in secret, because I'm sure they will stop making fun of you and get a life eventually. Plus, you might meet another pokemon fan and become good friends with them.
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Dude, everyone in my house at the moment likes Pokemon. As a matter of fact, I'm in MIDDLE SCHOOL. And many aspects of the games are complex. It was really meant for all ages, both genders, as sweetpikachu said. Such insults come from people that are supposedly STUPID. =_= Nuff said.
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Kids can be mean and kids can be cruel sometimes, but pokemon rules and if they dont like it then their loss. they are just so stupid; your only a kid once, and they only like seeing blood and gore every day! (even though I like that) im not obsessed with it though. I talk more about pokemon than any other games and they treat me bad; if you like it and I like it and everyone here and around the world likes then its an official pokemon rules. Dont lose your confidence!!
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