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A 90’s Pokemon Player Wakes up in Today’s World


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Honestly speaking, I think any die hard pokemon fan from gen 1 who woke up from a coma will give the latest mainline pokemon game a chance. Pokemon games always have controversy every gen, so people's reaction (or more accurately, very loud social medias) have been evolving for each game, and also getting much louder too. But if the person was completely unaware of gen 2-current, he couldn't have really followed any of the controversy easily, thus getting the game without too much thinking.

Now if I was the one in a coma and woke up 20 years later, I'd still give any of the latest pokemon games a chance. Pokemon was my go to video game, and if I see a pokemon game, I would want to have it again regardless of whatever controversy is going on. If I actually went on a social media and read the negative responses, I would immediately think everyone hates the game, but I think I'd be in denial and try the game anyway, because I have always loved pokemon as a kid. I think the saddest part would be losing the experience to play gen 2-current. I'm pretty sure I can take in a lot of pokemon at once (even with the dex cut), but I don't think I'd be focused into pokemon nearly as much as I am now.

That's of course assuming I don't have to worry about anything else and I can just focus on video games right away after waking up from a 20 years coma :p

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When I first started playing Pokemon, it was in 1999 when I got Pokemon Blue for my 4th birthday. I can't speak for anyone else but at that point I didn't really have a conception of what a franchise was and it never occurred to me that there would be further games in the same series; I thought Pokemon was a one and done kind of thing like a lot of other games were at the time. A little over a year later Silver/Gold would come out in NA (Gold being the first game I would get brand new off the shelves) and I think that would be the first time that I realized there even would be a future for the Pokemon franchise.

I think if somehow I had been transported from that time to now (ideally not through a coma; Pokemon would probably be about the 50,000th thing on my mind if I just recovered from a 20 year coma) I think I would probably be amazed at how the franchise is still going fairly strong, despite its ups and downs, and at some of the turns the series has taken and changes it has experienced. These changes range from "why wasn't it always like this?" (physical/special split comes to mind), to "well, I never would have predicted this, but it's pretty cool I suppose" (abilities, Mega Evolution, etc), to "why, oh dear god why, what were you thinking?" (Dynamax), but overall I think the series has come far in a good way since its release, even for its hiccups and gimmicks along the way, and it's definitely not done yet; I don't think it will be any time soon.

One thing I'd probably be surprised about is that GameFreak never branched off into PC gaming; ever since I got into PC gaming myself playing Runescape on my parent's computer in 2006 I always figured that all major franchises would eventually dip their toes into PC gaming and so far Pokemon really hasn't, bar a few minor forgettable exceptions. I still think that's a rather huge pool of untapped potential that Nintendo/GameFreak shouldn't be so adverse to exploring, but I also understand the reasons why they haven't so far.


Pokémon won't go to PCs anytime soon because Nintendo owns part of the franchise if I recall correctly. While Nintendo still has control/power over Pokémon a move to PC is very unlikely.


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His initial reaction would be similar to the Cap or Link from OOT, shocked and confused about everything around him, however i'm gonna assume that the 90's fan was a kid and when waking up he's already a young adult, probably his mentality would stay childlike.

I would't agree that he would adapt quicky, while some things like the battle mechanics stayed the same, many concepts and ideas were changing through time. The reactions i see would be:

-Wow, I never expected Pokemon to be a huge success and continuing the franchise

-Fairy types? Super effective against Dragons? But why if the only Dragon-Type was Dragonite in RBY...

-Mega Evolutions? Are these the PokeGods i heard in the playground?

-890 Pokemon species? What? I knew people told me now that they are past 151 but close to a thousand Pokemon?

-Hey pssst kid, how do I use a Link Cable to trade Pokemon in this year?

But jokes aside, I see him shocked and wondering where to start again to keep up with the franchise


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The one thing I can imagine blowing a 90's player's mind is that their brick cellphone's descendant could be used to play Pokemon. I know it would have blown my mind with my old 1995 phone.


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I think the first reaction to pokemon would be a "What" but other than that I think they would be happy its still going.

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I suddenly had a thought that said person waking up from a coma might feel right at home since we're on the verge of 90's pop culture becoming relevant again. For many years people have been nostalgic for the 1980s and I feel that we're slowly transitioning into 90s nostalgia now.

Also what would said person think of seeing the Detective Pikachu movie?


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They might find the movie confusing, with all the new Pokemon, but generally they’d enjoy it.

They might be surprised adults like the series now; I remember most adults just thinking it was weird.


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It's usually the kids who grew up ~20 years ago who control the nostalgia market; late 90's & early '00's nostalgia should be in right now.


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it would take a few months for that 90's player to get used to all the new changes. it took 1-2 months for me to get used to gen4 from silver. natures are easy to adapt to, learning EV and IVs took me a while especially gen4-5 has to be manually noted.