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A Beautiful World [SU] [Pokemon RP]


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A Beautiful World
PG-13 for violence, death, and mild language.

The RP Thread is Located Here

“Lysandre!” Serena cried, her long hair whipping wildly around from the unnatural wind being produced by Yveltal’s massive wings. “You don’t understand! You need to - ”

“Silence!” Lysandre barked. Even through the dim lighting of the underground base, his red mane of hair made him stand out on top of the elevated platform. Yveltal – unbelievably - was hovering obediently on his right side. Serena could feel his power emanating with every beat of his crimson wings, and she bit her lip in anticipation. Lysandre laughed mechanically at the ceiling. “Don’t you realize it’s over, my dear? Yveltal has agreed to make my vision a reality. A beautiful world, a perfect world, freed from evil, freed from sin - ”

“You’re one to talk!” Calem shouted. He stood on Serena’s left, his eyes narrowed across the room. “If you go through with this, you’ll have murdered millions of innocent humans and pokemon. That’s not a sinless world!”

Lysandre furrowed his brow. “I will bear the sins of humanity heavily on my shoulders. It is terrible, yes, but a necessary evil to help the world flourish.”

“SKREEEEEEE!” Yveltal let out a horrible screech that caused both Calem and Serena to throw their hands over their ears.

“Calem…” Serena said, staring wide-eyed at her rival. “What do we do? We can’t seriously fight that thing…”

“We have to try.” Calem pulled a pokeball from his left pocket. “Use your jolteon – between the two of us, he’s the only one that can land a super effective hit against Yveltal, and our other pokemon are too exhausted from battling Team Flare.”

Serena shook her head fervently. “I can’t use Prism, he’s - ”

“SKREEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Yveltal send waves of dark energy rocketing against the room. Serena dove to her right to avoid it, but the sheer energy still send her rolling across the floor. She panted and rose her head to locate Calem. There were two flashes of light, and Calem’s greninja charged across the room toward Lysandre’s pyroar.

“Serena!” Calem yelled, allowing Serena to finally locate him at the opposite end of the room. “Use your jolteon! Now!”

Serena hesitated, then dug into her bag. She stared at the retrieved pokeball for a moment before tossing it into the fray. “Prism…” she muttered as the jolteon popped out of his ball and took a bewildered look around the arena.

“Lucifer!” Lysandre cackled. “Hyper voice!”

“Water shrunken!” Calem called. “Serena, hurry!”

Serena nodded. “Prism, please, I need you… Calem’s got Lysandre occupied, so I need you to focus on Yveltal!”

The jolteon nodded once, then walked bravely toward the legendary pokemon. He pinned his spiky yellow ears back against his head and growled. Sparks danced across his body in anticipation.

“Thunderbolt!” Serena called desperately. The sparks dancing across Prism’s body concentrated into a solid stream of yellow light, but before the beam could reach Yveltal it flickered and then vanished completely. Prism staggered back a few steps and began coughing violently, his eyes struggling to stay locked on his opponent.

“Prism!” Serena cried.

“SKREEEE!” Yveltal rose higher into the air, and send a dark bolt of energy flying toward Prism –


Serena flung herself in the middle of the blast as Prism watched with wide, terrified eyes. There was a massive flash of red light and an ear-shattering boom.

Prism smacked into the wall and collapsed onto the ground gasping for air. Dust coated his vision and interfered with his already laboured breathing. His ears rang. He coughed and squinted through the dust, just barely able to see the body of Serena splayed on the ground a few feet away. His claws scratched the ground as he tried to force his body to crawl toward her, but he gave into the pain and instead wheezed on the ground.

“Serena!” Calem came barreling through the dust and fell to the ground next to her. Prism whined, but the boy ignored him and groped desperately for Serena’s wrist.

“It matters not whether she is alive.” Lysandre’s voice called out. Tears began rolling down Calem’s face. Prism whined louder, his ears flat to his head. “You will all be dead within moments.”

Calem’s head shot up, but Prism couldn’t find the strength to do the same. Lysandre’s cackles were soon drowned out by the horrible sound of Yveltal’s screeching. Calem was screaming something that was inaudible by this point. Serena lay lifeless before him.

Prism squinted toward the sound of laughter just in time to see Lysandre being mauled over by his own pyroar. The fire-type roared his own mechanical laughter as Yveltal turned his sights on Lysandre and let out a beam of intense darkness. Yveltal focused in on Serena next. Prism cried and tried to force his body toward her, but there was nothing he could do. Calem shielded her in the jolteon’s place, though the dark-type energy went straight through him and hit Serena regardless –

Prism shut his eyes tightly, the laughter of the pyroar and the screeching of Yveltal combining together to form an unbearable chorus of evil. The ground shook and the building’s supports cracked under the weight –


I hate to recount that terrible day – the day the world as we know it changed forever. Many, many precious lives were lost due to the selfishness of one horrible pokemon and the ignorant trainer that commanded him. My own trainer – Serena – was among the fallen. She saved my life, gave me more than I could ever have asked for… and I couldn’t repay the favour.

I should give some context if I’m to be understood. My name is Prism, and I’m a jolteon. My trainer Serena believed that Lysandre, the leader of Team Flare, had managed to enact the ultimate weapon, with the intent of eliminating every human outside of Team Flare as well as every pokemon on the planet.

Serena was… well, I suppose she was right. That was Lysandre’s intention, after all. What we didn’t know was that Lucifer – Lysandre’s prized pyroar – was planning an entirely different scheme. We should have realized it… after all, Lysandre was planning to destroy all pokemon, including his own. It’s not surprising that Lucifer would have tried to stop him once he learned of the plan.

But far from being a hero, Lucifer took it a step further. He sided with Yveltal to destroy all of humanity, and the vast majority of pokemon as well. There are no longer any humans living on this planet. Yveltal combined with the strength of the ultimate weapon sucked their life-forces dry. Most of the life on the planet – from humans, to pokemon, to plants – was instantly killed.

…Most, but not all.

When the ultimate weapon was fired, it somehow missed several acres of landscape. I have a theory that Xerneas is watching over us, protecting us survivors with whatever strength he can manage. Yveltal spared several pokemon that were like-minded to Lucifer, but there are also many of us here that want to fight against him. I also theorize that these few of us that managed to survive were of Xerneas’s doing as well. We all come from scattered regions of the planet, somehow transported here and, for the time being, safe under Xerneas’s protection. I have no other explanation, and at times like these, faith is everything.

Some of us who were saved are like me, and want to fight to defeat Lucifer and Yveltal in the hopes of returning the world to what it once was. We have nicknamed ourselves Team Xerneas. Some others prefer the world without humans, and are working to stop our rebel and secure their own survival. They are called Team Yveltal.


Our surviving land is roughly divided by a large freshwater river that flows through most of the forest. Each team has claimed a half as its own territory. It is the only source of fresh water aside from rain, and thus we all must make treks there in order to survive. Both halves of the territory have foliage, though unfortunately we got the short end of the stick. Lucifer’s side has lush forests filled with edible produce, and they live in caves in tall mountains at the edge of their territory. Our half is mostly dry grasslands, with most of the berry bushes near the water. We technically have more land, but are constantly short on food, so scuffles between sides happen almost every day. The river ends just before the outside of the living land, and thus we can cross over to the other side to steal food, but Lucifer and his group defend their territory mercilessly. We typically get more injuries than we get berries.

Outside of the living territory is… nothing. It looks like desert for as far as I can see. A few more curious pokemon have ventured out, only to return hours later with reports that the scenery doesn’t change at all. If they hadn’t been walking in a straight line, I doubt they would have found their way back.

Right now, our primary objective is simply to survive. With this in mind, I’ve devised three different divisions within Team Xerneas for pokemon to work in:

Division A is in charge of gathering, dividing, and preparing food and water. With our half so barren, we need to be constantly searching for berries just to avoid starvation. This division must ration food fairly to ensure everybody get their share. I will warn Division A to steal food from Lucifer’s side with extreme caution.

Division B is in charge of guarding, defending, scouting, and, when necessary, battling Lucifer’s side. All pokemon have the capacity for battle, and when necessary all Divisions will need to play their part, but the primary responsibility for these duties will fall on Division B members. They will also be in charge of training young pokemon in preparation for battle, regardless of what division they will eventually end up in. We all must be prepared.

Division C is in charge of medical treatment and scientific research. Injuries happen often, and we need to have all of our members at the peak of health. We also need to find a way out of this situation – with that in mind, Division C will also be in charge of solving the mystery that is this entire situation. What lies beyond the Badlands? Is Xerneas responsible for our lives? What happened to Yveltal? We have so many questions, and I can’t answer all of them myself.

As for myself, I will be acting as the temporary leader. I faced Yveltal, faced Lucifer, and I know I need to help my tribe as best I can.

…I say temporary because... because I am dying. Before this fiasco occurred, I was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease. This situation has only exacerbated the problem... I’m not sure if I have more than a few months, if that. Serena kept me with her for the sole purpose of fulfilling my last wishes. I am elderly. My time must come to an end… but I cannot allow the fate of the entire world to come to an end.

We need to stop Lucifer, find Xerneas, and bring back life to this barren planet! For Serena, and for all of humanity!

Notes & Rules:

1) You can join either Team Yveltal or Team Xerneas, but you cannot be neutral. The pokemon that want to bring back humans and the rest of the world were saved by Xerneas for the purpose of doing so. The pokemon who want to fight to keep the world ridded of humans and have only pokemon with similar ideologies living were spared by Yveltal. Any neutral pokemon would not have survived.

2) Deaths can and will occur. With that being said, births can also occur. I will be imposing a starting character limit of THREE. As the roleplay goes on, this will be extended, and if you have two pokemon that want to have an egg (for the purposes of the RP, you can ignore egg groups and the offspring can be of either species) you can ignore the character limit.

3) Leadership positions will be a first-come-first-serve thing for now. There are five leadership positions available (leader of Team Yveltal, leader of Team Xerneas, leader of Division A, leader of Division B, and leader of Division C). Preferably, I’d like it if five different RPers took on these roles. For now I’ll be controlling the leadership positions of both Team Yveltal and Xerneas, but hope to pass the Xerneas baton to another member when Prism dies (you can mention in your SU if you’re interested in this role). If your character is a Division Leader and dies, it is expected that they will name their replacement with their dying breath or otherwise state it beforehand. Otherwise, it is the job of the Team Leader to name a replacement. If your character is a Team Leader and has a mate, they will both be considered Team Leaders (this does not go for Division Leaders).

4) You cannot be a legendary pokemon (*I reserve rights over Yveltal and Xerneas if necessary, though). You can be a pokemon of a canon (or non-canon) character if you wish, so long as they aren’t legendary. You can also be a wild pokemon. You cannot be a human: you must be a pokemon. There will be no human characters in this RP except for backstory etc.

5) You don’t formally need to keep track of moves nor restrict yourself to four at a time, but your pokemon must be able to learn said move and keep in mind your character’s experience level before having your newborn vulpix spew out fire blasts. Weaker pokemon will know weaker attacks until they gain more experience.

6) Some basic RP rules:
- NO POWERPLAYING (unless “necessary” as dictated by the site’s RP rules...)
- KEEP LANGUAGE PG-13 – mild swearing only, and obviously no explicit sexual content. Fade to black is acceptable if absolutely needed. Otherwise don’t do it at all.
Please feel free to ask if you need help or have any questions!

Team Yveltal

Yveltians borrow from Team Flare’s objectives and strive to see a world free from all humans. Thanks to Yveltal and Lucifer, they have succeeded – however, Team Xerneas threatens to reverse this achievement. Their primary objectives are to eliminate Team Xerneas and figure out how to expand their land.

Their hierarchy system is simpler than Team Xerneas’s, as they do not have to worry about food or research for the time being.​


Team Leader: Lucifer (Male Pyroar; Tangeh)

: (all adult members aside from the leader are classified as Warriors)
Masani (Female Mawile; Tangeh)
Ellis (Male Banette; Schade)
Din (Male Gallade; BenBot2500)

In-Training: (young pokemon not quite ready for battle)

Infants: (infants are required to be with a parent or other adult at all times)


Team Xerneas

Xerneans want to fight to bring all humans, pokemon, and land back into existence. Their primary objectives are to stop Team Yveltal, find Xerneas, and to not die of starvation.

They hierarchy system is more complex than Team Yveltal’s, as they have more pressing research needs and are constantly short on food.​


Team Leader: Prism (Male Jolteon; Tangeh)

Division A Leader: Fluffles (RealMrGame10)

Division A Members: (Division A focuses on foraging and managing food)
Fizz (Male Minun; BenBot2500)

Division B Leader: Kaladin "Kal" (Male Aegislash; Crash & Charm)

Division B Members: (Division B focuses on preparing for battle and defending their territory against Yveltians)
Shallan (Female Kangaskhan; Crash & Charm)
Sapphire (Female Glaceon; Noibat)
Gove (Female Doublade; Crash & Charm)

Division C Leader: Chi (Genderless (leans toward male) Metagross; Billy Mays)

Division C Members: (Division C focuses on medical care and research on bringing back the world)

(young pokemon not quite ready for work – they can select a division once they are old enough)
Aluna (Female Absol; Milennin)

Infants: (infants are required to be with a parent or other adult at all times)

Deceased: None

Sign-up form

[B]Gender:[/B] (or lack thereof)
[B]Team:[/B] (either Team Yveltal or Team Xerneas)
[B]Ranking:[/B] (see above for descriptions)

[B]Personality:[/B] (at least 100 words)

[B]History:[/B] (at least 100 words. Please include what your character was doing right before Yveltal destroyed humanity. Try to include their motivation for being on whichever team they are on)

[B]Other:[/B] (This section is optional. Please use it to point out any differences in your character’s physical appearance compared to others of their species. If there’s any other quirks you haven’t mentioned, they go here too.)

*I didn’t think a full “appearance” section was necessary as all pokemon in a given species are pretty much identical.

My sign-ups:

Name: Prism
Species: Jolteon
Gender: Male
Team: Team Xerneas
Ranking: Team Leader

Personality: Being up there in years, Prism moves slowly and cannot effectively execute attacks. His strengths lie in his ability to keep a level head even in stressful situations and to think quickly and logically through any hardships. His physical abilities can inhibit his mental strengths, as even a small blow can render him out of commission. He constantly will put others before himself, especially after taking on the role of Team Leader, and values the lives of children above all else. He tends to be very serious and focused, and it is difficult to get his mind off of the grave situation his team has been thrown into.

History: Prism lived the vast majority of his life as a wild eevee. He has four children and several grandchildren. When Serena made her way through Route 10, she found Prism collapsed on the ground. She rushed him to the nearest pokemon centre, where he was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease. Determined to make the most out of the elderly pokemon’s last days, Serena offered him an opportunity to travel, which he accepted. For the first time in his long life, he was able to explore the world beyond his birthplace. His lifelong dream of evolving was also accomplished via a thunderstone. He was too weak to properly battle, but was allowed to watch and - when he felt up to it - participate in training with Serena’s other pokemon. He witnessed the events involving Yveltal and the ultimate weapon, and strongly wishes to reverse them, though he understands he will probably not be alive to see Serena again.

Other: He is old and terminally ill. His fur as compared to a younger jolteon is not as brightly coloured due to age, and his ears tend to sag a bit.

Name: Masani
Species: Mawile
Gender: Female
Team: Team Yveltal
Ranking: Warrior

Personality: Armed with a sharp wit and an even sharper tongue, Masani exudes confidence. She has a loud voice and is never afraid to use it. Her demeanor is coldhearted and unforgiving, strongly disliking those who prove incapable and quick to suck up to those with power. What she lacks in size she makes up for with brutality, only letting up in battle when her body gives out on her. Beneath her both literal and figurative steel exterior, she is self-conscientious of how she is perceived by others, but is too afraid to let her guard down to let anybody get too close to her. She occasionally worries over whether she is even capable of true love.

History: Masani was originally a wild pokemon from Hoenn. She lived in a mawile pack south of Fallarbor Town with her father and several brothers. Her father was the leader, and he led with an iron fist and preached constantly about how awful humans were. This was a result of Masani’s mother being captured by humans when Masani was very young. She never saw her mother again, and therefore also grew a strong dislike toward humans. She often picked fights with other members of her clan and other wild pokemon in order to better herself. She hoped to impress her father enough to sway him to choose her as the leader rather than her oldest brother. She was sparring with one of her brothers when it happened – a bright light overtook the sky and caused her to lose consciousness. When she awoke, she was on the Yveltian half of the land. Lucifer found her, and after affirming that they had similar motives, invited her to join Team Yveltal.

Other: N/A

Name: Lucifer
Species: Pyroar
Gender: Male
Team: Team Yveltal
Ranking: Team Leader

Personality: Similar to Lysandre, Lucifer truly believes that his actions are for the well-being of the world. He has no doubt that he will eventually succeed and rarely stresses over it. The fact that Yveltal destroyed most of the beautiful planet instead of just humans and pokemon does sadden him, but it is a secondary annoyance in comparison to the fact that there are still survivors willing to oppose him and his beliefs. Considering that he, like Lysandre, aimed for a world without conflict, he wishes to destroy of anyone who opposes him as quickly as possible in order to finally attain that goal. He speaks in a clear, elegant manner, though he will turn rougher if the right buttons are pushed. He prides himself in his appearance, and cherishes beauty in living things. Lucifer is very good at reading others, which makes it difficult to hide secrets from him. He has a habit of giving overly-grand speeches to rouse his allies and intimidate his foes.

History: Lucifer was born in captivity and given to Lysandre when he was very young. As such, he was raised with the beliefs that Lysandre had about radical change being the only thing that can save the world. Both Lysandre and Lucifer believed that pokemon were tools of war when used by humans – although Lysandre used this as his reasoning for eliminating the world of pokemon, Lucifer used it as his reasoning for eliminating all humans. Lysandre was oblivious to his pokemon’s reasoning, which led to his downfall when Lucifer turned on him in the heat of battle and caused Yveltal to destroy him.

Other: N/A


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This looks interesting. I would like to try this out.
Not entirely sure about my SU but.. Let me know if I need to change something

Name: Ellis
Species: Banette
Gender: Male
Team: Team Yveltal
Ranking: Warrior

Personality: Ellis is one odd individual. He is usually a pretty Jolly Pokemon, mostly seen in a cheerful mood, with a grin on his face. He is also a raging psychopath, chasing after the bloodiest and most extreme outcomes whenever he does something. He enjoy tormenting and terrorizing others, and sometimes drag out battles to make sure his opponents suffer as much as possible. He is also a curious fellow that wouldn't hesitate throwing himself into trouble to learn new ways to supprise and throw his opponents off-guard. He is very prone to mood-changes, and sometimes burst out in anger. This more angry side of him is visually more brutal during battles,

History: Ellis was born in a day care after a trainer had left his parents there for competetive purposes. His trainer was apparently a big fan of the Battle Frontier, and Ellis was supposed to be a big part of the team. Already at an early age, Ellis showed signs of sadism, but his trainer was sure to keep this side in check. this resulted in the eventual split in ellis' personality, but at the time, Ellis knew little about it. One day, a bright light overtook the skies, and Ellis lost consciousness. Waking up later in the aftermatch, Ellis' personality had been forcibly split in half, more or less resulting in "Good" and "Bad" Ellis. Driven entirely by his own purposes, Ellis eventually found out about Team Yveltal and their purpose. Not really knowing what to do about himself after his trainers disappearance, Ellis decided he would join Team Yveltal, so that he could be free to be himself.

- Originally being a trainers Pokemon, Ellis can access a few egg Moves, tutor Moves and TM moves.
- He also have a Megastone, but he doesn't know how to use it
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Looks good, just two things you should know:

- "In-Training" is a rank given to children. In Team Yveltal, regardless of skill in battle or even desire to battle, all adults are classified as "Warriors". I couldn't really tell his age from your SU, but the fact that he's evolved makes me think he's an adult and should have the Warrior rank.
- You can have a mega stone by all means, but considering mega evolution requires a trainer to activate it, I'm not sure if it would be of any use. Though I'm open if you have alternate ideas. ^^

Crash & Charm

Back I guess
Name: Kaladin (Kal)
Species: Aegislash
Gender: (or lack thereof) Male
Team: Team Xerneas
Ranking: Team leader B division

Personality: Kal is...Violent. He gets into fights easily and generally aggravates those around him. He is arrogant, foolhardy, stubborn, and rash. Most people would consider flaws like that to make a Pokémon a bad leader. He makes up for those qualities by being a brilliant tactician, incredibly logical, and with a very well developed sense of risk taking. When fighting his worse qualities come out, but if he is in the command tent he stops to think what the best decision is. He will always make decision even if he isn't sure if it’s the best one. He can be rude at times and slightly crass with little to no sense of timing or occasion. HE makes a good general so to speak but he has quite the temper.

History: Kal was in a stasis mode for the last 2,000 years before the event. He hid in a deep cave even lower than where the ultimate weapon was housed. He was hiding just under the weapon. This protected him from the first blast that AZ unleashed many years ago. The blast knocked him into a stasis mode that it seemed he would never return to. Before falling asleep he was used by the general for one side of the army. After the second blast woke him from his deep slumber. He emerged confused. He thought no time had elapsed because he had awoken and fallen asleep to the firing of the ultimate weapon. He found the original members team Xerneas. They explained to him what had happened. He then helped form the team and find members. He is one of the major reasons the Team even exists. His goal is to stop the Weapon from ever being used again.

Other: He is slightly different from most others of his species due to him being from 2,000 years ago. HE can completely separate his shield and sword and continue to fight. HE also and use a power that can connect to other pokemon in strange ways. He can substitute for a trainer if mega evolution is required. Activating this requires a great amount of energy, trust, and a great bond from both pokemon.

He will also mostly serve as a commander directing troops and rarely participating in combat.

Name: Shallan

Species: Kangaskhan
Gender: Female
Team: Team Xerneas
Ranking: Divition B member

Personality: Shallan is quick of thought, words, and punches. She will usually go the direct route not wanting to go and make things over complicated. She also has an eye for detail. She can spot a mistake or flaw a mile off. She only fights with her fists not bothering with other kinds of moves. She is loyal and nurturing. Her maternal instincts are very strong. She cares for her child and would do anything to protect him. She has terrible balance and she will often trip and fall. She drills the troops in the “army” sometimes. She makes an excellent drill sergeant.

History: Shallan was with her trainer in the middle of a battle. A wave of light washed through the area and everyone around her was dead. The building was also destroyed in the blast. Some mysterious force protected Shallan from the blast. She eventually ran into some team Yveltal goons and after she wouldn’t join them, they attacked her. She defeated them by using power up punch growing stronger after every hit. Then she turned and ran away before any of them could catch her. She spent the next few years in hiding scrounging for food. Then she meet Kal. Taking a liking to him She joined team Xernias and was added to B division being recognized as a string fighter.

She has a mega stone from her old trainer, although she can’t use it.
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Thanks for your interest. Team Yveltal actually doesn't have separate divisions because they don't need them. They only have the team leader, who is Lucifer for the time being. You can be division B leader of Team Xerneas, if you'd like to switch sides? Otherwise you'd be a Warrior on Team Yveltal.

Crash & Charm

Back I guess
Thanks for your interest. Team Yveltal actually doesn't have separate divisions because they don't need them. They only have the team leader, who is Lucifer for the time being. You can be division B leader of Team Xerneas, if you'd like to switch sides? Otherwise you'd be a Warrior on Team Yveltal.

umm ok. I might add more pokemon later. I will give you a heads up If I do.

I added a pokemon. Yay!


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Both accepted. If Team Xerneas has the ability to mega-evolve then it's only fair that Team Yveltal can do that as well, so I'm just gonna put that in the back of my mind for now.

Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
Name: Chi (pronounced 'kai', will get snippy at anyone who pronounces it any other way)
Species: Metagross
Gender: Genderless (usually uses genderless pronouns, but is commonly seen as being masculine so male pronouns are also acceptable)
Team: Team Xerneas
Ranking: Division C Leader

Personality: Cold, methodical, and calculating, many Pokemon often wonder why Chi is so loyal to Team Xerneas and its cause. For Chi, morals do not matter much if at all and the ends justify the means. Its goal is simple: the advancement of the evolution of Pokemon. And like its former master Colress, it believes that the key to the evolution of both people and Pokemon is through cooperation between each other. Without humanity, Pokemon will never reach the pinnacle of evolution that Chi desires to reach.

Being similar to a machine, Chi is very precise and does not tolerate mistakes. It thinks logically and objectively, believing in the wisest course of action instead of the most ethically correct one. This attitude also makes Chi rather humorless, causing jokes to often fly over its head. It also is a strong believer in relying on science and tactics rather than magic or brute strength to defeat the enemy, though certainly Chi is no slouch in a fight if push comes to shove.

That being said, Chi is not completely without emotion. It relates to and is fond of other intelligent minds like itself and was outright loyal to its original master. Even a smart foe it will show respect to, even if it won't show mercy. It cares for the well being of its peers to make up for the loss of its master and teammates, but anyone outside of its circle of allies it shows no sympathy towards. It especially despises savages and brutes of any kind.

History: Many years ago, Chi started off as a single Beldum born somewhere deep within Mt. Coronet in Sinnoh. Besides occasionally using Take Down on things that threatened it, there wasn't really anything important to note about this part of its life. One day a then young aspiring scientist named Colress was studying the strange magnetic forces of Mt. Coronet when he ran into Chi while exploring the mountain's caverns and caught it, hoping to put the Beldum to good use.

And put it to good use he did. Chi became one of Colress' stronger Pokemon, so much that Colress tended to avoid using Chi when testing newer trainers for their potential in working with their Pokemon. By the time of the events of the return of Team Plasma and their plot to use Kyurem to conquer the world, Chi had grown into a Metang. Now larger and smarter, Chi was able to better understand the goals of its master. Not long after losing to the trainer that went on to stop Ghetsis from using the fused Kyurem to dominate the world, Chi evolved yet again into a Metagross, its intelligence increasing even more as it grew.

The desires of its master held a huge weight to Chi, understanding from experiencing first hand the potential of people and Pokemon as a team from fighting the trainer who beat Neo Team Plasma on the Plasma Frigate. It aspired to become stronger and increase its bond with Colress, so that it may unlock the same potential that trainer did.

Coincidentally, Colress was in Kalos itself when the cataclysm caused by Yveltal took place. At the time Colress was looking into the power of Mega Evolution and the bond that had to be formed to create the incredible amount of power needed to power this evolution. Having a Metagrossite but lacking a Mega Ring (or something similar) to activate it, Colress was researching alternative means of unlocking the Mega Stone's power. One day a blast came and destroyed everything from one end of the horizon to the other, yet somehow, Chi survived. It ended up in the remaining fertile land along with the other survivors, quickly establishing itself as a prominent member of Team Xerneas due to its wisdom and intense desire to bring humanity back, becoming the leader of Division C.

Other: Chi has an odd quirk to its speech. It starts its sentences by stating what type of sentence it is before saying it (Example: "Declaration: I am a genius." or "Query: Who are you?"). It also has many tactically useful moves that it doesn't necessarily learn by level but through TMs or Move Tutors thanks to Colress teaching them to it in the past.

(Also, it would be really neat if someone were to play one of Nate/Rosa's Pokemon, just sayin'. <3)


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Billy Mays - Great, accepted!

Schade - I put your character down as the "in-training" rank, but lemmie know if I should change that as per my previous post to you.


*hugs Absol*
Name: Aluna
Species: Absol
Gender: Female
Team: Team Xerneas
Ranking: In-Training

Personality: Aluna is a young, female Absol. She has a happy personality, but can easily lose hope if things are going the wrong way. Aluna is a soft, gentle soul who dislikes fighting. While she has learned some fighting techniques, she prefers to avoid any kind of conflict if at all possible.
Aluna works well in a team, and she's pretty easy-going. She is absolutely not the leader type, and prefers to be following someone who knows what he/she's doing. She isn't afraid of social interactions, however, she doesn't like being the centre of attention, and gets a little shy if there are a lot of Pokémon around (especially if they're bigger than her). In dangerous situations she can easily fall into despair and lose the ability to think rationally. It's then when she falls back on her instincts and awaken her fighting spirit.
When she's older and more experienced she would like to join either the foraging, or the medical division, but she has not made up her mind yet. What she does know is that she wants to help restoring peace in the world.

History: Aluna was born in the wild, and grew up near the western coast of the Kalos region. She had only just left her parents and trying getting used to living on her own when a wild Pokémon trainer appeared. Aluna was surrounded by high cliffs, and had no option but to retaliate against the trainer who had sent out a Pokémon to battle her. But at her young age, and with the little fighting experience she had, she was defeated easily. Which is how she ended up being this trainer's companion for the following weeks.
At first she was confused about the whole situation; unsure whether she should be happy or sad. But her trainer took good care of her, doing everything in his ability to keep her happy, healthy and in good shape. And so, they quickly became best friends.
But all that came to an end when Yveltal wiped out mankind. The flash of destruction came without warning; her trainer was erased from existence before her very own eyes. That moment of losing her best friend will forever be in her memory.

Other: N/A.
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edited the SU, Ellis is now a warrior instead


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Mogar - Yay! I'm not formally keeping track of reserves as this type of RP works best with a lot of players anyways. But once we have enough people to start the RP I'll make a note to pester anybody who has said they want to join but hasn't yet.

Milennin - Accepted!


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I'd love to reserve a Division A Leader (by the name of Fluffles)


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I'll put you down for that, then. :3 That means all of the leadership positions are filled!

I'll say for Team Yveltal at least, Lucifer is going to be saying things like "Masani take members X,Y,Z and patrol the parameter" fairly often so there'll be opportunities to lead even if you aren't a formal leader.
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Name: Fluffles
Species: Ursaring
Gender: Male
Team: Team Xerneas
Ranking: Division A Leader

Personality: Fluffles is the epitome of a gentle giant, caring deeply for all those that he begins to care about, and quickly warming up to those around him. Very extroverted, Fluffles loves talking to other Pokemon, but knows how to listen when the need arises. However, Fluffles holds deep grudges, and is not easily shaken from any path that he sets out on, whether good or bad. His logic tends to be a little bit fallatical, and he isn't the most intelligent beast out there. He also doesn't know his strength both physically and verbally, and can be a little clumsy (again, physically and verbally), causing him to come off as a bit ditsy.

History: Once upon a time, Fluffles was an adorable little Teddiursa who lived in Ilex Forest, helping his family by gathering food. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked Then, calamity struck. A group of wicked Pokemon stormed the forest, claiming it as their territory. When Fluffles’s father fought back, he was put down, and then the rest of Fluffle’s family as well. He was only saved by a female trainer by the name of Lisa who arrived in the nick of time, brandishing a Typhlosion and Snorlax. They drove off the wicked Pokemon, and Lisa took Fluffles in. He was loved and cared for many years, and Lisa continued to travel around the world. Eventually Fluffles evolved into Ursaring, and became a pivotal part of Lisa’s team. But when Yveltal destroyed everything, Fluffles lost his new family. Somehow, he had been spared. It was that day that he decided that he would suffer loss no more. He would protect those who remained, providing for them just like he used to do for his first family.

Other: Fluffles is relatively short for a Ursaring, but his claws are longer and sharper. He also doesn’t like it when you diss his name.
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@RealMrGame10 - Could you extend his personality section to be at least 100 words as per forum rules? Looks good otherwise.

Before the forum downtime somebody (I forget who it was, sorry >_> If you could post your request for a reserve again so I can pester you for a sign-up before we start that would be lovely) asked a question regarding whether unevolved pokemon were considered in-training by default. The answer is no - "in-training" is a ranking given to young pokemon based on age. Typically they will advance from this ranking when they reach the equivalent of teenage maturity. A younger pokemon will typically be unevolved because they are less likely to have enough experience / less likely to have encountered an evolutionary stone in their time / etc., but while it's more likely for an older pokemon to be evolved, they may not be much of a fighter and thus not have much experience / never encountered an evolutionary stone / etc., or they may simply not want to evolve by choice.

So in short, you can be at whatever evolutionary stage you want to be at to be considered an adult member. The non-leader rankings are based purely on age.


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Hey, so sorry in advance that this got super long (I tend to get carried away when I'm writing backstory). I'm also writing an SU for a Team Xerneas Division B member, but I figured I'd post this since it was done.

Name: Din (A foreshortening of “Houdini,” the name he was given by his trainer. Din resented this name, which he regards as foolish, and assumed his own upon his trainer’s death.)
Species: Gallade
Team: Team Yvetal
Ranking: Warrior

Personality: Din is ruthless. While it seems impossible to boil the complexities of a Pokemon’s personality into a single word, with Din this singularity of focus is both justified and wholly fitting. Every aspect of Din’s temperament is characterized by his desire to fully realize his own power. Din’s lack of restraint began innocently enough with the belief that every Pokemon has a right (and even a duty) to become as strong as he or she is capable. As Din aged (and especially after being captured by a trainer of conscience, who believed in such concepts as mercy and moderation), he grew cynical. He began to see the world as a place of weakness and suffocation. He believed that all humans (and many other Pokemon) impeded the development of his own power by smothering his potential. This led to a deep resentment within Din for humanity and the practice of Pokemon Training. Since his return to autonomy, Din has vowed to allow nothing and no one stand in the way of his quest to achieve maximum power, accepting as a consequence that this will often force him to behave in an unapologetically violent and merciless manner. He sees this nature as a necessary evil means to a universally important end.

History: Din was born to a pair of Ralts in Kalos, but was orphaned as an infant. He has no recollection of his parents, and, for that reason, he considers himself to have been born alone. His lack of family of ancestry has never been a source of concern for him, however. Instead, Din has always considered this to be a sign of his individual importance and his complete self-sufficiency. It is this sense of singularity that fostered Din’s philosophy of self-improvement at all costs. Din quickly set himself to cultivating his psychic abilities (which, he noticed, came to him with ease—even with his lack of a mentor) by fighting with other wild Pokemon and attacking human trainers who passed through his home.
At first, Din was sometimes bested by his opponents, but, as time passed, he became so strong that he established an impressive winning streak that earned a reputation among the Pokemon in the area where he lived. Din could not have possibly known at the time, but he had also earned a name for himself in nearby Lumiose City. It was becomes of his infamy that an aspiring young trainer named Tyler made it his mission to capture “The Unbeatable Ralts.” In a hard-fought battle between Tyler’s Houndour and Din, the young man managed to defeat and capture the Ralts, naming him Houdini. This humiliation, and the name which came to symbolize it, tortured Din for all of his time as Tyler’s Pokemon.
While Din managed to gain a lot of experience under Tyler (Evolving into a Kirlia and later into Gallade), he felt as though his progress was slowed by his membership in the team. Furthermore, he felt as though his trainer was constantly restricting him out of a desire to do no unnecessary harm to other Pokemon. This became especially clear to Din on one occasion, when he felt the impulse to continue attacking a Pokemon that was in severe pain, feeling urged on by the desperate cries he could hear with his telepathy. In that moment before he would have struck the mortal blow on the enemy Machamp, Din felt the most powerful he had in his life. Tyler intervened, however, and denied Din the satisfaction of his first kill.
When the Yvetal catastrophe struck, Din once again could feel the agony of the humans and Pokemon dying around him. He knew in his heart that it was his superiority and his will to survive that kept him from harm on that day. As he heard the screams slowly die out, Din felt free for the first time in years. He renounced his name, adopting a moniker which reminded him of the pitiful cries of the lesser men and Pokemon that he observed while the world was being cleansed.
Once he was again alone, Din was lead to Lucifer and Yvetal by his psychic senses. While he was reticent about joining a team again, he knew that he had been drawn to this group for a reason. He also knew that it was on this side of the conflict—the side responsible for ridding the world of the humans and the weak Pokemon that served them—where he would be most likely to freely quench his thirst for power.

Other: Din is in possession of a mega stone as well, and, having been inside Tyler’s mind multiple times, is aware of its use. He is also aware that it cannot be utilized without a trainer. He keeps it as a memento of the potential for growth which still exists for him, as well as a reminder of the slave-like nature (as he sees it) of the Pokemon-Trainer relationship.