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A Bite To Remember (287)


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It was cool to see Poochyena again. After the Birch incident I didn't think it would reappear in it's own episode.

Other than Max and Poochyena bonding, it was bland.



Poochyena was cute, too bad Max didn't take it.
I loved to see how it learned to use Bite.
And it was cool to see Torchic so big...


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Quite an interesting episode. Max is a bit annoying here with his obsession trying to get a Poochyena to evolve. He seems to think that all Pokemon should evolve and at the click at the finger just because he wants to. Max should have been smarter when that fake machine showed Meowth "evolving" into a Persian. No pokemon can evolve that quickly and even so, the "Persian" was really small and you could clearly see Meowth's face.
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Man of Mystery
This episode was alright. I liked Max's enthusiasm and will to get Poochyena to learn Bite and evolve, he's going to be a good trainer one day. But there was really nothing else going on in this one.


Shiny Flygon
This episode reminds me an old episode where Ash helped to a wild pokemon to learn a move. So this time Max did it.

Max should have taken the Poochyena with him, maybe next time, Max!


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This episode was cool. It was great seeing Poocheyena and Mightyena again, my fav. Hoenn Dark Pokemon. Poochyena was so cute! I wish Max could've kept Poocheyena after it evolved in the end. May's image of what Torchic's evolution would be was hilarious.



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I really liked this episode. I remember it quite well. Nice to see Poocheyena and Max become friends. I really wished Max could of kept it. I am glad that Poocheyena evolved in the end.



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Well, this filler was nice too and I did enjoy the concept with Max wanting to get Poochyena evolve and it eventually did during the end of the episode. In a way, I actually liked Max's character in some extends.


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Max ruined this filler episode because I was somewhat enjoying the Preserve Center. I'm loving all this comedy relief with May, imagining her Torchic being huge and muscular, LOL. I also loved Brock's lecture on evolution. The lecture was great and the way Brock presented it was adorbz. Other than that, everything else was boring.


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Why can't Max have a Pokémon? I mean, there are plenty of other little kids in the show that have their own.. thiss episode would be the time to give him one XD

I liked it when May imagined Torchic looking all buff and muscular when it evolved. :)


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It was cool, I got into more as it progressed. I would have liked to have seen Max keep the Mightyena!


May's buff Torchic fantasy was funny but I thought Max should've kept Poochyena even if he was being too pushy regarding its evolution. 7/10
Poochyena evolving was my favorite scene because it showed Max a lesson that he needed to see. I also liked how Max got so much development in this episode.

Mrs. Oreo

Whoa Katrina's Mightyenas seemed vicious in the beginning and it was cool how she took care of injured wild pokemon. Max's bond with Poochyena was sweet as well and I liked how he was eager to see it evolve.


All right, Pochiena was too freaking cute, and I liked how Haruka thought that Wakasyamo was cool. I also loved the part when Satoshi was telling Masato what Pokemon need to evolve and then Takeshi did his little Okido-hakase style evolution talk. But seriously, why was Masato so dead-set on making that little Pochiena evolve? Why that one, out of all the Pokemon he's seen?