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A Boy's Dream (15+)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Simia, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Simia

    Simia Gengeon

    A Boy's Dream

    Okey Dokey, so this is my first fictional story. I don't plan on writing a 2nd chapter but I might consider it if there are a few who like this and want to know how it goes on. ^^
    And please no haters, I tried my best but if there is any good advice, I am always open to it.
    And please everyone, leave a comment, k? ^^

    Chapter 1: The Return to Home

    "Hold the thief!! Quick, he is going to escape!! Hold the thief!!" the old chubby baker yelled, waving his thick arms to draw the people's attention towards the fleeing boy running several feet in front of him.

    He stumbled a few times, trying to keep up with the thief but luckily managed to stay on his feet. After a few more moments the baker had to give up, however, breathing heavily as he leaned against the house wall.

    "Damn it!" he mumbled as he watched the boy turn around a corner. All this day's work gone, for what? Nothing at all. "I will get you..." he vowed to himself, turning around and returning to his bakery.

    Meanwhile, the small boy kept on running. He wasn't sure if he was still followed or not but wanted to make sure to bring as much distance between them as possible. After a while, however, his growling stomach forced him to stop. Right now he was in a small park. He spotted several Caterpies and Pidgeys between the trees. Brandon stood still and watched them for a short while, smiling. He loved pokemon almost more than anything else in the world. Only his family was more important to him. He sat down on a bench, leaning back, still breathing heavily and closed his eyes. He enjoyed the peace. He could still hear the city's noise, of course, but in this small park they weren't as loud and intense.

    That last one was close he realised. If the old man had caught him..oh well better not think about it. He was lucky to have escaped. If the baker had had a pokemon or any of the bystanders...he really needed one for himself. It might be crucial next time. And being able to defend oneself always is a good thing. He pulled his bag from his back and placed it on his lap, opening it to have a look at his catch. Several tasty looking sandwiches, a few brezels and a huge, brown loaf of bread. It was't that much, granted, but at least it might be able to keep them them from getting hungry for at least a few days, if they were smart enough to ration it, that is.

    Brandon brought his hand into the pocket of his grey linen pants, pulling out a few dollars.

    "Damn it..." he mumbled, staring down at the money.

    Most of the it was gone, so he probably would have to steal some more. They had bought a few blankets and pillows from the last money, which was the right decision in his eyes but still, it hurt to see the money dwindle like that. If he only had a pokemon...it might be able to help him gather all the necessary stuff and life would be so much more easy, and safer. But he didn't and it was not like he had the means feed that one anyway.

    "Damn it.." he mumbled once more, pulling a sandwich out of the bag, before closing the bag again and throwing it back over his shoulder. "..if only they were older. Why is it always me who has to do all the difficult stuff..."

    Brandon looked up at the blue sky. The sun was shining and it was a warm summer day. He truly hated summer. He loved winter, however, those chilly days...they made him feel happy. He didn't know why but who cares about reasons anyway. If he were to choose a pokemon he would probably want to have an Ice-type. They were just...so cool.

    After another short while of sitting on the bench and daydreaming, Brandon finally got up again, leaving the park while munching on his sandwich. He stopped at the park's entrance, standing in front of one of the main streets of the city. The cars were booming past him at an immense speed. It was around 6pm, meaning most of the people were on their way home from work. Many of them had pokemon with them. Looking straight ahead, he spotted a Golduck, an Oddish and a few Squirtels walking in front of him. He had to smile once more. It just was such a pleasure to see pokemon.

    Brandon turned his head to the right and looked down the busy street. The people were way too occupied with their own business to notice the young boy. Saffron city was a very large city, after all. The people had to work and tend to their own work or they wouldn't be able to feed their families and go on in life. Money, it was all about money.

    "Greedy crows...they have everything they need and still want more..." Brandon uttered as he turned on his heels and disappeared in a narrow back street.

    The large buildings swallowing the boy as he headed back towards his home. It took him another hour, wandering through dirty back alleys, occasionally watching pokemon settling their differences and eating his sandwich before he eventually emerged from the shadow's once more. Now standing in front of a dirty and rundown old warehouse. He walked up to its barred door and stopped right in front of it, looking around to check if anyone was watching him. Upon not seeing anyone he removed some of the pieces of wood, blocking the entrance and quickly disappeared inside the building. The building was officially closed and commoners were not allowed in it, so he had to be careful.

    He barred the door from inside, turned around and looked down a long old dirty hallway. Its walls were painted with wax crayons, immediately signalising the person that children lived in here. The air was sticky and dusty. A few rays of the sun came through the barred entrance, causing the dust to sparkle and dance in the sunlight. Sighing out, he started to walk down the corridor. It was about seven feet high, five feet broad and around 32 feet long. Mostly legendary pokemon could be seen, roaming the walls.
    Turning his head to the left, Brandon saw a majestic Ho-oh drifting up into the sky, dragging a beautiful multicolored rainbow behind him. Further down a spiky Zapdos battled a blue Latios, sending its sparks and lightning bolts in every direction. The left walls background was a light blue, getting darker the higher it went. There were clouds, stars and the sun on it. That wall resembled the sky.

    To his right, however, was the ocean. It started off with a light blue as well but got darker the further down it went. White waves could be seen with Tentacools, Gyarados or Remoraid's swimming in it. Even a silver Lugia could be seen swimming near the bottom. It's eyes sparkling in a bright blue. Brandon stared at the Lugia for a few minutes, suddenly realising how his hand started to tremble. He had a dream, that one day he would be able to sit on a Lugia, flying through the infinte sky, forgetting all his sorrows.

    "This will never come true." the boy mumbled, shaking his head and continuing on his way down the hallway.

    At the end of it was a door with a mirror attached to it's back. Brandon stopped in front of the mirror, staring at his poor self. What he could see was a thin, frail boy with shoulder long brown messy hair, wearing a casual black shirt which's right sleeve was torn off, grey knee long pants and dirty black sneakers. His face was the worst, though. Despite his mere 13 years of age it displayed deep mental wounds and exhaustion. Brandon quickly lowered his gaze and walked through the door. He now stood in a large room, which was around 50feet broad and high and around 80feet long. It probably has been a theater once, going by it's looks and structure, Long ago before he even was born. To both his sides were long rows of dirty, moldy red chairs, most of them broken. Further down was a dark wooden stage, around 4 feet high stairs leading up on both sides. A very large red curtain hung from the wall, right over the stage. The walls were painted with all kinds of different pokemon. There were Staraptors chasing each other, Tyranitars brawling or Rapidash racing. And many more.

    "I am back!!" Brandon called out, walking down between the rows, wondering where they could be.

    I bet behind the curtain! he thought as he approached the stage. Suddenly he saw movement behind the curtain and right after a young girl stuck out her scrawny head.

    "There you are! Where have you been, Bran?!" the seven years old girl yelled, jumping down from the stage and glomping her older brother. "We were worried!" she mumbled, looking up at Brandon with a sad smile. "But I knew you would come back! George, though, he said they probably caught you or something. Dun worry! I punched him for saying that." Janine said happily.

    Like her brother she was a frail girl, wearing a long, dirty, sleeveless brown dress going down to her knuckles, having short brown hair and walking barefoot.

    Brandon leaned down to her, smiling and patting her head. "Well done, don't listen to George. You know he loves to joke. Here, take this and deposit it in the storage room, alright?" Brandon whispered to her and handed her the bag full of food, patting her head once more as she nodded.

    With a sad expression on his face he watched her running off, hugging the bag tightly to her chest. She was a happy girl and this was no place for her. She deserved better, he knew that but still. There was nothing else he could give to her. The older boy watched her leave, scratching the back of his head. He loved his siblings with all his heart, though, at times he almost wished he lived alone. Sometimes he felt he did a terrible job caring for them and if he was alone he wouldn't have to worry about bringing them through the daily life and could be on his own and pursue his dream to become a pokemon master.

    He shook his head. That was just another of his stupid dreams. He was out of that age. He had to face reality. And he would never leave his siblings alone. Brandon was 100% certain of that. He just couldn't. What would he do without them? What would they do with him? They needed and depended on each other. Moreover, he promised their mother on her death bed that he would take good care of them. Well, he wasn't sure about the good but at least he tried his best to take care of them.

    "Mother.." he mumbled, feeling how a tear ran down his cheek.

    He had loved her but she was gone now, forever and it was his fault. His fault alone, if only he had been faster or stronger... Quickly wiping the tear away he walked up the stage and behind to curtain to meet his younger brother. George was 10 years old, more muscular than Brandon and taller as well. Brandon didn't know why, after all he was three years younger. He loved his brother as well, even though they often argued and sometimes even fought each other. George was sitting on the floor with his back leaning against the wall. His eyes were closed, though, Brandon knew he didn't sleep. George's hands rested on his lap, folded.

    "Time to wake up. We have work to do!" Brandon called out, kicking him.​
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2011
  2. Absol6028

    Absol6028 What did you say...?

    You should continue ^_^ I really like it! ^_^ I still can't find anything wrong with it
  3. Porgon-XYZ

    Porgon-XYZ Wut are you saying?

    I have fixed most of the grammar errors. Great Story! I insist you continue!:D
  4. Simia

    Simia Gengeon

    Thank you Absol and yay for first comment xD
    *shoots you with watergun*

    wow thank you Porgon =D
    It's really appreciated and I take the freedom and copied your version and posted it, if that's ok. ^^
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2011
  5. WindStorm

    WindStorm Gamer Extraordinaire

    I'm actually impressed by this...you should definitely continue! It will be popular and that is something I'm certain of. :3
  6. Simia

    Simia Gengeon

    You are impressed? xD
    Wow thank you very much =D and I sure hope so. :3
  7. Simon Black

    Simon Black Dark lord of dragons

    First story

    Great story I see nothing wrong with it
    I'm also wighting a story I'll show it to u guys when I get the 1st chapter done
  8. hawkeye721

    hawkeye721 なんと素敵な歌!!!!!!!!

    wow simia this is great cant wait for the next chapeter and you better cheak out my fic when its up
  9. Simia

    Simia Gengeon

    Thx you two I will make sure to check yours out as well. =)
    Writing chapter two right now.
  10. Simia

    Simia Gengeon

    Alright, so this is chapter two giving the reader an idea of how they live. I hope you like it and please comment. ^^

    Chapter 2: A Short Peaceful Break At Home

    "I said get up! We have work to do, well you have, to be exact!" Brandon proclaimed as he continued to kick his younger brother's leg with the tip of his sneaker. "You better hurry up! Janine and I are hungry. The food is in the storage room."

    Despite the older boy even kicking the younger one, he showed no visible sign whatsoever. Instead he kept on pretending to sleep, too lazy to actually get up and aid his siblings in preparing dinner.

    "You little..." Brandon mumbled, slowly getting annoyed. "I told you to freakin GET UP!!" he suddenly called out, bending over and grabbing his brother by his hair, jerking him off the floor and up into the air.

    "OWW, that hurts..what are you doing? I am going already, k? No need to get rude." George mumbled, wriggling out of his brother's grip and stomping off towards the kitchen.

    George, also called Gor, wore his blue shirt and white sweatpants, he generally preferred to wear comfy clothes. Uttering some curses under his breath made his way to the door, leading to their kitchen. The so-called kitchen merely was an ex-changing room with several tables pushed together to serve as a working top. However, this room was one of two to actually have a window, as well as a sink, which made it the perfect kitchen. Just like most of the walls in the other rooms the kitchen’s walls were painted as well. Mostly cute Pokemon, Janine's work. The girl was already standing in the kitchen, humming a song and cutting the loaf of bread. She loved preparing food and therefore always helped, even if it was not her turn to make the small families food. George wordlessly walked past her and through a door, opposite to the one he was just used to enter the room. That door led to the storage room. The ten year old boy grabbed three sausages and a few slices of cheese. Then he returned in the kitchen, putting that stuff on the table and heading towards a cupboard, producing three plates and two cups out of it.

    "Since your cup has broken you have to share one with Bran, remember?" he said to his younger sister, putting those dishes on the table as well.

    He waited for her to finish cutting the bread and took six slices, placing two of them on each table, then he took the cheese and put it on each slice. In the end he put one sausage on each plate and was about to take two plates and walk back into their living room when his sister suddenly stopped him.

    "Wait!" she said, pointing at two of the sausages. They had large white green mold stains on their skin.

    "Ah damn it!" he cursed, putting down the blades and grabbing a knife.

    He then proceeded to cut of the mold -stains. Afterwards he took the two plates once more, motioning to her to take the third plate and returned back to Brandon who was waiting already. Without a comment he put the plates down and started eating before Janine even arrived. The cheese and sausage were rather dry, the bread, however, was delicious. It was top quality, something they hadn't had in a long time. George finished the first slice of bread and looked up at his sister who now arrived and put down her plate and cup as well. She smiled at Brandon, while putting the cup on the table.

    "We have to share a cup, remember?" she asked and took a sip from it.

    It was mere water but they only got to drink thrice a day and each only one cup so they had to enjoy it to their fullest. Brandon nodded back and started eating as well.

    "So, how has your day been so far? Anything new? And don't forget, tomorrow is that day..right?" he asked as he bit into his bread.

    "Nothing and of course we know, silly." Janine answered, giving her brother a weird glance. "Gor just slept all day and I finished the Clefairy painting on the bathroom's wall. Wanna see?"

    "Maybe later!" Brandon laughed and took a sip from his cup. "Well, I have watched some more Pokemon...I really want one, do you think I could capture one with my han..." Bran started but suddenly stopped himself when he saw George twisting his eyes in an annoyed manner.

    "When are you finally gonna stop talking about those silly Pokemon? You will never catch one, and even if, you know we don't have the means to feed one." he said, getting up and leaving the table.

    "Don't mind him. He just is in a bad mood lately." Janine said happily and finished her food, as did Brandon. No further words were spoken between them until Brandon got up and patted his sister on the head.

    "I am gonna wash the dishes, you go to sleep already, k?" he said, took the plates and cup and walked into the kitchen, cleaning them before returning.

    George had already cleaned his own dishes. Then he headed for the toilet. It was a small, smelly room. The second one to have a window in it and it was a rather large one too. They toilet itself was dirty and of course the flushing was not working anymore. So they always had to do it in a bucket which’s content they afterwards tossed out of the window into the dirty, grey river. Brandon only had to pee, admiring the Clefairy drawing while he did so, before returning to their living room, which also was their bedroom.

    He headed towards his bed, a simple mattress with several pillows and blankets. He saw his younger sister sitting in front of a wall, drawing and called out for her to go to sleep. It was late already. He fully removed his clothes and quickly slipped under the blanket, burying his whole body under it, minus his head. He closed his eyes but reopened them again after continuing to hear scribbling sounds. He turned his head.

    "Janine, I told you to stop drawing. You are going to hurt your eyes and it is late, you should sleep."

    He knew she hated the night. She always was sad when it got dark, mostly cring as well. He watched his sister removing her clothes and quickly running to him to come under the blanket as well. He hugged her tightly, feeling her starting to sob already: he knew he couldn't stop her from crying but also knew that she would stop after several minutes. She cried every night. He gazed over the dark room, spotting his brother on his own mattress, sleeping already. He sighed out, and then he slept in.

    The next day came early. Bran opened his eyes and yawned, staring down at his sister. She still hugged him, snoring lightly. He smiled and stroke her cheek. He really loved his sister with all his heart and today was that day. He slipped out from beneath the blanket and put on his black sweatpants and a white shirt.

    "Today is the day..." he mumbled as he walked into the kitchen and started to prepare a quick breakfast for the three of them.

    He wanted to surprise them so he took the best of their food and brought each his own plate, putting them in front of his still sleeping siblings. When he put down the plate in front of his brother, he lightly shook his shoulder.

    "Oi...Gor" he whispered to not wake their sister. He continued to shake his brother by the shoulder until he eventually woke up. "Our mother died exactly one year ago, I think we should get ourselves something special today to honor her death and celebrate that we are still alive after fleeing from our dad eleven months ago. I want you help me with the preparations, k?"

    Despite still being tired, George nodded happily. He had asked his brother almost every single day to take him with him when he stole their food, but Brandon had always said how he was too young and how he couldn't risk him getting hurt.

    “We have to hurry up, however, before she wakes up.” Bran whispered, motioning towards their sister.

    He planned on them getting some decent and food and be back before she woke up. So, they had about two to three hours he presumed. Bran waited for his brother to put on his clothes, a blue jacket and white sweatpants, matching his white sneakers. Then the quickly left the room and headed towards the exit, Bran leading with his brother directly behind him. Feeling the excitement and tension dwelling up inside him, George couldn’t keep himself from starting to smile. This was going to be awesome.

    What they did not know, however, was young Janine being awake already, clutching her blanket tightly as she heard them leaving, tears starting to come up to her eyes.​
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2011
  11. Porgon-XYZ

    Porgon-XYZ Wut are you saying?

    You already know that I know that this is a great chapter!dB Since I fixed what I could, no flaws as far as I can see!^^
  12. Simia

    Simia Gengeon

    yesh thx very much =)
  13. Absol6028

    Absol6028 What did you say...?

    Nice job! Really enjoyed it!
  14. Simia

    Simia Gengeon

    Thank you ^^ glad to hear that. I hope you like the third chapter even better :p
  15. Simon Black

    Simon Black Dark lord of dragons

    Boys dream

    Excellent plot story line cast inmagation
  16. KiraRebornXD

    KiraRebornXD Well-Known Member

    Well now, as a fictional writer myself, that wasn't half bad at all ^_^ kudos to you, i think it was great!!! 2 thumbs way way up!!! lol
  17. Simia

    Simia Gengeon

    Alright thx you two :D I think about writing more stuff now that summer break is over and stuff. What do you think?
  18. Simia

    Simia Gengeon

    Wow it has been quite some time. But since it is Halloween I have once more returned to infiltrate and haunt your dreams. xD

    Either way, now that I can post again I really want to continue this story, since I actually enjoyed the first two chapters. And even if noone is interested anymore I just wanna prove to myself that I can actually pull something off for once. That being said...I hope to finish chapter number 3 this week. ^.^
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2011

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