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A Brand New Adventure


Think Different
Pokemon: A Brand New Adventure
Co-Gmed by PhQnix and Saffire Persian
Anything in this post referring to "I" or "Me" etc. Can be applied to both of us: Including PM catches and Rank Upgrades​

Yes we are back. For those of you familiar with the old thread the RP has not changed much other than the types of trainers available, I can’t currently deal with some of the trainer types Shurei_Kaiba invented.

Anyone who wishes to continue there plot and character from the last thread can do so, just repost your applicants data and/or link me directly to your sign up and one of your posts from the previous threads.

Discussion Thread

Original Thread

Original Sign-Ups

Read all of this!

Please read ALL of this carefully. If you fail to follow the instructions at all you'll be rejected, and I won't tell you what you've done wrong; so please, you SHOULD read EVERYTHING to get a good feel of how this is all going to work out. This Roleplaying thread will be very much like the PASBL thread, just with a little more freedom and actual roleplaying involved. Below is everything you need to know, from rules to the character template to all of the components to the character template. We'll start with the simple explination of what this roleplay will be about.

It's freeform, meaning there is no plot and every character is free to roam and do whatever they wish; even create plots amongst themselves. You do not start from the same place as the other RPers, you start and travel where ever you want. It will take place on the continent of Kanto, because factoring all three continents into this roleplay would be quite difficult. In due time, however, it is likely Johto and Hoenn will become accessible. Trainers are free to battle or go on a date, do whatever they wish (as long as it isn't outright rediculous, ransacking a public building would be unacceptable.) You'll create a trainer and fill out all of the necessary information required from the template below. In order to fill out the template, you MUST read all of the information below it, as it is vital to being accepted. Sign-Ups will be accepted even after the thread is started. People wishing to join this RP after it has started MUST STILL sign-up and get accepted. I will list all trainers and whatnot once they are accepted, those who are not on the accepted list should be IGNORED during the roleplay, should they be ignorant and post in the thread. Once the thread is started, I will post this in it.

Everyone has the ability to describe the world around them, though they should be as close to the anime as possible when describing a city or a Pokemon and whatnot. Pokemon will not die as the result of the battle, use common sense, this isn't going to be a gore-fest. You may play NPCs, for instance you can have your character battle an NPC created by you. After one has one, the NPC can be used again by anyone, etc. etc. It is highly suggested that most roleplayers do not create NPCs to be their friends, as this is primarily meant to be interaction between player-characters. You may have two characters in this roleplay. Remember, read EVERYTHING in this thread, and check my posts to see whether or not you were accepted or rejected.

Trainer Template
~Applying For: Trainer, Gym Leader (refer to italics below), Gym Trainers ,Team Rocket, Pokemon Breeder, Monotype Specialist, Pokemon Maniac, (Refer to * below).
~Full Name: Self-Explanitory, first and last, middle if you'd like
~Gender: (Male or Female)
~Age: (10-70 years)
~Physical Description: What does your character look like? Please be as descriptive as possible. Pictures accepted, but you must have verbal description as well.
~Personality: In general situations, how does your character ask? Please be as descriptive as possible.
~Brief History: Note the word BRIEF. Short description of your character's life, including primarily events that shaped them into what they are now.
~Hometown: Refer Below
~Starting Pokemon: Refer Below
~Other Pokemon: Refer Below
~Rank: Refer Below

Gym Trainers remain under the tutelage of a gym leader, they must remain close to the gym (unless granted leave), regularly participate in gym battles and stay within the type choice of their gym leader.

I will be EXTREMELY selective for those applying for a Gym Leader position. Gym Leaders must be AMAZING trainers and have SUPERB knowledge of the Pokemon Universe, or at least the Gym Leader they're applying for (such as how they act, and whatnot). Please do not be suprised if I reject your application for a Gym Leader position, it's likely to happen a lot. Gym Leaders are standard, Brock, Misty, Lt. Surge, Erika, Koga, Sabrina, Blaine, and Giovanni. Naturally, last names are not required for Gym Leader applications. Brief History doesn't have to be too in-depth either, since very little information is provided about the Gym Leaders, be creative if you'd like and give them a History that will match their personality. I'll PM you with Gym Leader rules if you're accepted. AJ, the boy with a sandshrew is also available to be a gym leader.

*Pokemon Maniacs are void from the Starting Pokemon List. They have a completely different list which includes: Bagon, Skarmory, Munchlax, Dratini, Zangoose, Seviper, Lunatone, Solrock, Lileep, Anorith, Kabuto, Omanyte, Kecleon, Wynaut, Beldum, Clefairy, Cubone, Tyrogue, Gligar, Heracross, Porygon, Chansey, Miltank. Maniacs MUST choose from THIS list. Remember Maniacs only aim to collect pokemon, not battle them.
Hometown: This is where the trainers are born. They do NOT have to be born on the continent of Kanto, they could have moved there when they were five years old or whatever your little mind's desire. Please use the standard towns and cities, do not create your own and do not use those shown in the Anime, it makes things difficult. Pallet Town, Viridian City, Pewter City, Cerulean City, Vermillion City, Lavender Town, and the list goes on.

Pokemon Trainer: Likely the most standard and understood of all of the "classes", Pokemon trainers are those who catch and well...train Pokemon to beat the eight Kanto Gym Leaders and become a legend by hitting it big in the Pokemon League. Pokemon trainers start with $10,000 (if you have the alt-code for money in PKMN god tell me), and ten Pokeballs.

Pokemon Breeders: The name says it all, they breed their Pokemon, not using them in battles or competitions, at least not ever in the Anime. A new feature included in this RPG will be Breeder Tournaments, in which you should refer below. They are amazing Egg Hatchers and Pokesitters, and are often kind and outgoing. They start with $10,000 and five Pokeballs.

Team Rocket: Team Rocket members are nefarious and mysterious, sometimes even devious! They specialize in stealing Pokemon and their goal in life, or at least most of their's, is to impress their boss in which some of the members don't even know his name. Rocket members are different from other classifications, as they get a salary as opposed to payment, and salary is effected by rank. They start with five Pokeballs and the salary chart is as follows: Grunt/$500 per day, Operative/$1500 per day, Executive/$3500 per day, Administrator/$7500 per day, Elite/$15,000 per day. A grunt starts with $3000

Gym Trainers: Gym Trainers are the aspiring Leaders of the future, taking tutilage under a certain Gym Leader which matches their type specifications and learning the ways of the Gym Leader. Gym Trainers often switch from staying in the Gym and training the Pokemon they have, to venturing out to catch others. Sometimes, a generous Leader would reward a promising Gym Trainer with a Pokemon. If Gym Trainers are present at a Gym, they must be beaten to get to the Gym Leader. They are provided all the necessities, such as housing and food, so they have no need for money, and can acquire Pokeballs by asking their Gym Officials.

Gym Leaders: It is the Gym Leaders duty to test the current level of capability of a trainer, who is no doubt, seeking a journey to the Pokemon League. They bare an amazing responsibility on their back, but most manage to have fun while doing it. They are paid a salary of $100,000 a month by League Officials, which must be factioned out to the Gym Officials salary, food, and bills *shudder*. Gym Leaders always have a type-theme, as well as a themed Gym, which is completely up to the player. Leaders are allowed to venture near their gym to catch new Pokemon, but they must not journey far unless on Official League business.

Monotype Specialist: Pretty self-explanitory. A Monotype Specialist is a trainer that specializes in using one type of Pokemon (IE: Misty and Water Types). This does not necessarily mean they want to begin their own gym later in life, just that they have a certain liking towards a single type of Pokemon. They are able to compete in Pokemon Battles, Special Tournaments (NEW!), and Contests. They MUST only have one type of Pokemon on their team. They begin with $8,000 and five Pokeballs.

Pokemon Maniac: Pokemon Maniacs tend to be older then trainers, but are almost exactly alike them in every way. The only difference is...they love rare Pokemon. They are the ONLY class that can start with a much more rare Pokemon then listed in the Starting Pokemon classification, and tend to catch Pokemon much more scarcely then normal trainers, always wanting rare and exotic types. Due to the rarity of "rare" Pokemon early in their journey, they likely go through at least four gyms before they catch their second. They start with $10,000 and 10 Pokeballs.

Starting Pokemon: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Magby, Elekid, Smoochum, Pikachu, Eevee, Cubone, Scyther, Chinchou, Togepi, Ekans, Grimer, Sneasel, Absol, Mawile, Trapinch, Rhyhorn, Larvitar, Abra, Gastly, Shuppet, Ralts, Mr. Mime, Cacnea, Vulpix, Growlithe, Electrike, Phanpy, Teddiursa, Gulpin, Duskull, Whismur, Magnemite, Marill, and Psyduck. Naturally, you can only choose one. If you didn't see a Pokemon on the list you liked and you'd like a different one, PM me, and I'll tell you whether or not it's acceptable. Saters are not one a piece, people can have the same starter.

Other Pokemon: Trainers DO NOT begin with other Pokemon, they start with only one. As a matter of fact, everyone but Gym Leaders start with just one Pokemon. To acquire other Pokemon you must actually roleplay. You must PM me if you wish to catch a Pokemon. For instance, John Doe wants to catch a Caterpie in Viridian Forest, hence he PMs me and says "Want to Catch: Caterpie in Viridian Forest." Since Caterpie is a very common Pokemon, especially in Viridian Forest, that would be accepted and he'd then post in the thread his trainer catching the Caterpie. Something that would be unacceptable is "Want to Catch: Skarmory on Cinnabar Island." Skarmory is a very rare Pokemon, and would not be seen dead on Cinnabar Island, much less alive. Hence that would be rejected. You can bend the rules of the games and animes a bit, such as "Want to Catch: Yanma on Route 11." Yanma don't appear on Route 11, but that would be acceptable. Naturally, trainers can only have six Pokemon on them at a time.

Rank: Rank is one of the most important factors EVER. Ranks range from Newbie to Master, and effect the evolutions of your Pokemon (Which will be elaborated on below). Trainers, Breeders, and Coordinators start out at Newbie, Team Rocket Members start at Grunt, and Gym Leaders and Gym Trainers are just Gym Leader or Gym Trainer. Advancing in rank involves me seeing that you've done acceptional in this RP, at which point I will PM you with a notification that you've just achieved a new Rank. You may choose to evolve your Pokemon once you've achieved the correct rank, simply post a battle or a reason why it would have evolved. You begin at newbie rank unless you participated in the last RP, in which case you carry on as before.

Evolution/Rank Chart
Trainer, Breeder, Maniac, Monotype
Newbie: Pokemon that evolve at Level 10 and below (Ex: Butterfree, Beedrill)
Novice: Pokemon that evolve at Level 16 and below (Ex: Charmeleon, Kadabra)
Fair: Pokemon that evolve at Level 25 and below, friendship evolution, item evolution, trade evolution, stone evolution (Ex: Arbok, Victreebel, Eeveelutions, Gengar, Scizor)
Adept: Pokemon that evolve at 35 and below (Ex: Gardevoir, Golduck)
Elite: Pokemon that evolve at 50 and below (Ex: Charizard, Feraligatr)
Master: All Pokemon

Team Rocket
Grunt: Pokemon that evolve at Level 10 and below (Ex: Dustox, Beedrill)
Operative: Pokemon that evole at Level 20 and Below (Ex: Ariados, Ledian)
Executive: Pokemon that evolve at Level 30 and below (Ex: Arbok, Sandslash)
Administrator: Pokemon that evolve at Level 50 and below (Ex: Meganium, Swampert)
Elite: All Pokemon

As you may have noticed, Levels are not important in this roleplay. There's no such thing as Pokemon Levels, but the levels and capabilities of the trainers themselves. If a Charizard is up against an Elekid, it will be the trainer that decides the match, not the evolutionary difference.

Battles/Contests/Tournaments, etc.
In this section you will find referrances to how certain functions will be roleplayed, and certain rules. A rule for all battles: NO AUTO-HITTING. Auto-Hitting is stating something like, "Cyndaquil use flamethower, wow, you one hit KO'd it!" Everything must be stated in variables, such as, "Cyndaquil use flamethrower!" The small fire Pokemon rears it's head and blasts a stream of flame at it's opponent's torso. See? I didn't say it hit, I said where it was aimed. The best way to describe this is to act as if the word ATTEMPT were in everything you commanded.

Pokemon Battles: A standard battle between Pokemon Trainers. They will declare the rules beforehand, as to how many Pokemon will overall be used, double or single battle, and any other specialities they wish. Battling will be somewhat like PASBL, with a health and energy factor. Some moves take much more energy then others, like Hyper Beam in comparison to Astonish; use your common sense. This is a happy roleplay, so there's no death, ever. After battles, the loser may choose to award the winner with Money or items, or exchange PokeNav Match Call numbers as to keep in touch; though it is solely up to the trainers.

Breeding Tournaments: Breeding Tournaments is a new feature solely created by me, at least I think so. Breeders will bring ONE Pokemon to the tournament with them, which will take place in a multitude of competitions. The first is an exercise routine, where the Pokemon must run on a treadmill, determining how healthy it has been raised. The second is Pokemon Battle which will last five turns, determining how well the Pokemon has been raised. Winning the battle is not always good. The third is a talent contest, a Breeder's Pokemon may have any talent from playing the flute to dancing to singing *though it will not lull the crowd to sleep*. This round will be judged by the audience. The final round is a runway contest, more or less the Breeders can dress and make-up their Pokemon to walk down a runway, or let their natural beauty work it's might. This is a test of grace as well as beauty. I will ALWAYS serve as the Judge for a Breeder Tournament, and they will be held on the third of every month. Those who wish to enter must PM me as if they were sending a letter to a Breeder Tournament Official.

Gym Leader/Trainer Matches: As previously stated Pokemon Trainers must defeat Gym Trainers before challenging the Gym Leaders. PM a Gym Leader BEFORE you enter their Gym to get details as to it's tricks or what it looks like, Koga for instance, WILL have invisible walls, and Sabrina, my character, won't have teleporters, but her Gym won't even have a door. If you do not PM a Gym Leader before entering their Gym, you will be rejected and ignored by the Leader and Gym Trainers until you have done so. Gym Leaders can reward anything from money, to a Pokemon Egg if they like you enough, to advice. However, should you win, they will ALWAYS provide you with a Badge.

Special Tournaments: A Special Tournament building exists in every town that has a gym (IE: Pewter, Cerulean, Vermillion, Celadon, etc.). These competitions happen once every three days in these towns, and every day is a different type tournament, testing the wits of the trainers whilst battling Pokemon of the same type as theirs. Trainers who acquire a sprite (explained later) in every one of these buildings are eligable for the Monotype League. Sprites are much like Gym Badges, they just display the type in which you are. Once eight are acquired, as mentioned, Monotype Trainers are eligable for the Monotype League.

Pokemon League: I would like to hold a Pokemon League once we get enough members who've won all eight badges. The Pokemon League will be held at the Indigo Plateau, as always, and will likely have 16-32 people competing in an elimination tournament. As we get more, and as people near having eight badges, I will further the details. Until then, just get people to join the RPG .

Monotype League: This is where all Monotype Trainers come to battle. It is one week before the Pokemon League starts and is likewise, held at the Indigo Plateau. Trainers must have extreme confidence in their Pokemon, as ALL Monotype Trainers will be here, making it possible for a Grass Monotype Trainer to go up against a Fire Monotype Trainer. The winner of the Monotype League IS GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO OPEN A GYM SHOULD THEY WANT. Further details will be mentioned upon the happening of this event.

Wild Pokemon

Wild Pokemon runs on two factors. The rarity of the Pokemon you wish to catch, and the likeliness of it being in the area you're currently in. You MUST PM me before catching a Pokemon, stating where you are to catch it and of course, what Pokemon it is. If you're approved, THEN you roleplay catching it (naturally, you'll have to battle it). If you're rejected, I'll tell you why. Simple as that, no? I'm sure I'm going to get a multitude of questions about this.

Surfing, Flying

Whee, controversial subjects. I'll start with flying, as it includes less elaboration. Only Pokemon with wings large enough to carry someone can fly, and it's only short distances. You can't very well ride on a Charizard from Lavendar Town to Pallet Town, simple as that. Also, Dodrio and Doduo CANNOT fly.

Surfing takes a bit more explination. Any water type Pokemon can surf, however, their size is a factor. We'll pit a surfing Lapras against a surfing Staryu. You can ride on the back of the Lapras, as it is large enough to carry someone, however, unless you're in a wetsuit and prepared to get soaked you cannot stay on a Staryu without being in the water. You can, however, rent a canoe or raft and have rope the Staryu to pull you across water. Pokemon such as Linoone who are a normal type but can learn surf in the games CANNOT surf, it is limited solely to water Pokemon.

How to Post Once the thread is started

A post should be set up in this format.

Trainer Name
Current Location
Current Time of Day

Insert roleplaying here.

For you visual learners, here's an example.

John Doe
Saffron City

John watched as the sun slowly descended over the horizon from the top of one of the many skyscrapers, etc. etc. etc.

Adzie Sporeleaf - (Adzieboy)
Jay Blazor - (Chaos_Control)
Draco Blazor - (Chaos_Control)
Luna Gadget - (Raposa Dalua)
Christpher Morris Miller, Monotype Fighting, - (Havok)
Sal Reaper - (Merkelhog)
Laura Mireille - (Deirdre - (Sango)
Lyra White - (Saffire Persian)
Aria Maida - (Sike Saner)
Aiki Rewe Mia - (Terria)
Lucifer Elemental, Monotype Dark - (Knightblazer)
Kali Delgado - (Sky Titan)
Nami Asado - (ASTERISK)



Team Rocket
Joshua - (warforged)
Robert Winch - (cl@mmysh@z@m!)
Syria Belle Tidel - (Ash Junior)

Gym Leaders
Brock -
Misty – PhQnix
Lt. Surge -
A.J. - Ash Junior
Erika -
Koga -
Sabrina – (Reserved by Psychic)
Blaine –
Giovanni –

Gym Trainers
Pewter - None
Cerulean - (Izumi Orimoto - xXSapphireXx)
Vermillion - None
Lavender - None
Celadon - None
Fuschia - (Resu Haether - PhQnix)
Saffron City - None
Cinnabar Island - (Jase Mackenzie - DKzM0mA)
Viridian City - None
Aj's - Gym - None

For you fiercely competitive types, I'd like to try to organize a Pokemon League a while after the thread gets going.


---Profanity and minor sexual confrontation is allowed, nothing seriously explict though.
---All applicant's characters MUST BE ordinary people, no super powers. Not even for Psychic-Pokemon users.
---If battling with another Player, attacks must be in a variable format. "Charmander, Ember attack!" The orange reptile spits a ball of fire at the opposing Cacnea, hoping to connect with it's torso. No auto-hitting, such as, "Charmander fries the Cacnea with a Flamethrower!"
---Both you and your trainer are not unbeatable. When roleplaying a battle with another player character, be reasonable. If you aren't, you risk being ignored for the rest of your roleplaying experience.
---Have fun and don't be rude. Only I'm allowed to do that =)
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Master Trainer
Trainer Template

~Applying For: Trainer
~Full Name: Adzie Sporeleaf
~Gender: Male
~Age: 15

~Physical Description: Medium length blondish-Golden hair, reaching down to the back of the neck. He wears a blue headband which keeps hair away from his face. A few spikes of hair always stick out form the top of the headband, occasionaly poking him somewhat fiercly below the forehead. He wears a yellow jacket with a white trim, the yellow clearly complementing the colour of his hair with a dark blue shirt underneath. He also wears light blue jeans, a little frayed at the bottom from wearing them too often and he also carries around a yellow bag full of his most prized possessions, including his pokeflute and pokegear.

~Personality: Fairly easy going, but determind to reach his goals in life. When asked a question, he would usually feel most obliged to answer, but if the question was personal, he may sometimes get uncomfortable.
~Brief History: Moved to Viridian city from his hometown in Johto when he was 9. His parents had disappeared in a tragic accident, and he had gone to live with his aunt and uncle. He decided to go out to find his lost parents, with the glimmer of hope that they may still be alive. To find them, he thought he would need the help of some pokemon companions, so became a pokemon trainer. He has thereafter been learning everything about pokemon since he was about 11, and set off to Pallet town at the age of 15.

~Hometown: Ecruteak
~Starting Pokemon: Bulbasaur
~Other Pokemon: *None*
~Rank: Newbie
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Think Different
Adzieboy, could you be a bit more descriptive please. Longer and more detail, also your history is a bit cliche, but i'm not gonna hold that against you seeing as you're enthusiastic about doing this.

Aim for something like this:
My Original Sign Up

Edit your new info into your previous post.


Think Different
Hmmmm... Accepted but I would like you to work on your RPing a bit, you just need to write more but that will come with practice I s'pose.
~Applying For: Trainer
~Full Name: Jay Forenso Blazor
~Gender: Male
~Age: 22

~Physical Description: Jay os usually traveling so he has a special outfit for traveling the world. He has on a black cap that has a white pokeball symbiant on it. His hair is a light brown and "spills out" of his hat. He wears a two tone jacket over a black shirt. The jacket's tones are Black and Grey. He wears blue jeans that have a black stripe at the bottom going diagnol and angling around the leg. His shoes have a metal buckle and serious traction. He wears a black bandana over his mouth. When relaxing, he takes off his hat to reveal his hair to be spikey and in a shape similar to Gary Oak's. His jacket is off revealing that the black shirt is sleeveless.

~Personality: Jay is a really fun-loving guy. Because of that he has alot of friends. Including a girlfriend. But Jay's and ordinary person, so his personality can change, however. Whenever in a serious moment, Jay can get very, very frustrated really easily. If ever Jay loses a Pokemon battle, he can become tense, and also resentful. He tends to get frustrated at other people than himself.

~Brief History: Jay's hometown was in the continent of Johto. He was born in East Johto, Blackthorn City to be exact. There he developed an obbsession with Dragon type Pokemon. When he was 9 1/2, almost 10, his family moved to the continent of Kanto. On his tenth birthday he went and caught a Pikachu, with help from another trainer. He named it Sparky. But, his father decided he wasn't ready and sent him to trainer school for 12 years the next day.

~Hometown: Blackthorn City, East Johto
~Starting Pokemon: Pikachu (Sparky)
~Other Pokemon: Butterfree (Bustle), Pidgey (Scar)
~Rank: Novice

Just reposting my sign-up. and I'd just been promoted to Novice Rank.


Think Different
Accepted, of course.
PhQnix, your original sign-up for Misty:

Applying For: Gym Leader
Name: Misty
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Physical Description: Misty Is a deceivingly small girl appearing a lot smaller than her age would suggest she would be. She is thin and long legged giving her a slightly distorted appearance. She has strong red hair, which she keeps tied up in a ponytail on her left side. She has pale skin that is sharply contrasted with her bright hair. Her young undeveloped physique also makes her appear a lot younger than she is.
She wears short denim shorts that finish an alarmingly long way above her knees, these form dungarees (I think that’s the name??) with red straps that are brought up around her shoulders. She also wears a pale yellow vest under her dungarees.

Personality: A very cheerful girl who is rarely seen without a smile on her face. Misty is down to earth and always keeps things in a very realistic view. She does however have a strong temper to match her red hair. She gets upset at peoples stupidity and does not hesitate to make her views known to the person she is angry with. She is very calm and confident in her battles with an un-quavering ability to root out her opponent’s weaknesses and flaws. But her overconfidence can often be her downfall.

History: Misty is the youngest of four and was forever receiving second-hand clothing and toys from her sisters. This is in fact the way she acquired the gym she now currently runs – even though she has demonstrated her battling capabilities are stronger than her sisters – I would elaborate on this more but I am unsure what to do next (she could have followed ash etc.) SP you decide and I’ll rewrite if I must.

Hometown: Cerulean
Pokemon: Starmie, Poliwrath, Gyarados, Staryu

Also, I'm going to have a New trainer. He'll be a Monotype.

EDIT: Here it is

~Applying For: Dragon-type Specialist
~Full Name: Draco Ryu Blazor
~Gender: Male
~Age: 17
~Physical Description: Draco has messy, spikey white hair. He's about 5'5" and has a muscular build. He has dark red eyes, almost crimson, that strike fear into a person's heart on single glance. He wears dark blue jeans that are very, very baggy. He wears a black sleeveless shirt under a black leather jacket. He wears black Nike Running Shoes.

~Personality: Draco is way too full of himself. He believes that there is no single trainer that can beat him. Even though, his older brother, Jay, beats him every time. He's obnoxious, and he takes the word, stuck up *******, to a whole new level.

~Brief History: Draco was adopted by the blazor family when he was only 7. After only 6 years with them, he ran away with his Scyther. He set out on a quest to become the worlds greatest dragon master. It's been only 4 years now, and he still only has his Scyther with him. But with a new unknown source of strength and determination, that's all about to change.

~Hometown: Unknown
~Starting Pokemon: Scyther
~Other Pokemon: N/a
~Rank: Newbie

Sorry about the length, I'm kind of tired right now.
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Think Different
Is that a hint for me to take her in order to finish the storyline between you and me? I guess thats the best idea for now. Could we keep all further off topic discussion (anything but sign ups) to PM's or the Cafe thread please, Cafe thread link is in the first post.
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Irredeemable Nerd
~Applying For: Team Rocket
~Full Name: Syria Belle Tildal
~Gender: Female
~Age: 18
~Physical Description: Syria has long, red hair that reaches down to her shoulder blades. Generally, she leaves it hanging over her back, usually. She's into camo in a big way, and usually wears at least one piece of camouflage clothing, and some kind of sweater.

Pic: http://thesims2.ea.com/sims2_exchang...94/preview.jpg

Sims 2 is great for this kind of thing, lol

~Personality: She's generally a very harsh young woman with a hair-trigger temper. Very sarcastic, but if you get to know her, she's generally a good person. Of course, the fact that she wants to get rich can sometimes make her rip off her friends...Also, she loves dancing, and is generally attracted to any sort of dance that happens in whatever town she happens to be in.

~Brief History: Syria ran away from home when she was 13, and has lived on her own ever since. Since she's from Kanto's biggest city, she managed to take soem odd jobs around the city, and eventually made her way to Viridian City, where she worked as a waitress for a seafood restaurant before she was fired because of her temper. She's been through some very rough times, and lost all her cash more than once to someone who promised to be able to give her much more money if she did so. Eventually she wised up, and decided to try to make her fortune any way she could, so that someday she could go home and brag about it to her parents.

~Hometown: Saffron City
~Starting Pokemon: Growlithe (Kronos [Male])
~Rank: Operative

btw, would I be able to keep Loki (her newly captured Electrike [Male])?


~Applying For: Gym Leader
~Full Name: Alexander Gaius Julius (AJ for short)
~Gender: Male
~Age: 18
~Physical Description: Black hair, brown eyes (not sure if this is true or not...couldn't find a close up shot), likes to wear blue jeans and colorful T-shirts.


(how did I get that? I'm smart, and I'm not telling. )

~Personality:He is a tough taskmaster, but very nice. He runs his Pokemon hard, and himself harder. But, if he's not battling or training for battles, he is a very nice guy, albeit a little on the quiet side. He'd rather read a good book than go out to a party, race go-carts, or go to a car race. He'll go to a movie, but only if it's based off a book he likes.

~Brief History: Ran away from home when he was really young with a single Pokemon, Sandshrew, went around Kanto, battlign trainers to earn money, and earned enough for another couple Pokeballs. With them, he caught a Caterpie, Weedle, and three Rattata, and he has trained them up as well. The Caterpie and Weedle are now Butterfree and Beedrill, respectively, and the Rattata haven't evolved yet, but are very highly trained.

AT one point, he had another gym, and had set a goal for himself of getting 100 wins. When he finally did, he went on a Pokemon journey to Johto, Hoenn, and the rest of Kanto that he hadn't been to yet. He saw a lot of neat Pokemon, but none that he wanted to catch.

When he got back, he went back to Cerulean, and foudn that Erika had taken over his old gym. He applied for a gym in Lavender Town. He got it, and that's where his gym is now.

~Hometown: Cerulean City
~Starting Pokemon: Sandshrew
~Other Pokemon: Beedrill, Butterfree, Rattata (x3)
~Rank: Gym Leader.

the stuff I used as reference:





btw, since I am/was AJ, the Lavender Town Gym Leader, I'd like to request that if you're approved as a gym leader for Lavender Town that you come up to AJ in the RP, and I'll hire you there, just for a bit of reality, sincethe gym jut started out and everything....:D

EDIT2: by that I mean the Gym trainers actually, in the RP, go to AJ IC and ask to be a Gym Trainer, since AJ's gym is so new and everything.
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Think Different
Accepted, and i'll deal with that quote in the morning my brain is too tired to deal with it now. Check your inbox.


Think Different
Dragon trainer, with a Scyther? I hope you're going somewhere with this, accepted.
That was really the closest thing I could get to a dragon as a starter, without being a maniac.

Tauros Rider2

~Applying For: Trainer
~Full Name: Wes Mordak
~Gender: Male
~Age: 15
~Physical Description: His vest is crimson red. His pants are baggy and black. He wears a thin ragged cape. His sneakers are black with red stripes. His shirt is black with long sleeves. His hat is red with a black Poke Ball symbol. His knapsack is red with blue inside. His hair is black and spikey. His arms are long and thin. The color of his skin is white. His legs are long but wide. The gloves he wears are red colored. His eye pupils are brown. He has scars on his face.

~Personality: He is shy. He can be persuasive. He can be very patient. He can be friendly. He is very smart. Wes is responsible. He is dependable. He can be trustworthy. He always is honest. He likes to be brave. He likes to joke around. He likes being independant. He is proud of himself. He usaully is cheerful. He likes being peaceful. He is modest. He hates being selfish. He always is optimistic. He likely to be always caring. He is protective. Likes being calm. He always is careful. He can be serious. He is relaxed. He can get nervous.

~Brief History: He was born in Hoenn. He lived in Fortree City. Wes caught a Absol with help from his father when he was 7. When he was nine he was sent to trainer's School. After finishing trainer's school his family moved to Kanto. When Wes moved he witnessed a Rocket beating a trainer up. He became the opposite of what the Rockets are like after that day.

~Hometown: Fortree City
~Starting Pokemon: Absol
~Other Pokemon: None
~Rank: Newbie
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~Applying For: Team Rocket
~Full Name: Joshua (but he prefers to be called Josh)
~Gender: Male
~Age: 18
~Physical Description: Josh has crew-cut reddis-brown hair and a slim physique. He's pale and looks somewhat pinched and unhealthy. He usually dons the team rocket uniform and carries an arsenal of ridiculous costumes to con people of their pokemon (Surprisingly, his plans work!)

~Personality: Josh defines split-personality to the point of being schizophrenic. Josh can be an absolute evil genius one minute who's sadistic, warped and the next he can become as harmless as bunny slippers. Most of the time Josh puts on a good face and acts like any normal person but trust me you don't want to be his trigger. He lusts for power and wishes to someday overthrow Giovanni and pet his own Houndoom. (No Persians for this man)

~Brief History: Josh never knew his real parents. The foster family that took him in told him that Josh was just left on their doorstep one night. His foster family isn't one of the nicest around. In fact, they treated Josh no more than an extra hand around the house and never ever considered him family. Josh loathed them every since his early childhood. It was not until one day when Team Rocket, ruin the house in search for a Dig TM that Josh was able to run away amidst the chaos. It made Josh smirk to see the house so badly ruined. Before Josh could even reach anyone, some Team Rocket members grabbed him and shoved him into a truck. That was all he can recall. Ever since, Josh has been a very loyal Team Rocket member though not as productive as everyone might hope.

~Hometown: Cerulean City
~Starting Pokemon: Larvitar (Tyra [Female])
~Rank: Grunt


~Applying For: Team Rocket
~Full Name: Robert Winch
~Gender: Male
~Age: 16

~Physical Description:

Robert has short brunette-colored hair, dark hazel eyes, and is 5 feet, 3 inches tall. He wears a black team rocket uniform, with the addition of a grey and red bandana atop his head. He is fit and is a good fighter when it comes to hand to hand combat, and wields a tall black stick which he uses to protect himself against his enemies.


Robert is always serious. He will not rest, knowing that there is work to do, or enemies to defeat. He feels his commitment to Team Rocket is what he was born for, and tries not to remember his rough past. If provoked into any kind of battle, he will not rest until he has won, even if his competition is extremely powerful. Robert is not one to give up easily, and is definitely not a pushover. Unlike many other Rockets, Robert respects his Pokemon a great deal, but tries not to let the others know about his compassion. Deep down, Robert is a good-hearted individual, and is still unsure of his purpose in society, even though he seems to be very loyal to Team Rocket.

~Brief History:

Winch was abandoned at a young age, and remembers very little about his past, but enough to haunt him. At age 10, he was attacked by a wild Scyther, while wondering through a forest. He has many scars on his arm and torso because of this encounter. After he was rescued by a Team Rocket member, he felt his commitment was to them, and that he was obligated to work for the evil organization. He is one of the youngest Rocket grunts, and dreams to one day become an Admin, though at some times, he has doubts in his mind about being bad. He often has nightmares about his childhood which he can never analyze. He also has his doubts about love, due to a specific time in his life where he was let down, and now believes there is no such thing as a relationship without betrayal. He feels as if the only ones who will accept him for who he is are his fellow Rockets, being a bit naive to the true chaos that they can cause.

~Hometown: Fuschia City, Kanto
~Starting Pokemon: Rhyhorn (Male)
~Other Pokemon: N/A
~Rank: Grunt
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