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A Brand New Adventure


Master Trainer
Adzie Sporeleaf
Viridian Forest
Pokémon: Bulbasaur

Adzie and Bulbasaur walked through the tree-filled area, watching the pokemon as they went by. Blulbasaur was watching a Butterfree, and watched it swirl and dance around the forest, untill it flew out of sight. This place was like a holiday to Bulbsaur, he loved every minute of it.
Adzie had gotten hungry by this point, and had decided that it was time for breakfast. He and Bulbasaur sat on a couple of logs that seemed flat enough to be benches, and Adzie pulled out a bagel. He split it in half, and gave the bigger piece to Bulbasaur. After eating, they thought it would be good to just sit for a while, they had been walking for a couple of hours and Adzie's feet were hurting.
Bulbasaur was watching the flowers, while Adzie was searching through his bag for his pokédex. Bulbasaur got off of the log, and walked over to a bunch of lillies to smell them. Suddenly, the bush next to him rustled, and Bulbasaur was on the alert. He prodded the bush with a vine, and the bush let out a sort of "shroooo!" noise. Bulbasaur found this quite funny, and began poking it faster and faster, until eventually a pokémon shot out of the bush and charged at Adzie.

*Beep* "Shroomish, the mushroom pokémon." The pokédex in Adzie's hand bellowed.

"What th----Ah!!" The charging pokémon collided with Adzie. "Woah! Ha, it's a Shroomish. Bulbasaur, come here." Bulbasaur ran over to his trainer. "Let's get this battle started!" Shroomish glared at Bulbasaur, then jumped onto the log. It shot out a leech seed, which Bulbasaur swiped away with a vine. "Go Bulbasaur! Use tackle!" Bulbasaur jumped up at the Shroomish, but missed and crashed into the log. "C'mon Bulbasaur, vine whip!" A long, green vine zipped through the air, and caught one of Shroomish's tiny feet. The Shroomish wailed and sent a golden dust all around it. "Bulbasaur, that's stun spore! Don't get too close to it!" Bulbasaur leapt back, making the vine longer as he went. "Now, lift Shroomish into the air! Then slam it to the ground. Go!" Bulbasaur did as instructed, and the wailing Shroomish was slammed hard into the ground. It still had a fighting flare, and shot up, striking Bulbasaur in the side of his bulb. As Bulbasaur rolled, a silver dust poured out of the bulb, and showered the Shroomish. "Alright, it's asleep!" Adzie pulled a pokéball from his dark leather belt, and threw it at the Shroomish.

*Rattle* *Rattle* *Ding!*

"Woo! I caught my first pokémon!" Adzie picked up the ball, containing the newly captured Shroomish. "Come on out Shroomish!" The sleeping mushroom 'mon came out of the ball, and toppled over. Bulbasaur nudged him with his nose, but he wouldn't wake up. Adzie pulled out the pokéflute from his bag, and smiled as he thought of his Aunt Rin. He played a soft tune which he had been practicing for months, and the sleeping pokémon awoke.

Adzie, Shroomish and Bulbasaur then set off, and made their way towards the exit, to the next location.
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Super Squirtle!grrr!
Jolt James
Pallet Town
7:00 AM

Jolt is chatting with his grandpa,J.J. about how to become a great breeder in J.J.'s big house.After J.J. and Jolt were done chatting..J.J. wanted Jolt the follow him to the backyard..and J.J. gave Jolt the biggest Rhyhorn he had..(there's lots of Rhyhorn in the backyard>_<)J.J. told Jolt to go to the next town..On his way there..he met a wild pidgey.. they battled!!
Jolt sent out TimberWolf(The Rhyhorn's NickName) like shooting a B-ball,
"Sends the TimberWolf"Said Jolt
"Pi-Pidg-pidgey!"Says the Pidgey
"TimberWolf!Horn Attack the Pidgey!"Said Jolt
TimberWolf hit the Pidgey so hard and made it faint
Jolt walk toward the other town..
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Izumi Orimoto
Newbie Gym Trainer
Route 4
10:40 AM

A small, brown, sand mouse appeared from the ground, looking at Izumi curiously. With his curious, black eyes looking at Izumi for a while, she freaked out by screaming.

“Sincerity, go!” Izumi shouted, tossing a Pokeball into the lake. A big splash occurred, as the Pokeball hit the water. The water soaked Izumi, and Sandshrew was getting quite scared now. Izumi decided to take advantage of this, as Horsea popped out of her Pokeball, ready to battle.

“Sincerity, try using a Bubble attack on Sandshrew,” Izumi said, as Sincerity was swimming in the water. Sincerity jumped out of the water and into the air with all her might, doing a quick somersault before attacking the Sandshrew. Bubbles came out of Sincerity’s snout, and hit Sandshrew who had curled up into a ball, using Defense Curl.

“Use your Smokescreen attack,” Izumi said, giving a command to her Pokemon. Sincerity quickly released smoke from her snout, hoping the lower Sandshrew’s accuracy. Unfortunately, the wind was blowing the smoke away, and Sandshrew was left standing there, curled up in a ball, scared.

“All right Sincerity, use Bubble!” Izumi shouted, and the Horsea jumped out of the water, trying to hit the ground type with her Bubble attack. Sandshrew quickly got up and sharpen his claws, bursting the bubbles with his claws, using a Scratch attack. Sandshrew could not attack Sincerity unless he jumped into the water. Sandshrew just braced himself, getting ready to counter Sincerity’s attack.

“Bubble,” Izumi said rather quietly. Sincerity, who was still in the water, started blowing bubbles at Sandshrew, who quickly turned backwards, slapping sand backwards, slowing the bubbles down. Sandshrew quickly curled himself up into a ball, defending itself from the worst of the attack.

‘This Sandshrew is strong. He knows how to defend himself from attacks, and all Sincerity knows is Bubble and Smokescreen. We can’t defeat him unless we prevent him from defending himself, but how?’

“Sincerity, use Bubble on the sand!” Izumi commanded, finally spotting a weak spot.

“Horsea! Sea!” Sincerity cried, blowing bubbles at the sand around Sandshrew. The sand soon turned into quicksand and Sandshrew quickly jumped into the air, narrowly evading the quicksand.

“Sincerity, now use your Bubble on Sandshrew’s chest!” Izumi commanded, and Sincerity quickly sprayed Bubbles at Sandshrew, aiming for his chest. Sandshrew was hit square on the chest, and was pummeled into the ground, and Sincerity quickly used a Bubble attack on the defenseless Sandshrew, finishing him off at last.

“All right, Sincerity! You rock girl!” Izumi shouted happily, as her Horsea won the battle.

Izumi Orimoto
Newbie Gym Trainer
Route 4
11:00 AM

Izumi was looking around the route for Pokemon. After seeing that she had defeated the wild Sandshrew, no other wild Pokemon had appeared for her to battle. Sincerity was wandering in the lake, swimming happily. A purple snake slithered up towards Izumi, wrapping himself around her legs.

“AH!!!!!!!!!” Izumi screamed painfully, as Ekans continued wrap himself around Izumi even tighter. Sincerity, after hearing Izumi cry in pain, leaped out of the water, blowing bubbles as hard as she could at Ekans. Ekans, busy wrapping himself around Izumi, was forced to slow down when the bubble hit it.

“Sincerity, Bubble,” Izumi said weakly, as Ekans tried to tighten the grip he had on her slowly. Horsea quickly used Bubble on Ekans, forcing him to stop wrapping himself around Izumi. Izumi quickly kicked the Ekans from inside, and Ekans yelped, and Izumi hurriedly ran away from Ekans, as Sincerity continued blowing bubbles at Ekans. The bubbles were countered with Poison Sting, and Izumi decided to step into the battle.

“Sincerity, use a Smokescreen attack!” Izumi commanded her Pokemon, who blew out smoke immediately, as Ekans tried to use his Bite attack. Ekans, blinded by the smoke, was unexpectedly hit by Horsea’s Bubble attack. Scared, Ekans started digging a hole, making his escape.

OOC: Could all the newer ones actually look at PhQnix's First Post and role play like that? 'Cause I see one or two of you, not mentioning any names, posting like you were a n00b. (Sorry if I mentioned this Saffire Persian, PhQnix, Sike and AJ. But I'm refering to the person who just posted above and below me. The post made no sense.)
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Super Squirtle!grrr!
Jolt James
8:00 AM
Viridian City

Jolt's Friend and Foe!
Jolt finally got to Viridian City!Where his friend,Leo live,Jolt went in Jolt's house and saw a egg hatching!Jolt went in and said hi to Leo..they waited for 20 mins,it hatched!!It's a Elekid,Leo wanted to try Elekid out,so they battled!
"Quick Attack!"Said Leo
It's not very effective because TimberWolf is a ROCK and GROUND type Pokemon!
"HornAttack!!"Said Jolt
It hit the Elekid,but it's not crititcal hit!
"HornAttack again!!"Said Jolt
Finally,TimberWolf beat the Elekid,Leo and Jolt went to Pokemon Center and went to play B-Ball,they sent their pokemon out,which are TimberWolf(Rhyhorn)and Elekid out..They both fell asleep under a tree..Jolt and Leo began play B-ball!


Aim Towards Heaven
Laura Mireille Deirdre
Vermillion City shoreline
Fast approaching dusk

The light faded, revealing no more than a simple blue mouse-like Pokemon. Laura identified this as a Marill. Confident, Mistral as well as her partner had the feeling that they could possibly win this. Slightly brushing her dark hair back, Laura pulled back and slowly raised a pointed finger in the direction of this girl and the Marill.

"Mistral, Tackle that Marill." She commanded in a softer, less demanding manner than most would call. Nodding her head, the pink and yellow-themed feline hissed intimidatingly and ran forward direction of the mouse. Lunging slightly, she struck the Marill in the stomache, but Marill seemed to act as if it wasn't a big deal at all.

"Marill, Water Gun!" The girl demanded in a harsher tone than average. Slightly tilting its body for a moment, and with the twitch of the ears, the aquatic mouse blew a pummel of water from it's mouth, also striking Mistral. Drenched and damaged, Mistral shook her body and panted. It seemed a good amount of energy was drained from her in the process.

"How...how could you?" Laura questioned, in slight disbelief. Marill didn't seem old enough to have learned Water Gun instinctively.

"One word: Breeding." The girl scoffed, a sly grin across her face now. Marill also seemed to laugh and role its eyes. But how could they call Laura retarded?

"If that's the case..." Laura sighed, looking down towards the ground with shame at her decision. "I...I forfeit..." She glanced down remorsefully at her slightly tired Pokemon. "I'm not going to take any chances with the likes of you."

"Is that so," The girl called out, laughing. Her Pokemon also seemed to do so. "Marill, beat up that weasley cat. I've got business to do." In disbelief of Laura, the girl walked over to her, grabbing her by the shoulder. Laura was scared, not knowing what to do to defend herself. Coiling her arm around the girl's grabbing arm, she raised her free arm to strike the girl with a knife-like hand in the neck for self-defense, but before her arm could get inside the aura of the girl, she pulled out and grabbed Laura's hand, then letting go of her shoulder and punching her in the nose.

Her nose now bloody and her spirits dropping, she submissively dropped to the ground, tears welling up in her eyes. As the girl continued to savagely pummel her, Laura watched as the Marill ganged on Mistral and pummeled her with punches and Water Guns. Feeling the same as her partner, the feline tried to run as Marill continued to cause damage to her until she fainted. Seeing what was done, the girl recalled her Pokemon and walked off. It was now nighttime, and she thought that her aunt and boyfriend was probably worried sick about her.

Standing up moments later, Laura stood up and picked up her injured Pokemon. More tears in her eyes, Laura began to run in the general direction of her home, where she would possibly find comfort and reassurance.


Memories in the Rain
Lucifer Elemental (Newbie Trainer, Monotype Dark)
Pokemon Onwed: Zaber the Absol
Outskirts of Virdian City
1 PM

The glaring sun shone on Lucifer's flaming red hair as he strolled down the path, with Zaber trotting along beside he. That Absol hardly got into his pokeball; he hated it, or so the Absol commented every so often. Taillows flew overhead in the pale blue sky. Caterpies, Ratattas and other small pokemon ran here and there, but it didn't really perk his interest. After all, Lucifer was a Dark-type pokemon user. Perhaps a Poochyena would work, but he didn't see one at the moment, which was disappoining. Not that Poochyenas would even be likely around here.

"Maybe you should work out a little," the boy muttured to his partner in an undertone.

The Absol snorted in reply. <Rightttttt... and get me exhausted again,> replied Zaber, starring at his trainer with his pair of red eyes with great intensity. One shoudn't be suprised to see flames surronding him.

"Okayyyyy... it was just a thought," the boy nervously waved off his Absol, contiuning to stroll down the path.

Out of the blue, a squeak came out, and a Ratatta leapt out of the bushes, and into...

"Oof!" went the red-headed trainer, stumbling back a little due to the pokemon's sudden appearance- and attachment. "Getthisthingouttame!" Lucifer quickly exclaimed as he tried pulling the frightened creature out of his face.

The Absol chuckled a little before easily swiping the purple mouse off, who looked rather pleased to be free from this mess it had orginally caused and without further ado, rushed back to the bushes at warp speed, muttering something about dittos under its breath.

"Something about a Ditto?" asked Lucifer, who was currently wiping dirt of his face with the help of a wet towel.

<Yes, or so what that freakin' rodent said,> said the Absol, jerking his head in the direction.

The boy stood up. "Okay, Zaber! Today, we're gonna stop that little michief maker!" he exclaimed, pointing at the direction Zaber jerked just now.

<And why should we do that?> asked Lucifer's companion.

"Cos' its the right thing to do! Let's go!" the boy exclaimed once again. The Absol merly sighed and rolled his eyes.

<Everytime he says that... it would always mean trouble for me...>
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Tauros Rider2

Wes Mordak
Route 9
Wes sighed at the Rattata that had just appeared. "Volt use Volt Tackle"Wes said. Volt charged up electricity and rammed into the Rattata's head. Then the Rattata tried Super Fang on Volt's tail. "Volt use Iron Tail"Wes said. Volt's tail then glowed with a metallic sheen. The Rattata then fainted. "Great another pushover"Wes said.

Volt chuckled. Inferno and Darkclaw were watching from the sidelines. They came over and smiled. "Volt do you ever want to be a Raichu?"Wes said. Volt then gave a cry of disapproval. "Alright"Wes said. Then a Raticate attacked. "Volt get ready!"Wes cried out. The Raticate then used Hyper Fang at Volt's head. "Volt use Thunder!"Wes said. A big bolt of lightning shot out at Raticate's body.


Storm Trainer
Christopher Morris Miller
Newbie Monotype
Viridian City
5:00 am

Chris always got up at this time, it was the best time for him to do his daily workout. The sun, hardly up, cast small shadows over everything in town and the quietness from it being so early made the place feel much more relaxing. Chris was heading for the lake he had spotted last night to do some laps in, it appeared void of pokemon life then so he assumed the same for now. Water was a good medium for training, it gave him resistance, more so than outside, in the air, something to push himself against. He knew that Torchic wouldn't be able to train in the water, being a fire type and all, but when he trained enough, he would evolve, Chris couldn't do that, so in some aspects, they were even.

Chris reached the lake and after releasing Torchic, took off his shirt, showing his muscular torso and then his tracksuit bottoms, revealing a pair of blue board shorts with a brand name splatted all over them. Chris dived in, he expected the water to be cold, but not as cold as it was. He persevered though, knowing his body would deal with the temperature drop soon enough. Rising to the surface, Chris had already worked out a training regime for his pokemon, and today it was to start.

"Torchic, you need to be fit, if you want to be strong. Lets work on some normal techiques first, before you use any attacks. I want you to crouch down, as far as you can go, then push up from the ground and jump as high as you can."

Torchic listened to his trainer and after a few tries he did it exactly how Chris wanted it.

"Good. Now do this 25 times while I do some laps before we move on to the next drill."

Torchic nodded and continued to do the crouch-jumps as Chris stirred up the water in the lake. He stirred it up too much however and although it seemed to have no pokemon living in it, it did. The water in front of Chris exploded upwards, leaving a seemingly wall of water in front of him and then a torrent of water came forth from above and impacted with his face. Chris quickly swam for shore where Torchic had just finished his crouch-jumps and was waiting his master's return. Chris scrambled up the bank and turned to see who his attacker was. Bobbing up and down on the lake's surface, was a very angry looking Poliwag. It jumped out of the water and onto the bank beside Chris and Torchic, blocking their way back to Viridian, so it looked like a battle was at hand!

Chris stood up, shaking his drenched hair out of his face, and went into what some people have called 'leader mode'.

"Ok Torchic, here's some good training for you. Fire attacks are going to be useless in doing any damage to this Poliwag, so just your physical attacks this time buddy. Good thing we did those crouch-jumps first eh?"

The Poliwag wasn't here to listen to idle chit-chat though and let loose a slew of bubbles, headed straight for Torchic! Chris didn't have time to call out as the bubbles go nearer and nearer to his pokemon. Just as they were about to hit though, Torchic leapt into the air and the bubbles passed harmlessly underneath him.

"Very good thing we did those crouch-jumps first. Now Torchic, Focus your Energy and get in there with a Scratch attack!"

Torchic took no time in executing the orders. Closing his eyes, a white energy swirled around him before dispersing. He then rushed forward, talon first, going in for a scratch but Poliwag wasn't going to just sit there and take the hit, so it dodged to the left, the attack missing. It looked at Torchic, its eyes glowing a mysterious red colour. Torchic seemed mesmerized by this, and just stared at the water pokemon but a shout from Chris snapped him back to reality.

"Torchic! Ok, now I've got your attention, show who's boss in this fight with a nice Growl before going in again for another scratch attack!" Chris didn't seem to notice it was a pokemon's attack that was keeping Torchic's attention, but it was broken now.

Torchic growled menacingly at the Poliwag who seemed afraid, even if it was only for a split second. Using this time wisely, Torchic got in close enough and scratched the tadpole pokemon across the front. Poliwag, obviously angry at this, let fly another swarm of bubbles at Torchic.

"Quick, fire an Ember into those bubbles!" Chris said quickly, almost tripping up on his words.

Torchic did and the two attacks collided. The embers popped most of the bubbles which subsequently put out the fire attack, but didn't allow them to get close enough to do damage to Torchic. A few stray bubbles survived, but they passed wide, missing Torchic.

"Great going! Get in close once again and keep Scratching till its down!"

Poliwag was still angry about being scratched earlier and even more so about its attack being nullified. It blew another lot of bubbles in Torchic's direction but this time, there were many more bubbles.

"Torchic, hit those bubbles with an Ember attack like last time!"

Torchic did so, and they did pop some of the bubbles, but due to the sheer number of bubbles heading this way, did little in the way of stopping the attack. Torchic attempted to roll to the right to avoid the attack but was still caught, even if it wasn't with the full force of the attack. The fire pokemon lay on the ground, breathing, and moving ever so slightly. Even though it got less than half of the bubbles, the type weakness meant Torchic still took heavy damage.

"Torchic! Can you get up buddy! Please, if you can get up, please do so now!"

Torchic moved, attempting to get to its upright position, but collapsed. It tried again and succeeded, but looked very weak indeed.

"Awesome job Torchic. Now lets finish this so you can get some rest. Unleash your anger with a barrage of scratch attacks!"

Torchic had fire in his eyes, well even more so than usual. Even though weak, Torchic was determined to finish this battle. Crouching, Torchic leapt into the air and over the Poliwag's head, landed behind it. Temporarily confused, Poliwag didn't know where to look. Using this as an advantage, Torchic scratched the water type from behind, again, and again. The little pokemon wasn't stopping, even getting in a critical hit didn't stop him. But his trainer did.

"Torchic! Stop that, it's over." Chris bellowed.

Torchic stopped instantly, plopping to the ground from exhaustion. Chris looked to his pile of clothes for Torchic's pokemon when he saw his empty balls beside it. Grabbing the empty one, Chris threw it out the down and out Poliwag. It was sucked into the ball where it gave little resistance to capture after the beating it just took. Torchic was also returned to his pokeball.

Chris dried off with his towl and got back into his clothes. Picking up the pokeballs containing his pokemon, both new and old, Chris returned to the pokemon center where he handed both the pokeballs to Nurse Joy.

"Oh my! Both these pokemon look extremely tired! It must have been one heck of a battle they just had!" Nurse Joy said, as she looked them over.

"How did you know they fought?" Chris asked curiously.

"The battle marks from both indicate they fought each other. These scratch marks are obviously from a Torchic and the amount of water on that Torchic would only get there from a pokemon attack, such as the bubble attack known by Poliwag. To me, a trained professional, I pick these things up easily."

Chris nodded and took a seat in the lobby, waiting for his pokemon to come out in tip top condition.


Super Squirtle!grrr!
Jolt James
9:00 AM
Viridian City

After the B-ball game,Jolt asked Leo for the shower.After shower,Leo asked if he can travel with Jolt,Jolt answered Yes to Leo.So they're off to the next town!

Jolt James
9:31 AM
Route 6

When they are traveling,they found 2 pidgey with a egg,and start it to attack Leo and Jolt,They battled...a 2 on 2 battle0
Leo sent out his Elekid and Jolt sent out his TimberWolf(Rhyhorn)
Leo called Elekid to use Quick Attack on a pidgey,Jolt told TimberWolf to use Horn Attack on the other pidgey.The quick attack hit the pidgey and TimberWolf hit the pidgey that Elekid attack because it went and protect the one TimberWolf gonna hit...The one got hit by Elekid and TimberWolf fainted..The other one got frightened...and ram into Elekid,but it missed!Leo told Elekid to use quick attack!It hit the pidgey right on the back,and then Jolt told TimberWolf to use HornAttack on the pidgey!It hits it..it fainted...
Leo picked the two pidgey they defeated and Jolt picked up the Egg they found around them..and quickly rushed back to Viridian City!
TimberWolf(Rhyhorn) up to Lv.6


Memories in the Rain
Lucifer Elemental (Newbie Trainer, Monotype Dark)
Pokemon Onwed: Zaber the Absol
Viridian City
5 AM

"Okay... so that old man said that they had some problems with a Ditto who resides upahead," Lucifer said, pointing at the path, which conecindatally led to the Viridian forest as well. Zaber nodded in reply.

<So, why did we wake up this early again?> qustioned the Absol, stiftling a yawn. The red haired boy sighed and rolled his eyes. "I guess a trip to the center won't be that bad..."

Soon, Lucifer reached the pokemon center, with Zaber trailing behind the boy, muttering something about blasted contraptions under his breath. Lucifer shook his head and went up to Nurse Joy.

"Umm... can my Absol get treated? He's rather exhausted from the training we had last night. Oh, before that..." he trailed off, retriving a pokeball from his holder.

<No. No. Anything but that blasted thing,> said the Absol, backing off form the Great Ball Lucifer was holding in his hand. "You. Need. To. Get. Inside. Now." whispered the boy in dangerous tones. Zaber sweatdropped and so relucantly got into the 'blasted contraption', as the Absol so adequetly put it, before this companion got mad. Lucifer then handed the pokeball over to Nurse Joy, then took a seat next to a rather muscular boy, waiting for Zaber to heal up.

Sky Titan

Kali Delgado
Viridian Forest
Pokemon Earned: Mudkip (Yamm)
6: 30pm

Kali smiled as she crunched on her apple. Her journey had finally begun. Kali thought this was the beginning of a new life, especially with Yamm by her side. A fire was burning a few feet in front of her. Mudkip was glancing up at his master wondering what was on her mind.

“Kip-mud-ud-kip!’ the Pokemon piped up happily. Kali looked down almost completely forgetting about Yamm for a few moments. She focused on Yamm and patted him. The Mudkip took a bite out of the apple trying to get it’s master’s attention. However, Kali was just staring into the fire thinking about a past memory.

Eve Delgado, Kali’s strong-willed mother knocked on Kali’s door insider her house in Pallet Town. Lately, Kali had been shutting herself away from the world and spending huge amounts of time in her room not coming out even for meals. Not waiting for her daughter to say, “Come in.”, Eve invited herself into the room.

“Kali…I am worried about…what is that your reading?” asked Eve as she pointed to a book in an nine-year old Kali’s hands. Kali glanced up at her mother and then back down at the book. She was thinking about what to say not sure about how her mother would react.

“I am reading a book about Pokemon mother,” Kali spoke in a cherry-sweet tone towards her mother. Her mother looked slightly concerned as her daughter smiled back flawlessly.

“Okay sweetie…” her voice trailed off. Eve made her way back towards the door and began to wonder what happened to the Kali she used to know. It hadn’t helped much that Commander Arnold Delgado of the Royale Pokemon Army walked out on his family after only being in Pallet Town for a week.

Kali continued to look at the book and flicked a few pages to find herself at the page with a picture of Mudkip on it.

Freakishly, back in reality, Kali had her Pokemon Encyclopaedia out and turned to the page with the Mudkip on it. Yamm seemingly jumped with joy. It had been a tough day for Kali just starting her journey. In Kali’s hands, the small Poke Ball enlarged into a larger version and a red beam shot out, calling Mudkip back into the ball. It was time to get some rest. Kali had a big day tomorrow hoping that she could catch a Pokemon in the woods and head into Viridian City to stock up on supplies. She was about to start her journey to complete the League and grow closer to the creatures that inhabited the world she lived in…

The Muffin Man

Big Bucking Chicken
Mike Silvern, Newbie Trainer
Vermillion Beaches
Amity the Gastly

Mike looked on in horror that he had witnessed...another human and her Pokemon beating on their opponent...
"Gastly..." Mike growled under his breath. He pointed a finger at the trendy-dressed girl with her Marill. "Stay close." Mike shoved his hands into his pockets, nearly ramming into the other girl.
"HEY!! Watch it, moron..." she growled.
Mike turned his glance on the brat. "I'm not the one beating others up, brat."
She glared. "A witness, huh? Looks like we have to teach YOU a lesson as well...? Fine, Marill! Wat-"

Without turning, I pointed back at the Marills blue form. "Gastly Hypnosis."
The Marill didn't even get time to react before Amitys gaze soon lulled the thing into a deep sleep.
"So you're gonna cheat, huh?"
I turned and took my position across from her, "Since when is a legitamate attack like Hypnosis illegal...?"
"Ugh! Whatever...Luckily I prepared for cheaters like you! Marill, Sleep Talk!"
Marill stirred and yawned a bit. The blue mouse sat up abruptly, and began to spew ice crystals for its' icy wind attack, chilling Gastly to the bone.

"Gastly, hang in there and Lick it!"
Gastly darted forward and dragged his long tongue across the rodents cheek. It shivered and sprang awake, shaking in a mixture of fear as well as the nerve toxin leaking into it's body. Marill gritted its' teeth and glared at its' trainer.
"Alright...Mud Slap!"
Marill nodded, and as best it could, spat a large gush of water into the dirt, spraying mud and sand all over Gastlys form.
"Gastly!!" I ran to his side, and hugged his gaseous form close, "Are you ok pal?"
"Ga-gas..." He smiled weakly and grinned.
"Alright pal...if you insist you're alright..then I suppose. Try Spiting it!"
Gastly grinned and made eye contact with the victim, his eyes glowing purple.
"M-Marill...?" Marill shivered slightly, paralasis setting in.
"Marill! Ignore it and use Water Gun!"
Marill nodded, and began to spout the water. The pokemon nearly collapsed backwards as it heaved, the arc falling short of its' goal.
"Marill, what the hell!?"
I grinned a bit. "Check your dex..."
She looked a bit confused, and began to look up Spite.
"Here. I'll save you time," I held my Pokedex up and read off the description, "Spite. When the User and the Victim lock eyes, the mind begins to work the body harder than it has to in order to perform any attacks. Your pokemons putting an unneccasary amount of strain into its' attacks!"
She clenched her fist and pointed. "Marill! Water Gun!"
Marill breathed deep and tried to spew out another stream, but collapsed.

"GAHH! Worthless little rat...Marill, RETURN!" The small mouse dissapeared in a flash of red, Gastly breathing deeply now that it was safe.
I shook my head and sighed. "That was incredibly close...you OK, Amity?"
Gastly nodded, floating by my side. "Gast-gast!"
"Mike..." the soft voice spoke up. I looked and smiled weakly.
"Oh...hey Laura."
She blushed a bit, dabbing some blood away from her lip and smiling weakly.
I put my hands up and blushed. "Nah...don't thank me...I'm sure if you didn't want to deal with such a brutal person you'd have won, easily..."
She smiled a bit and threw her arms around me, hugging me tight.
"Mike...Please don't think less of me..."
I sighed and shook my head. "Why would I? You showed a lot of guts and maturity by forfeiting...You'll win your next battle."
She smiled weakly, and I kissed her lips gently. "Don't worry."
Gastly rolled his eyes and pretended to gag. "Gas-Gas-Gas!"
"Amity, be nice!" I joked. Laura pointed into the sky, and smiled a bit wider. "We should head home...it's gettin dark..."
I nodded and smiled. After all, tomorrow we had planned to head for Pewter City, and a gym badge!


Master Trainer
Sakura Everest
Pewter City
Pokémon: Vulpix

Sakura was running through the City, her long brown hair floating along behind her. She ran past the pokémon center, and ran all the way to her home. At least, she ran almost all the way, as she tripped and landed in a patch of grass. The bullies who were chasing her were gaining on her, and she was petrified by the thoguth of what they might do to her. She picked herself up, and began running down to Route 2. If they knew where she lived, it may end up making matters worse, so she ran on past her home, and onwards to Route 2.

She was running much slower than before, because she had hurt her leg while running, and the pain was slowing her down. She had to sit down, she had to rest her leg. She collapsed in the field accross Route 2, as she saw the gang heading towards her.

Out of the small pouch on Sakura's sash came a white light, which eventually became a small red fox. Vulpix growled as the bullies came closer, and got in a position ready to protect her trainer.

Tauros Rider2

Wes Mordak
Route 16

Wes was surrounded by biker punks. "What do you want biker freaks"Wes said. The bikers got very annoyed at being called biker freaks. They sent out their Koffing and Machop. "Volt show them what you can do"Wes said. Volt jumped off Wes' shoulder and used Volt Tackle. The Machop them launched their Low Kick attacks. "Volt use Thunder Bolt"Wes said. Volt released it's Thunder Bolt upon the Machop.

Wes was in the grass searching for a Fearow. "Darn it"Wes said. Then a huge Fearow appeared. "Good let's see if Inferno can take it down"Wes said softly. He told Inferno who was resting near him to use Flamethrower. Inferno sent a chain of flames towards the Fearow. The Fearow then used Drill Peck. "Inferno use Flame Wheel!"Wes said. Inferno released his Flame Wheel attack. The Fearow flew away and left a Oran Berry.

The Muffin Man

Big Bucking Chicken
Mike Silvern
Early morning
Vermillion City, shopping
Amity, Gastly(m)

Mike sighed and slapped down half of his allowance.
"Well...if it's so expensive, why don't you just buy 5 or 6 for now?" Laura questioned. Mike shrugged a bit, clipping 5 of the Pokeballs to his belt, and dumping the other 20 he had bought into his backpack.
"I would hate to stumble across a Bagon and have NOTHING to catch it with," he responded, "Besides, it's better to buy in bulk."
The shopkeep smiled and explained their promotion, handing Mike a free Premier Ball to go along with his purchase.
"Hold that thought. Gimme 15 Potions too, please...And...Hmm...Well I guess I'll blow my last few bucks on 5 Antidotes."
The clerk nodded and bagged his selection. Mike smiled and placed the bag gingerly into his backpack.
"Now to catch me a new friend!" Mike said eagerly, dashing off towards Vermillions eastern acres.

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Super Squirtle!grrr!
Jolt James
Viridian City
10:50 AM

when they got to the Pokemon center,they quickly gave the egg and the pidgey to Nurse Joy,she healed the pidgey,they flew away..as for the egg..She told Jolt to take care of it,they are off to Pewter City!!
Jolt James
Pewter City
11:00 AM

Jolt and Leo saw Pewter city,but another pidgey came out...Leo said"Wowie..so many pidgey..Jolt,let me handle this!!"
Leo sent out Elekid,Leo told Elekid to use quick attack!,it hits the pidgey,than the pidgey tackled Elekid,Leo told Elekid to do it again,hit it hard,Pidgey fainted..Elekid Lv.6!
Jolt and Leo reached Pewter City!!Their real rivals comes...The Lee Twins,Jon Lee,and Joe Lee..they went to Jolt and Leo and said.."Want to battle??,if we win..the egg is ours..*laughing like a retard*"
Jolt and Leo accepted!Jolt sent out TimberWolf(the rhyhorn),Leo sent out Elekid,and Jon sent out Natu,Joe sent out Zigzagoon..they began battling!!

TimberWolf 30/30 used HornAttack on Zigzagoon
Zigzagoon 11/21 can't dodge it! damage -10!
Elekid 20/20 used QuickAttack on Natu! damage -7!
Natu 12/19 countered back with Peck! damage -7!
Elekid 13/20 got hit by Natu's Peck! damage -7!
Zigzagoon 11/21 Zigzagoon tackled TimberWolf! damage -2,not effective!
TimberWolf 28/30 countered back with HornAttack! damage -11!
Zigzagoon 0/21 Zigzagoon fainted...
Natu 12/19 used Peck on Elekid! damage -6!
Elekid 7/20 counter back with QuickAttack! damage -11,hit hard!
Natu 1/19 struggled to stand up....
Elekid 7/20 QuickAttack on Natu! damage -6!
Lee Twin lost..they ran away!!
They went to pokemon center,and rest


Master Trainer
Adzie Sporeleaf
Viridian Forest
Pokémon: Bulbasaur

Adzie had finally reached the exit to Viridian Forest. He and his two pokémon had come across the exit while searching through the bushes for other pokémon. Shroomish had gone tumbling down a hill, and Adzie and Bulbasaur ran after him, and they ended up finding the small opening in the trees which led to an open area.
The sun had gone back in, and was now covered by dull, grey clouds which stretched across the sky as far as Adzie could see. Feeling a bit sad because the weather was so dull, Adzie began to walk onwards to Pewter City. The other side of Route 2 had been dotted with beautiful flowers, but this side was full of them! Bulbasaur's eyes lit up as he saw all of the colours swaying around him, and seemed to be lost in a trance.
All of a sudden, Adzie heard a scream. A high pitched, feminine scream that came from near by. They could tell it wasn't a human scream, no, this was a pokémon. Adzie looked all around him, and saw a few figures in the distance. He and his pokémon ran to see what was happening. Getting closer now, Adzie could make out the images of a girl lying on the floor seemingly unconscious, and a number of bigger girls around her.

"Hey! What's going on here?" Adzie shouted, almost at the scene. A few of the bigger, older girls turned to look at Adzie.

"Ha, look, must be her boyfriend come to save her." One of them laughed. Adzie saw what was happening. These girls were bullies, and they were attacking the girl on the floor. She was definitely unconscious, and there was a battered Vulpix barely able to stand next to her.

"What have you done?" Adzie ran over to the girl on the floor. Bulbasaur and Shroomish followed. Suddenly, something shot at Adzie's face, but Shroomish was quick enough to knock it out of the way. Looking down, Adzie saw a Beedrill getting itself off of the floor, and flying over to one of the girls. As he looked around at the group of girls, Adzie saw that only a few had any pokémon. There was the Beedrill that had attacked him, a Dustox and a Geodude. Two of the girls stood frustrated, the girls who didn't have pokémon. The Beedrill flew at the girl on the floor this time, and Adzie finally understood why the two girls seemed to not have any pokémon. The Vulpix that was protecting the girl shot a fireball at the Beedrill, and knocked it off course. Had this Vulpix taken out the other pokémon by herself? Adzie saw in Vulpix's expression that she had no intent on giving up, and this flared Adzie to join in.

"Shroomish, use tackle on Beedrill!" Shroomish launched itself from the ground, and struck Beedrill in the torso. The girl who owned it called it back, and the Dustox and Geodude flew forwards.

"Dustox, use tackle!" A girl commanded, and the Dustox shot at Shroomish. Before it connected, Vulpix used quick attack, and Dustox plummeted into the ground. This made Vulpix collapse and Adzie picked her up. He held her as the battle continued, so that she wouldn't get hurt.

After a sand attack from the Geodude, Bulbasaur began frantically whipping vines everywhere, until they connected with something. Geodude had gotten hold of one, and swung it round so Bulbasaur flew with it. Bulbasaur was smashed into the ground. "Shroomish, leech seed!" The bullet-like seed landed on Geodude's other arm, and vines began wrapping around it, sapping energy as it went. The Geodude fainted from the energy loss, and the owner recalled it. This game was Adzie's! With Bulbasaur now able to see, Adzie ordered on final attack, and the white powder known as sleep powder trapped Dustox, and lulled it to sleep. The battle was over. After recalling their final pokémon, the girls ran, into the forest and out of sight.

Adzie Sporeleaf
Pokémon: Bulbasaur

Sakura Everest
Pokémon: Vulpix

Pewter City

Sakura awoke a couple of hours later. She was in a building which she identified as the pokémon centre, and there, at the end of her bed was Vulpix. When Vulpix saw that Sakura's eyes were open, she pounced on her and licked her face. She laughed as Vulpix did so, and noticed bandages on Vulpix.

"Wow, where did you get these?" Sakura asked. "Are you hurt? Oh my, what happened?"

"You don't know?" Adzie came into the room with a couple of glasses of water. Sakura looked at him, shocked. "I thought you were attacked?"

"Was I? I remember running away from some bullies, and then i fell and got knocked unconscious." Sakura explained.

"Ah...I see. When i arrived at the scene, Vulpix was protecting you from a gang of bullies. She was quite hurt, but had managed to take out a total of 3 of the enemy's pokémon. She was wounded, so i held her in my arms, as my pokémon fought off the remaining pokémon. After that, my Bulbasaur and Shroomish carried Vulpix and i carried you to the pokémon center." Adzie sat on a chair beside Sakura's bed.

"Thank you so much. Vulpix, sound's like you're a little heroin! Thank you...I didn't catch your name?" Sakura looked at Adzie.

"Adzie." He spoke. He handed Sakura a glass of water. "Why were they chasing you anyway?"

"Well..."Sakura looked at Adzie. "They were in my class at school, before i left to travel the world. They had always hated me, and no longer bound by the school's rules, they came after me. They've always been jealous of my Vulpix, i guess they were going to try and steal her." Vulpix looked at Sakura and smiled, then licked her face again.

"Well, they're gone now. They ran into Viridian Forest, away from Pewter City." Adzie smiled. "You're safe now." He went to go for the door, but Sakura grabbed his hand.

"Wait...i'm guessing you're a pokémon trainer? You're traveling right? you're not from these parts so i thought you might be." Adzie nodded, giving her a look that asked her to continue. "Would it be ok if I - we - join you? I'm a pokémon Coordinator, and I want to get all the ribbons around the region, and compete in the Grand Festival." Sakura smiled at Adzie.

"Ok. But first, you need to rest, and i have a gym battle to win. You stay here for a while, i'll be back soon." Adzie smiled as he left the room. He closed the door behind him as he went.
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Aim Towards Heaven
Laura Deirdre
Eastern outskirts of Vermillion
Mistral, Skitty(f)

"Michael! Wait up for a moment!" Laura shouted as she ran after her love, Mistral still sleeping peacefully within her arms. She understood why her Pokemon was still so tired, especially after the beating she took last night. Laura closed her eyes slightly as she remembered last night, how Mike helped defend her for the time, and how even though they were at their own homes, how she slept peacefully and got up close to the same time he did.

Reopening her eyes, she slowed down as she approached Mike, both of them stopping for a moment. Mistral awoke at the stopping momentum, and quickly leapt down. She was recovered enough to at least follow her trainer. Nodding their heads towards each other, Laura took Mike's hand in her own, the couple and the Skitty walking slowly into the wilderness east of their hometown.

Laura tried to avert her gaze from the warm orange color of the rising sun, soft pinks and yellows making their marks on the canvas known as the heavens. She always hated going in the same direction as the rising or setting sun, only for fear that her eyesight would worsen.

"So," she soon spoke, her hazel-colored eyes shifting towards his brown. "Any particular Pokemon you'd like to catch?" Mike shrugged, as Laura understood that he had no idea yet. But almost as sudden as the shrug, a sound of digging in the earth caught her ears. And then, the Pokemon popped up. It was mouse-like, as well, but in a healthy tan color, and skin like an armadillo. Both the new trainers understood, a Sandshrew.

Mike nodded his head and pointed a finger as he had early, and Amity understood what this meant. "Be gentle," Mike whispered to his Gastly. "I want this one." Laura and Mistral both watched as Amity hovered in front of the Sandshrew, the wild Pokemon battle commencing.

The Muffin Man

Big Bucking Chicken
Mike Silvern
East of Vermillion
Battling Sandshrew
Amity, Gastly(m)

"Alright, Amity!" The boy smiled, cracking his neck and knuckles. Mike's first real Pokemon capture would happen today!
"First up," he ordered calmly, "Lick it!"
Gastly nodded and darted his gaseous form in close, slurping his long tongue along the mouse pokemons face, leaving a trail of ectoplasmic slime.
"Sh-Sh-Shrew! Sandsand!" Sandshrew shivered and shook it's head, growling a bit and turned away from Gastly, kicking sand with its' forelegs.

"Amity, bud, you OK?" Mike was concerned, as Gastly winced in pain with sand in its' eyes. He shook his head, much to the young trainers delight, and grinned. "Great, try Hypnosis to make it an easy catch!"
Gastly nodded, his eyes turning the eerie purple color, Gastlys "body" swaying gently from side to side. Sandshrew yawned, and nodded off.
"Alright...Just weaken it a little more. Gastly, try another Lick attack!"
The ghost raked its' long tongue upside the head of Sandshrew, leaving a trail of ectoplasm across the face one again.

Sandshrew awoke with a start, and growled a bit more, unhappy with the current tide of the battle. It snarled a bit, and spun quickly, tail kicking mud all over. Gastly deftly dodged the attack, his levitation making it nearly impossible for the ground attack to even come close to hitting him.

"Alright Gastly, put it back to sleep!" The evil grin returned to Gastlys face, the purple glow returning to its' eyes as it stared deeply at Sandshrew, who tried to turn away. It was too late, however, and the hypnotic waves washed over it.
"Sandshrew...you're mine!" Michael smirked, unclasping a Pokeball from his belt. "Pokeball, GO!" He cried out. The small red and white orb zoomed through the air, gently bonking Sandshrew on the head and sucking it in with a brilliant red glow. The balls light turned red as it shook violently, slowing momentarily...then, at last, the ball came to a rest, letting out a gentle "ping" noise to signify a successful capture of Sandshrew.
"Mike...!" Laura spoke up, smiling.
"Laura...!" He responded, with a similar shock, "I...", he leaned down, picked up the pokeball, and nearly cried tears of joy. "I caught my first Pokemon! I caught Sandshrew!"

Sandshrew (f)
The Mouse Pokemon
Sandshrew's body is configured to absorb water without waste, enabling it to survive in an arid desert. This pokemon curls up to protect itself from its enemies.

"Female, huh? Hmm. I guess Sandy will fit you just fine! C'mon out, Sandy!"
The small mouse appeared in a white flash, smiling and dancing a bit with her new friend.
"Shrew!" she grinned, but gasped as Minstral siddled next to Gastly, the ghost blushing.
"Ooh! SOMEONE has competition!" Laura chimed in gently.


Memories in the Rain
Lucifer Elemental (Newbie Trainer, Monotype Dark)
Pokemon Onwed: Zaber the Absol
Viridian City
7 AM

After two hours of eating and snoozing, Lucifer got Zaber back in tip top shape. And so, the duo set off once again on their quest to stop the michevious Ditto form causing any more trouble in Viridian City. Hope that this is worth it, the red haired boy thought dryly, as the duo left Viridian after buting some supplies which ironcally, conisted of only 5 Potions; Lucifer didn't count on any Dark type Pokemon appearing anywhere in the Kanto region.

Walking along the road a kind townsfolk had pointed out to them, Lucifer and Zaber cautiously trotted along the path which led to a deserted building, which greatly suprisied them. Tiptoing carefully and slowly to the building, Lucifer shushed his Absol up as they gave the old door a gentle push.


<Yow! What kind of door is this?!> demanded the Absol as he tried to shake that horrible sound off. "Zaber, keep quiet!" whispered his trainer horasely. But it was too late. Something stomped out in front of them. Something grey, walking erect with a pair of strong legs with four muscular hands, wearing black underwear and glaring at them with a pair of angry red eyes.

"Now you've done it, pal," Lucifer said grimly.

<A... Machamp...> trailed off the Absol as the duo stared, jaw dropped, at the Machamp towering before them.